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      Wedding Reception Decorations

      Wedding Reception Decorations

      From Hearts Entwined to Vows United

      wedding recepion

      Wedding Reception Decorations Sydney

      Raising a Toast to the Ecstasy of Love

      Amidst all the whirlwind of excitement, roller coaster of emotions, chaos of preparations, and sweet chimes of the wedding bells, it’s so easy to get carried away. The level of chaos and effort required for the preparations may surprise you.

      The reception is the most splendid part of your big day, and the awe-inspiring, elegant decor sets the mood for this grand celebration. Make the most of what is sure to be a memorable time in your beautiful love story and leave us with the task of seeing to the details.    

      We’re here to back you up with our exemplary planning services and breathtaking decor. Meanwhile, lovebirds, you two just need to go out and bask in your own glow.

      wedding reception packages Sydney

      How Does Our Wedding Decorator Make Your Reception an Enthralling Experience?

      This is the crowning moment of your wedding festivities, so it stands to reason that the decorations should be opulent and exquisite. Symphony Events, as the top wedding decorators in Sydney, understands how important it is for the decorations to perfectly reflect the grandeur and beauty of your special day.

      Our enthusiastic and skilled wedding reception decorators have an impeccable flair for creativity, styling, design, and decor. They strive to create a setting and decor so captivating that neither you nor your beloved guests can tear your gaze away. Every last detail of the glorious event is carefully planned and executed with the utmost love and care.

      Meet the Maestro of Weddings

      wedding reception decorations

      Meet the Maestro of Weddings

      Jackson and his group have been working in this domain for quite some time, and their efforts have met with tremendous success in the realm of wedding decorations ever since their inception. Now that you have sought your consultation with the esteemed team, the humble listeners pay close heed to your ideas, visions, and desires for the event. Then we’ll walk you through all the themes, designs, and decor that align with your style, tastes, and preferences.

      wedding reception packages Sydney

      Taking an Elaborate Tour of Style, Theme, and Preferences

      Once you reserve dates with us, we will get in touch with you as soon as possible to get to work. We go back and forth on ideas like themes, mood boards, and colour schemes until we find the one that works for you. Detailed plans are drawn up for your perfect wedding entrance, stage, aisle, bridal table decorations, and centrepieces, all of which create dramatic background effects. Following this, we will have a face-to-face meeting to put the finishing touches on the design and confirm the same with you.


      The wedding decor for your most priceless moments is being designed and created with love; meanwhile, there are a few other details you might want to have a quick look at.

      wedding decoration

      Floral Arrangements and Centrepieces

      The intricately embellished centrepieces and the candelabras add an irresistible vibe to the setting. We do artificial as well as fresh florals tailored to your specific tastes. The pristine arrangement of the vibrant and elegant florals is sure to set the mood for the romantic event that is about to unfold. The lavish furnishings and exquisite centrepieces will leave your guests in awe.

      wedding reception decorations

      Setting the Backdrop for Your Event

      Each minuscule detail of your reception decor needs to be planned with precision and executed flawlessly. With our help, your venue will look and feel like something straight out of a fairy tale, with each inch of the space exuding elegance and magic.

      Wedding Reception Decorations Sydney

      Ensuring Timely and Accurate Execution of the Plan

      As your celebration draws near, you surely wish for everything to be perfect and enchanting. While all the glitz and glam of the decor breathe life into the venue, its timely execution is paramount, and we keep that under check.

      Rustic Wedding Reception Package

      Unravelling Loose Ends and Addressing Any Unforeseen Issues

      What if an unexpected crisis crops up? Stress not!! We’ve got that covered too. Our expertise comes from vast experience. In case something pops out of the blue, we will always have a backup plan to take care of the situation. It is on us to make sure that this magnificent event goes off without a hitch, knowing how much the occasion means to you.

      Wedding Reception Sydney

      It's the Reception.


      Everything Ought to Be Simply Awesome

      From the engagement to the ceremony to the reception, our wedding decorators will have your back with exquisite and majestic decor that fits the respective occasion.

      Leave all your worries with us and take home the tranquility of knowing we’re here for you. Years ahead, when you look back at these memories, your cheeks will still be flushed with overwhelming joy, and your eyes will be filled with sparkling bliss.

      We are passionate about our devoir to make this a magical experience to last a lifetime. Now is the time for you to cherish it and for us to begin making plans for your flawless, regal, and eternal celebration.

      So buckle up, folks! You’re going to be absolutely floored by what we’ve got in mind for you.


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      Types of Wedding Reception Packages


      12 Wedding Reception Packages in Sydney from Jack

      Every couple would love to tie the knot in a hassle-free atmosphere. Since there are numerous things to consider for your wedding, there may be chances to forget and organise all of the activities. Here arises the need for wedding packages. The wedding package comprises the payment for the venue, the dance floor rental fee, the feast package, and the cost of any additional extra amenities.


      1. Cocktail Reception Package

      A cocktail party is one of those joyful social gatherings that bring together a diverse group of people in a stylish and relaxed atmosphere. This event is always conducted between the wedding and reception and is held in various settings, such as premium lounges, private venues, or trendy bars. The cocktail reception package includes:

      • Cocktail Tables and Stools with premium brand drinks
      • Coffee Tables, Wicker sofas
      • Barrels with various wines, Cake tables
      • Glassware for a cocktail party
      • Wireless microphone and a free WiFi facility.


      2. Sit-down Reception Package

      If you are looking for a simple and classic wedding, then a sit-down reception is the best choice. The formal, relaxing environment for your wedding with speeches, dinner, and a dance by the couple. Our sit-down reception includes the following features:

      • Long table for the dinner as per the requirement.
      • Customised two- or three-tier cakes and desserts
      • Wooden tables and chairs with napkins and glassware
      • 8 Cocktail Tables and 12 Stools
      • Table arrangements based on your suggestions
      • Glossy Dance Floor, Festoon Lights

      event planning

      3. Farm Wedding Reception Packages

      A farm wedding reception brings the rustic charm and natural beauty of a farm to your wedding. Nestled in the serene countryside, this farm venue offers a unique and unforgettable setting for your special day. Our farm reception package includes:

      • Long or short table for the dinner, as per the requirement.
      • The desserts and other customised cakes
      • Wooden tables and chairs with napkins and glassware
      • 8 Cocktail Tables and 20 Stools
      • Table arrangements based on your suggestions
      • The dinner is arranged based on locally available fresh raw materials.


      4.  À La Carte Wedding Reception Packages

      If you are planning a personal wedding, then an A La Carte Wedding is the option. You can plan your wedding according to your tastes and priorities. Since all the control is in your hands, you can make it a better and more memorable event.

      Catholic Club Liverpool

      5. Kosher Food Wedding Package

      Our kosher wedding packages are designed to integrate every aspect of your special day according to Jewish laws and traditions. From elegant ceremony settings to luxurious reception spaces, there are a variety of stunning venues to choose from, each accommodating different party sizes and preferences. The kosher wedding reception package consists of:

      • Kosher dinner menu with a variety of dishes
      • Four bowls per table
      • Special wine is served for five hours during the party.
      • Black or white chair covers
      • Personalised table menus in Kosher style
      • Kosher crockery and cutlery
      • cake table and bridal table with a Kosher touch
      • Supervisor and Security Officer
      • Accommodation for the new couples as per the requirements

      wedding reception packages Sydney

      6. Indian Wedding Reception Package

      Indian weddings are always colourful and rich in traditions and rituals. The food at Indian weddings is spicy and delicious. From stunning haldi functions to awesome receptions, couples have to perform numerous traditional rituals. Indian wedding reception package includes:

      • Asian dinner menu with a variety of dishes
      • Four people per table
      • Red, golden, or white chair covers
      • Personalised table menus in the traditional style
      • Indian crockery and cutlery
      • Floral arrangements and traditional drinks

      wedding reception packages Sydney

      7. Luxury Wedding Reception Package

      The luxury wedding reception package includes adding a lot of candlelight to the reception table to create a romantic touch. The party will be more joyful with luxury brand drinks and wines. The wedding decor will also include luxury chandeliers and other HD musical arrangements. We offer the following features in luxury wedding reception packages.

      • 5-hour reception party
      • Welcome drinks and beverage package
      • Customised ballroom chairs
      • Seamless dance floor and elevated cable table
      • Designer bridal table
      • Customised three-tier wedding cake

      Wedding Decoration

      8. Beach Wedding Reception Package

      Beach Wedding Reception Package offers a seamless blend of the scenic beauty of the ocean. Picture a pristine stretch of sandy shoreline, adorned with tasteful decorations that complement the coastal surroundings. The oceanic backdrop, sun-drenched skies, and gentle sea breeze provide a romantic atmosphere for your special day. Lets have a look on what we offer in beach wedding reception packages.

      • Choice of 24 chairs and 12 tables
      • Customised aisle decorations
      • Customised three-tier cake
      • Multi-cuisine with fresh seafoods
      • The seamless and glossy dance floor

      luna park

      9. Minimalistic Wedding Reception Package

      The minimalistic wedding reception package shows the concept of “less is more” by focusing on clean lines, understated elegance, and a relaxing atmosphere. The colour palette revolves around neutral tones, such as crisp whites and gentle pastels, which create a calming ambiance. Minimalistic wedding reception package consists of:

      • Marquee table with sleek tableware
      • Minimalist white or pastel-coloured floral arrangements
      • The menu highlights quality ingredients and delicate flavours.
      • The pastel themed three tier wedding cake
      • The floral or customised, minimally decorated aisle

      Wedding Seating Planner

      10. Rustic Wedding Reception Package

      Rustic Wedding Reception Package offers a blend of natural beauty and rustic elegance, setting the stage for a truly memorable celebration. The space is adorned with wooden accents, soft candlelight, and carefully selected vintage decor. Rustic wedding reception package consists of:

      • The dining area will be adorned with delicate wildflowers.
      • The floral decorations on the aisle are done from naturally available flowers as per the requirements.
      • Multicuisine feast menu with a welcome drink
      • Decorated bridal table and chairs
      • The glossy and customised dance floor


      11. Outdoor & Garden Wedding Reception Package

      The Outdoor & Garden Wedding Reception Package is a truly enchanting experience that combines the beauty of nature with the elegance of a wedding celebration. The package includes:

      • A stunning floral altar with petal lines
      • Decorated tables adorned with centrepieces are arranged on the lawn.
      • The bridal table, which consists of fairy lights and lanterns, creates a romantic ambiance for the couple.

      wedding reception packages Sydney

      12. All-inclusive Wedding Reception Packages

      If you’re looking for a hassle-free and unforgettable reception experience, look no further than all-inclusive reception packages. These packages are designed to make your special day as seamless and enjoyable as possible. From stunning venues to multi-cuisine, from stunning decorations to top-notch entertainment, all-inclusive reception packages offer a comprehensive solution that caters to all your wedding needs. The following features are included in all-inclusive reception packages:

      • 5 Hour Drinks Package, including Beer and other luxury drinks
      • Beer Float Bar
      • Cocktail Menu
      • A Three-Tier Wedding Cake as per the requirements
      • Furniture includes 2 couches, 4 chairs, and 2 tables.
      • Each table is adorned with lanterns.
      • Marquee: 14m x 9m
      • Seamless Dance Floor and chandeliers

      After confirming the type of wedding reception package, you need to find an expert and professional wedding planner to execute a flawless wedding reception.

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