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      Fiji Indian Wedding

      Fiji Indian Wedding

      Fiji Indian Wedding

      Fiji Indian Wedding

      Weddings are not merely a celebration of love and commitment, but a celebration of a couple’s culture and religion. One such ceremony that rather exemplifies it is a Fiji-Indian Hindu wedding. Hindu weddings culturally unite two souls mentally, spiritually and physically. In fact, a wedding is not only a celebration of two souls who unite but also mark the everlasting bond between two distinct families.

      The unique ceremonies and rituals that eventually lead to the big day bind the bride, groom and their families for eternity. Fiji-Indian Hindu weddings are intricately planned, vibrant and culture-rich festivities full of celebrations.


      The arrival of the groom to the venue is a celebration in itself. The bride’s guests can directly proceed to the hall whereas the groom’s guests should join the baraat procession along with the groom. The procession is politely welcomed by the bride’s parents, family members amidst music and dance.

      Parchan Ceremony

      Finally, when the groom and his family arrive, they are solicitously welcomed by the bride’s family. The parchan ceremony is performed at the entrance. Tilak is applied on the groom’s forehead by the bride’s mother and a lit lamp is presented 3 times around the groom. Rice is sprinkled over the groom as well as betel leaf and nut is also offered. She also circles water around the groom 3 times and some water is poured on the ground. Once the mother completes the ritual, other women will also do likewise. Upon completion, the groom and other family members are escorted to the mandap.

      The bride will be led to the mandap by her father and uncles. A banana plant is placed in the centre of the mandap. The plant is placed so as to remind the couples and their respective families of the happiness in nature’s bounty. The mandap has a touch of green in the forms of leaves being used for decking the mandap.The plantain leaf holds Kalash or a metal pot, and the leaf is covered with raw rice or paddy which symbolises fertility, wealth and prosperity.

      The officiant and both the bride and groom will be seated before the sacred fire, performing the ceremonies. The groom ties the mangalsutra, made of gold and black beads around the bride’s neck. Thereafter, both of them exchange flower garlands. Sindoor is applied on the bride’s forehead symbolising her new status as a wife.


      The ritual where the father gives away the bride to the groom is called Kanyadaan. During the ceremony, the father places his daughter’s right hand above the groom’s right hand, that marks giving her away to the groom.

      Subsequently, the bride’s veil and the groom’s sash will be tied together and they encircle around the ceremonial fire 7 times. Owing to that the ritual gained its name Saptapadi.

      Pre-wedding Ceremonies

      Pre-wedding Ceremonies

      Traditionally, Fiji-Indian Hindu weddings are rich in ceremonies and customs that start off a few days prior to the wedding day and last until the big day. It all starts with a pre-wedding ceremony, called Sangeet. Sangeet Night, which translates to “sung together” kicks off the wedding itself. Both the family members get together to sing, dance and revel in the joy of the much-awaited union. The bride’s family politely welcome the groom’s family by singing a traditional folk song.

      Haldi Ceremony

      The sangeet ceremony gives way to the Haldi ceremony. During the Haldi ceremony, a paste of Haldi or turmeric is applied on the bride’s body, typically applied to beautify the bride. The yellow colour of Haldi in itself is regarded as auspicious and is believed to bring prosperity to the future life of the bride and groom.

      Mehendi Night

      During a Mehendi Night, the hands and feet of the bride are adorned using Mehendi or henna paste. Intricate designs are normally applied to beautify the bride. The ceremony normally takes place one day before the wedding.

      During the Telwan ceremony, coconut oil is rubbed over the bride’s body by her family members. Following the Telwan ceremony, the groom’s family hosts the Bhatwaan ceremony, where the groom and his family will have a great time. It’s the final day of celebration at the groom’s home. During the Bhatwaan ceremony, turmeric paste is smeared all over the groom, by his relatives, which is indeed a fun part of the entire Fiji Indian wedding rituals.

      Tilak Ceremony

      Tilak ceremony marks the end of the bhatwaan ceremony. This ceremony is reckoned as the first step to sanctify the bond between both families. The event takes place in the groom’s residence, where a male member applies vermilion on the groom’s forehead. The rite is followed by dance and music.

      Post-wedding Ceremonies

      Post-wedding Ceremonies Vidaai

      Vidaai is the symbolic end of all wedding ceremonies where the bride bids goodbye to her family and departs to the groom’s house. The final goodbye is tearful and heart-rending during this ceremony. Vidaai is followed by the reception, which basically involves the introduction of the bride to the groom’s family members. The reception comes packed with music, dance and a feast. It marks the end of Fiji Indian Hindu weddings.

      Fiji Indian Wedding Decoration Services

      Fiji Indian Wedding Decoration Services

      Over the years, wedding decorations have undergone an immense transformation, where the decorations at present are a stark contrast of how it used to be in the bygone days. To materialise your wedding dreams, all you need is the right Fiji Indian wedding decorators, to transform an ordinary venue into something timeless and romantic. Count on us for your Fiji Indian wedding decoration services. To lend an elegant and opulent touch to the venue, we make use of an assortment of vivid flowers, light fixtures complemented with distinct accessories.

      No matter whether you favour floral decoration or theme based decoration, we strive to achieve perfection from every angle, whilst making sure that you get exactly what you have envisioned.

      Rest assured that all the works dealt by us will add a touch of class, set the mood and add a personalised touch to the venue of your choice. We undertake everything from floral decorations to furniture and light fixture arrangement and everything in between. Based on your personal choice, we can keep the decorations simple or ornate and swathed in any vibrant colour like red, turquoise, silver, gold, or any colour that you wish. In conjunction with the vision that you have, we will conceptualise all your decoration needs.

      Mandap Decorations

      Mandap Decorations

      Fiji Indian Wedding mandaps add a touch of class and culture to any wedding ceremony. Meticulously crafted to emulate the tradition and culture of Fiji Indian weddings, each and every mandap that we offer has a distinct theme, style and atmosphere. Count on us for all Mandap materials, backdrop lighting and decor that not just impart interest but also create a wow factor.

      For any mandap, quality is of utmost importance. We believe in providing high-quality mandaps that lend a touch of opulence. We source only fresh flowers, quality luminaires complemented with satin or silk drapes to make the venue look nothing less than stunning. Entrust us with the mandap decoration that best compliments the theme, colour scheme and other decorations of the Fiji Indian wedding venue. Be it any shape- circular or square mandap, any design concept lingering in your mind and no matter what, we will surpass your expectations.

      Fiji Indian Wedding Photography and Videography Services

      We will be more than elated if you entrust us with capturing the glimpses of your precious moments to reminisce on the smile, excitement and tears of your Fiji Indian wedding day through astonishing Fiji Indian wedding videos and expressive photographs. Owing to the immense experience that we have in this domain, we assume that for you the expense of photography and videography services can be quite exorbitant. That being so, we offer bespoke packages that best suit your budget and requirements.

      If you wish to take the plunge in Sydney, then you have to see to it that you hire the best services in town. Choose us and get the best-in-class services at an unbeatable price range and prevent unwanted stack up of your bills. We make it a point to provide you with only the best, by making the most of our state-of-the-art equipment and editing knacks.

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