About Us


About Us

Hello. We are Wedding Focused Event Company In Sydney, Australia.

If there is one occasion in life that needs to be perfect, it has to be your wedding. Symphony Events is here to give you the wedding of your dreams.

Symphony Events is Sydney’s one of the most trusted wedding supplier companies. We have been awarded several awards throughout our business span for our unique services.

We strongly believe in the fact that every celebration is extraordinary and deserves special attention. We emphasize on planning a completely custom planned wedding which suits our client’s personal style and requirements.

Since our company launched in 2012, we have managed to plan elegant weddings one after another. Our clients adore the fact that we deliver something different with each new event we plan.

Our sincere services have made it possible for us to expand our client network in Sydney and other places in the world. We prioritize researching for new themes and elements for each of our clients.


Our client’s steady support and heartwarming feedback after a successful wedding are what enable us to keep improving. Client contentment and satisfaction are always on our minds while we design and execute everything.

We are super proud of the team that has been working with us since the very beginning. They deserve just as much credit for putting their heart and soul in each event we organize.

We try to understand what each one in the crew is capable of doing and then assign work to them. This helps everyone to give their best and perform with maximum capacity.

Each one of us is super close to each other as a family. We put everyone’s needs in mind and work together to plan each event. We try to stay on top of new technology and innovations in the market. This allows us to stay ahead of our competitors.

We make use of a comprehensive range of wedding decorations and accessories. Our clients are given a stunning showroom experience to help them decide. This makes it possible to experience every small element of event planning.

This showroom experience is also a part of our efforts to keep the clients happy. Each step we take is to put a smile on the face of the couple getting married.

Symphony Events is a proud award-winning company focused completely on their passion for wedding planning. If you are looking for a company that will make all your dreams come true at a wedding, Symphony Events is the best place for you.


Doing the right thing,
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01. Who We Are

We are a bunch of passionate professionals who cater to all your event needs making them innovative and stylish, bringing them to Life.

02. What We Do

For all type of Occasion and personal/professional events, we Plan, Organise and Decor them so as to make them the most memorable day of your life.

03. Our Mission

We aim to provide event management services that guarantee customer satisfaction, highest possible quality, and excellent coordination. Our mission includes focusing on every small detail and ensuring successful, stress free, and memorable events. When we work more, you have to worry less!

04. Our Vision

Ensuring Client Satisfaction and be the talk of the town with our effortless and efficient work is what we look out for. We strive to exceed our client’s expectation by providing exemplary services that will build a loyal relation and trust among them.


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