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      30 Stupendous Wedding Welcome Sign Ideas to Make Your Wedding Awesome!

      When planning the specifics of your big day, don’t forget about the first thing your visitors will notice: the wedding welcome sign. Your welcome sign is more than simply a lovely décor for visitors to appreciate. Many couples use them as a master itinerary to show when the evening’s cocktail hour begins or as a map to take guests to the next destination of the night. Your wedding hashtag, which will allow you fast access to exceptional images taken by your guests, may also be included on your welcome sign.

      Wedding signs are an integral aspect of the overall décor of the wedding ceremony or celebration. There’s a sign for almost every aspect of your wedding schedule; they can direct your guests to where they need to go and what they should do, and they can truly add that additional element to your wedding décor.

      What better way to make your wedding guests feel special than with a well-designed wedding reception “welcome” sign?

      These lovely and romantic sign ideas include anything from using natural, organic elements like flint rock, lush vines, and stunning blossoms to adding personal touches like hand-lettered calligraphy or sweet “Our Story” extracts for your visitors to fall in love with!

      Symphony Events will always design the perfect sign for every couple that matches their wedding’s attitude and style, regardless of what their concept is. To gain some ideas, have a look at this collection of 30 unique wedding welcome signs.

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      1. The Sparkling Welcome Sign

      We will start off this list of wedding welcome signs with a glamorous idea for the best first impression. Sequins and shimmer never go out of style, and the letters on the board could be engraved with golden shimmer to create a stylish wedding welcome sign.

      All this glamour and glitz will create a classic Gatsby vibe for the guests and point them in the direction of a vintage-themed event.

      The Sparkling Welcome Sign

      2. Painted Canvas

      Choosing your wedding welcome sign can involve an appreciation of art. If you are an art lover and adhere to minimalism, why not include hand-painted canvases on your welcome sign?

      An illustration that is hand-painted for a wedding welcome sign can be tailored to your preferences, which is its biggest advantage.

      3. Make It Exceptional with Bizarre Font

      We all want to set our weddings apart from the rest and create a memorable experience for our guests. If you have a desire to plan a wedding that stands out from the crowd, then I think this funky font idea is definitely the one for you in the wedding welcome sign ideas list.

      Make sure that the fonts are aesthetically groovy and unique so that the guests will be intrigued by them. It’s preferable to make the background part white, so the font is really accentuated.

      4. Evergreen Wooden Board

      Throughout history, wedding welcome sign ideas have always been associated with this most classic and elegant idea.

      If you want something traditional but still classy for your wedding welcome sign, a wooden board with a welcome note and the couple’s names is a perfect choice. You can also paint the writing on a wooden board to give it a customised look. 

      5. The Blackboard

      I’m sure you’ve all seen the special boards at a restaurant or cafe, which are simply blackboards with menus written on them with chalk.

      On the list of wedding welcome sign ideas, this is definitely one of the most creative and amazing ideas. Make a welcome sign for your wedding using a chalkboard with a chunky frame.

      You can customise it as per your ideas. Welcome your guests to the reception or wedding by writing cute captions on the board.

      wedding welcome sign ideas

      6. Classy Glass Board

      Wedding welcome signs like this are considered classics. On an easel, a glass board was displayed, which is ideal for a minimalistic wedding with sophisticated decor.

      The font may be chosen however you want, and all kinds of writing will look good on it since it is made of glass. In any case, acrylic writing would be the best because it is both unconventional and classy.

      wedding welcome sign ideas

      7. Buzzworthy Flowery Welcome

      Every wedding is incomplete without floral arrangements, so why not incorporate them into your wedding welcome sign? Your creativity will come in handy to craft an outstanding welcome sign with floral hoops and statement flowers.

      Whatever involves flowers will look refreshing, whether it’s a floral hoop on an easel or adorning a vintage wood board with statement flowers.

      8. Beauty Extolled in Greenery

      This tropical beauty idea would be ideal for those of you who are in search of a budget-friendly welcome sign for your wedding.

      It would look perfect in an outdoor setting like a garden or backyard. You can create a whiteboard with a circled or squared frame entirely composed of green leaves and lush.

      This would fit perfectly into a minimalist, lush green wedding theme.

      9. Customised Resin Boards

      Would you consider using a resin board with flowers and potpourri infused in it as a welcome sign for your wedding?

      Your wedding decor will be memorable and interesting with this whimsical touch. You can personalise your welcome message, and it can be engraved in the resin mixture.

      Display this pretty resin artwork by keeping it on an easel or on a wooden barrel stand right at the entrance for that excellent first impression on your guests.

      10. Barrels for a Rustic Touch

      If you love the countryside, then it’s a must to have a vintage country wedding. The rustic country wine barrel wedding welcome sign idea would be perfect for you.

      Display a welcome note on a wooden board with a big wooden barrel next to it, and the rustic look will perfectly complement the sophistication of the countryside theme.

      This is a vintage yet elegant wedding welcome sign idea to graciously greet your guests.

      11. The Pampas Elegance

      A pampas grass frame can cover any glass sheet or whiteboard with a welcome message to make it look ecstatic.

      Perhaps you’ve seen pampas grass, which looks exactly like feathers. As a result of its sheer elegance, the guest’s attention is captured in a second by the welcome board’s beauty.

      12. Picturesque Sign with Snaps

      Take a set of your favourite pictures of you and your partner and create adorable polaroids from them. This is a great way to add a personalised touch to the welcome sign at your wedding.

      To add glistening glamour to your welcome sign, hang these polaroids in string lights along with your greeting message. There is no more meaningful way to share your love story with your guests.

      13. The Artistic Tapestry Welcome Sign

      Experimenting with different art forms for wedding welcome signs is one of the ways you can display your art appreciation.

      Using tapestry clothing is an example of this type of idea to show off your love of art in a unique way.

      The welcome note and the couple’s names can be printed on a tapestry cloth depending on the wedding theme and colour, and you can use it to display at the entrance of your wedding venue, either hanging or on a board.

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      14. Twinkling LEDs

      Is your wedding or reception scheduled for the evening or at night? Then you have the best option: the LED light-up sign! You can even customise a written note on the welcome board. Just imagine your note lit up with some super cool LED lights.

      Isn’t it reverberating? Also, keep it safe inside a beautiful glass box outside the venue at the gateway. 

      wedding welcome sign ideas

      15. Creative Wooden Pallets

      You can write your wedding welcome note on wooden pallets for a simple yet elegant and cozy wedding with a farm theme. Hang these on a metal string or place them near the entrance.

      You can employ your creativity in different ways in a pallet wedding welcome sign; it will never go wrong.

      16. Mirror Engraved Welcome Sign

      Wedding signage with mirrors will remain in style forever and will always rank high. You can pick a mirror of your choice and engrave a welcome note on it accordingly.

      If you want to craft it more majestic and event-ready, you can embellish it with adornments or other statement ornamentations to make it look more elegant.

      17. Golden Charm

      Adding a touch of gold to your wedding décor brings in more drama and royalty, and gold metal frames are a great way to accomplish this.

      Offer your guests a golden welcome.

      18. Pretty with Wild Flowers

      If your venue is meadow-like and surrounded by lush greenery outside the barn, then adding the flowers used in the bouquet to your whiteboard and welcome note could blend perfectly.

      The vibrant wildflowers add a lovely touch to your festive decor.

      19. Frames Overlaid with Silver 

      Wedding welcome boards made from silver metal frames with silver-plated greetings attached can be hung on posts or used as wall hangings.

      It is always at the top of the list of wedding welcome signs because it is incredibly affordable without compromising on quality. 

      20. Boho Excellence

      The eclectic mix of fresh flowers, welcome notes in funky fonts, beach-themed white plants, and numerous seashells is a beautiful bohemian way to welcome your guests.

      Use a see-through welcome sign so that the verdant vista remains unobstructed.

      21. Enticing Sign with Mesh Board

      A mesh board is a very popular and trendy option for wedding welcome signs. Mesh boards come in many shapes, and the best part is that you can pick any kind you wish from the plethora of mesh board choices.

      You can be extra creative as the mesh boards are pretty flexible.

      22. Point the Way

      While travelling, have you ever encountered a signboard leading you in the right direction of your destination?

      With an arrow pointing in the venue’s direction, make a wooden board that says “Wedding This Way.” Hodophiles will definitely love this unique and elegant wedding welcome sign idea.

      23. A Fusion of Welcome Sign & Guest Book

      All your guests will likely wish you well on your wedding day, which is an irreplaceable gift that you will be sure to cherish forever.

      So why not ask them to leave you a heartfelt note at the venue entrance itself? Craft a welcome sign in a guest book style and allow family and friends to scribble sweet little notes on it, wishing you happiness.

      24. Marbled Wedding Sign

      A marble or marbled element can make a big difference on your wedding day.

      Create a marble wonder with welcome notes engraved on it to make your grand wedding extra stylish and breathtaking. You can keep the marble welcome sign on the easel. 

      25. Dreamy Digital Prints

      There are wedding welcome cards that use digital illustrations of the bride and groom, which is a relatively new concept in the genre of wedding invitation cards.

      Isn’t it pretty and creative to incorporate this modern idea into your wedding welcome sign?

      Consider printing out the digital illustrations and putting them on your welcome board along with a warm and friendly welcome note.

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      26. Go for Organza 

      It’s unusual to see clothing art as a welcome sign at weddings, so what about taking a risk and making it stand out? For a stylish and elegant wedding sign, craft an organza knit welcome board with a welcome note embroidered on the material.

      The organza glam is a fun way to add a personal touch, and you can also use it as a wedding keepsake in the future. Even though this idea is out of the ordinary, your guests will be impressed the moment they walk in. 

      27. Dramatic Entry Point

      A floral hanging above the doorway and a welcome sign at the top will add a bit more drama to the wedding venue.

      If you are looking for a truly unique wedding welcome sign worthy of attention, the doorway welcome sign is perfect.

      28. Vertical Greeting Signs

      This might be a one-of-a-kind addition to the squad of wedding welcome sign themes.

      “Welcome” can be written on a single wooden block and can be mounted vertically on a cute and whimsical stand. Vertical welcome signs are the way to go if you want your marriage ceremony to be distinctive. 

      29. Gorgeous Paper Wedding Sign Hangings

      Paper banners have made an appearance in wedding decor recently.

      You can make a paper banner, which is light and eco-friendly, to hang as a welcome board at your wedding venue. 

      Paper Wedding Sign Hangings

      30. Vivid Paintings 

      Include a board with vibrantly coloured paint splatters on it to make your wedding more spectacular than it already is.

      You can use your imagination and give the paint a contouring hue to make it appear more dramatic and gorgeous.

      Paper Wedding Sign Hangings