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      Don’t Forget To Say This When You Exchange Your Wedding Vows

      A true wedding happens just once. A moment you blush, yet cherish for eternity. Weddings are living promises of being there for each other. Read more about Wedding Vows.

      They say marriage is all about commitment and willing sacrifices. It is never meant to be easy. Things change. You may not say that you love her every day, but it’s all about the things you do for her. Right from helping her with her chores, to taking care of her when she’s sick.

      Above all, it’s about being there for each other through thick and thin. More like a partnership!

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      My wedding wasn’t any less of a magical experience. The most beautiful moment of my wedding was when we said our vows. It was the first time I felt that we opened our hearts to the fullest and made our promises in the presence of everyone.

      Wedding Venues in Tasmania

      The thought rolls me back to the time when I was preparing my vows. There were 3 weeks to our marriage and I wanted to take time for myself to write down all the things I wanted to tell her on a piece of paper. I am glad that I started early. I have watched many movies that gave me some inspiration, but when it came to my own wedding, preparing the vows & to make the promises in the presence of my family and friends was a sign of how much she meant to me.

      At first, I was confused while preparing my vows. There were just too many things to tell her, and I found it hard to put them into words.

      Thank goodness that I started preparing early. It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. Being lost in thoughts for hours together, I finally realized that there wasn’t a need to be nervous. The vows were all between me and her. What really mattered was how I made her feel. This wasn’t a recitation contest. I suddenly knew what I needed to do.

      Wedding Venues in Tasmania

      I invited my best buddy to help me out. As sarcastic as he was, he pointed out my mistakes through his ‘constructive’ criticism. It was good to have someone help me out. It took me a lot of rewriting – to use the right words to bring the right meaning. Honestly, if I had put in this effort in college, I would have probably been the next Elon Musk right now. But whatever happened, happened and it brought me to Grace.

      My wedding vows were finally ready about a week before our wedding. It was a mix of hilarious, heartwarming, sarcastic, and promising vows. Amidst all the nervousness and mixed emotions, I wanted to bring a smile to her face.

      The day finally dawned on us and I was nervous… nervous if I could pull this off with the right meaning and emotion. I hadn’t felt this nervous in a long time ever since my graduation exams. I took a deep breath as she walked up the aisle with that graceful smile of hers.

      Unique Wedding Venues in Australia

      The time came to exchange our vows. I wanted to go first – to make her feel special. I took out the pretty ring that I had been waiting to slide on her finger. I looked into her eyes for a few moments and everything around me disappeared. It was just her that I could see. I took a breath and let it all out. Her graceful smile radiated throughout the vow. I started with how I felt when we first met with a bit of sarcasm and fun in between and finally with my lifetime promise in the end. I will share my vows with you readers so that you know where to start.

      Wedding Vow Example 1:

      “Grace, you came into my life, tripping at the stairs and falling right at me. Literally. That one moment swept me off my feet. I could see your face turn red as you blushed. I don’t know. Now that I wind it all back, It feels like a movie. For a long time, I was broken on the inside, but after seeing you, I knew I could get back right up. Throughout the college you kept me happy. They have become a beautiful memory of our younger selves and i’m sure we’ll cherish them even after several years of being together..”

      Wedding Vow Example 2:

      “When you left for Germany, to pursue your higher education, I thought it would draw a line between you and me. But you called me every day and we exchanged our daily news just like we would back in college. You were miles away but you still kept me warm. In the days of emails and Facebook messages, it felt great to receive your handwritten letters from across the world”

      Unique Wedding Venues in Australia

      Wedding Vow Example 3:

      “Even then I was insecure, mostly worrying if I could provide for you – If I was enough for you. Because you deserve the best. As true as it gets, you stood by me and you healed me completely. And now it’s my time to repay you with all the happiness that you deserve. Sure enough, we will continue to have our little fights but I believe they exist to only get us closer. My back hasn’t recovered after our last fight though.”

      Wedding Vow Example 4:

      “Life ahead is unpredictable. As much as I love you, I also need the support and blessings of our family and friends as there are tough times ahead. We will get through together. I am a traveler and you are my Google Maps. I know where to go when I’m with you.”

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      Wedding Vow Example 5:

      “I can’t promise to make the best bed coffee for you, I can’t promise to cook delicious food for you. (You know I’m really bad at cooking). But what I can promise you is that I’ll protect you while trying my best to keep you happy. And I’ll be there for you till death do us part. And if possible, even after that! I love you, Grace.”

      I concluded my words with a set of promises that I made for her. We both were realistic in our words. We knew that the life ahead of us wasn’t an easy road. But marriage is all about commitment. It’s about making time for each other. It’s about tackling your problems and moving ahead. I promised her to be there for her forever as my feelings for her were genuine.

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      Weddings add meaning to one’s life. When you say your vows, don’t make unrealistic promises. Be yourself. This is about you and that special person. Today it has been 3 years since we exchanged our vows. Life has changed a lot and it took many turns. But to this day, we still keep our promises happily.