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      How to Pull off a Wedding With Minimal Guests Without Forgoing Elegance

      Weddings with minimal guests are gaining traction as people choose to surround themselves with their closest near and dear ones. With a minimal guest list, you can concentrate more on creating an indelible yet personal experience for you and your loved ones.

      If you are currently getting your head around arranging a wedding with minimal guests, there are scores of reasons why they are wonderful:

      • Cheaper overall cost for your wedding.
      • You can splurge more on your greatest priorities.
      • You can spend more time individually with your near and dear ones.
      • You can have a more personal yet intimate day.
      • Minimal guests imply more laid-back atmosphere and less stress.

      Couples who have rethought of their wedding plans owing to the pandemic can still make their wedding elegant and exceptional as they hoped it would be.

      What’s crucial to remember is that just because you have cut down on numbers doesn’t mean giving up elegance- You can go big on your venue, cake, outfit, invitation, food if you favour! Here’s how you can throw a wedding with minimal guests without forgoing elegance!

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      Ensure That Your Venue is Exclusive Use 

      This is not a deal-breaker for all and sundry, for scores of couples don’t wish to share their venue with others or the common public. If it’s essential for you, then make certain that you have exclusive use no matter the guest list size. It will seem more private and its much fun to have an entire wedding venue in Sydney for yourself.

      Merely Invite Your Personal VIPs

      You should be very selective with a minimal guest list and your invitees will understand it. You are completely entitled to say no plus ones, no kids or no extended members. Every single person you summon for your wedding with this size needs to be a person who is close to you and someone you can’t think of getting hitched without their presence. Think-have you seen that person for the past couple of months? Would I want to grab a cup of coffee with this person? If the response is a quick no, then those people won’t make the cut.

      Get a Wedding Planner 

      If it’s a Wedding Planner for the whole thing or your event space offers a coordinator, you don’t need to stress out on your big day. Minimal guests mean even if you require the ushers to get something, their absence can be noticed. Getting a venue staff or a wedding planner implies your day will flow smoothly and you don’t have to fret about a thing, be it the food, drink or even decorations.

      Maximise the Experience 

      You’ll require an event space that’s the apt size for the number of people who’d show up. Too large means you will experience rattling over the place and its challenging to bring about an atmosphere. Whereas compact means you’ll feel squashed in. No matter what your nuptials end up looking like, lean on to it. You can’t imagine what you’d planned- you have to make the most of what you have got. Your loved ones will take a cue from you, so concentrate on all the great things and expend your budget on turning them amazing. It can be delectable food, a live band and more.

      Personalise Your Wedding Invites 

      Since you are sending out minimal invitations, make the most of the chance to design an ultra personalised wedding invite. Incorporate illustrations that depict you and your significant other, your venue or even your own abode! Pick designs, wordings and colours that are authentic to you and your partner.

      Make the Venue Feel Intimate

      If you’ve become obsessed with a venue for a whopping 200+ guests, then fret not- there are myriad of ways to transform it to make it feel intimate and elegant.

      • Utilise drapes to section the space or lower the ceiling with them. Drapes not just make an illusion of an intimate space, but also capture sound in a void room.
      • Dangle statement pieces such as lanterns or floral installations off the ceiling- it not just turn your space more intimate but add the right dose of texture, drama and colour to your space. 
      • The warm radiance which lanterns and candles exude is much lovey-dovey and intimate when compared to bright lighting. 
      Get Creative With Florals 

      A petite bouquet crafted out of a few bold blooms in striking shades, coupled with some ferns can make a big statement. If you have both texture plus contrast, then certainly you can’t go wrong.

      Keep it Chic 

      If you’re arranging your own micro wedding, then you can work with white walls, wooden floors and bare windows for a minimalist backdrop. It can have a great effect and can be applied to any kind of setting. This can be quite popular in case if you’ve to switch event spaces.

      Simple Yet Stylish Decor 

      The wedding decor is vital for representing elegance at your wedding. See to it that all your decor go well together and stick to one unique colour palette.

      In lieu of copious amounts of elaborate floral arrangements or intricate decorations, think minimal elegant pieces that exude sophistication. For instance, fresh lilies coupled with white candles placed strategically. Foliage or water vase holding flower heads can make for a spectacular effect.

      Light up Space 

      Captivating lighting can be the best way to add another dimension to your wedding experience. Lighting, when done right can transform a room like you would never believe, creating an ambience for the space in which you will revel in. Think up-lighting – it can impart that impression of splendour and absolutely transform any space.

      Consider Chic Dining Plates, Glassware and Cutlery

      The dining pieces, glassware and cutlery used to serve dishes at the wedding can add or play down to your opulent theme. You need everything down to the cutlery or even napkins to be in your colour palette and exude a feeling of elegance and sophistication.

      These 11 sure-fire tips will leave your loved ones impressed. Including even just a few of these tips will turn your big day into an event to remember.