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      Mehndi Night

      Mehndi Night

      Mehndi Night

      There is a purpose for all ceremonies that take place in connection with the wedding. Mehndi Night too is celebrated for a cause. The mehandi designs symbolise joy, peace and happiness and the whole function aims at wishing all happiness and offering all blessings to the bride before starting a new life. The name or the first letter of the groom’s name is also included among the designs.

      Combining the sangeet night and the mehandi ceremony is convenient as well as a pocket-friendly option. Symphony Events offer all-round service of Indian pre-wedding events so that you can sit back and enjoy the dream come true moments.

      The Mehndi Night is a woman dominating function, and its a part of the custom to apply mehandi on the hands of all the guests. Entertainment programs, live food stalls, photo booths, live bangle making, all these ideas can help make the function unique and welcoming. We don’t just arrange the venue event-ready but work very closely with our client to make the event an exceptional memory in their lives.

      Symphony Events help our clients in finding a suitable venue to host the event, allocating budget for the mehndi night, hiring henna artists, booking entertainment programs, selecting a theme for the mehndi night, Plan the menu, and much more.

      Mehndi Ceremony

      Applying Mehndi to the bride on a prewedding day is one of oldest Indian wedding tradition. During this ceremony, the mehndi artist will apply mehndi on the bride’s hands and feet according to the religious tradition. Mehndi represents the bond of matrimony, it shows the love and affection between the couple and their families. This ceremony is mostly celebrated by the bride’s family. So this function is considered to be the bridal shower of Indian weddings.

      Do you want to make your mehndi decoration elegant and memorable one? We are here to help you, we the Symphony Events professional team makes your prewedding day a memorable one in your life. Our professional mehndi designer applies modern mehndi design to the bride’s hands and legs depending on the religion of the bride. Our team makes this ceremony colorful and musical also mixed with some fun which makes the event more attractive and memorable.


      Held a day prior to the wedding, a Mehndi ceremony is a pre-wedding ritual where the bride-to-be and all her female relatives such as her siblings, cousins, aunts, and friends gather to apply a dollop of Mehndi on their hands and feet. During this fun-filled, nostalgic sit down ceremony, intricate henna designs featuring flowers, birds or any abstract motif blossom on the hands and feet of the women gathered. Mehndi also has a lot of medicinal values. Among that, the most important thing is that it eases the nervousness that the bride faces prior to the wedding.

      But besides being a fun-filled ritual, this ceremony has cultural importance, which is rather deep-rooted, to it. A Mehndi function is one of the oldest customs of India. Adorning the hands and feet of the bride comes under the solah shringar(bridal adornment) of the bride. It is a mark of good omen, as for the bride. Mehndi signifies the love and affection among the bride, groom and their respective families.

      Mehndi Lehengas

      To make your style quotient as strong as that of the groom’s, all you need is a pastel-shaded lehenga and choli, with a dupatta. The best thing with these lehengas is that unlike normal lehengas, these lehengas are short so that you can apply the designs high up your legs. You really don’t have to worry about your lehengas getting stained by Mehndi as well.

      To make your style quotient as strong as that of the groom’s, all you need is a pastel-shaded lehenga and choli, with a dupatta. The best thing with these lehengas is that unlike normal lehengas, these lehengas are short so that you can apply the designs high up your legs. You really don’t have to worry about your lehengas getting stained by Mehndi as well.

      Even though beige and teal are two contrasting shades within the colour palette, when teamed up in a lehenga, these colours look absolutely stunning. The lehenga is adorned with some cute tassels, that gives a playful look to the whole attire. The ensemble features a beige shaded dupatta and matchy teal blouse that will rock your Mehndi look.

      Mehndi Night Ideas

      Everyone loves singing and listening to songs, and when it comes to a Mehndi ceremony, the mood will be different, and everyone will be looking forward to having some fun. Make your Mehndi night lively by hosting a karaoke. List out the songs of all attendees and club them together. Invite the guests to sing and make it a fun affair that you will cherish forever.

      A creative idea that will take your Mehndi night a notch up. Just craft a box and distribute some paper pieces to the ones gathered and ask them to drop the papers into the box once they’re done. They can write any message or whatever thing they like to anyone they like, and ask them not to mention their name in it. Sometimes while opening each paper bit, some surprising things can be revealed, and you have to guess the one who has written you the message.

      An idea exclusively for the women folks who have gathered for your Mehndi night, but if interested, men can also participate in it. You can imagine how exciting and fun the event will be! At the end of the event, you can wear the bangles made by your own as well! You can even choose to go live on Instagram or Facebook if you wish.

      Gift For Mehndi Function

      Customised diyas or incense candles are not just an ideal gift for mehndi function, but for a number of occasions that call for gifts. That’s exactly why your guests can make great use of candles or diyas. What’s more, you can avail it easily and it comes at varied price ranges, so you will tend to find one that’s apt for gifting.

      A lot of top cosmetic companies are offering bath products that are not just great, but affordable as well. They will be customising mini hampers if you’re ready to buy in bulk. Fragrant bath products wrapped in beautiful gift wrappers will be the best mehndi favour that you can ever give to your guests.

      If you don’t want to give off bath products or candles, then why not surprise them with confectionaries with Mehndi designs atop? If you favour some customisation, then choose to have the confectionaries designed based on the Mehndi theme or the initials of your guests.

      Mehndi Function Invitation

      For a modern style Mehndi ceremony, an Indian Paisley Mehndi invitation is your best bet. The invitation features a floral paisley motif and a henna mandala that accentuates its background. Club this intricate and elegant design with coordinating pieces in pink, purple, orange or turquoise.

      Whimsical yet elegant, a mandala invitation is not just ideal as an Indian wedding or Haldi invitation, but for your Mehndi function as well. The highlight of this Mehndi function invitation is a mandala either in the gold or silver shade. The elegant mandala either takes up the centre stage or the corners.

      Amaze your guests with an elephant invitation, featuring the very epitome of magnificence- elephants. Elephants symbolise good luck and loyalty, something much essential for a marriage to last. With such symbolism in the Mehndi invitation, why not consider this as your invitation for Mehndi?

      Mehndi Function Accessories

      A Mehndi function is the last pre-wedding ceremony, prior to your big day, where you have fun with your loved ones, and it’s a ceremony remembered for its accessories. Symphony events specialise in mehndi function accessories suited for a Mehndi ceremony which is traditional or more extravagant. Our range of mehndi function accessories spans over the classic green, orange, yellow or blue stages, swing, backdrop draping, cushions, mattresses and light fixtures- everything you need to doll up your decor! We can help with customising a package for your mehndi night that suits your budgets and requirements.

      Please let us know your requirements, and you’re just a call away from creating something truly extravagant and spectacular for your mehndi ceremony.

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