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08 September 2020


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60 Professional Wedding Videographers Sydney For Your Big Day Gala

60 Professional Wedding Videographers Sydney For Your Big Day Gala


If you didn’t properly cover your cherishing moments on your special day, you may regret this forever. There are a few more regrets than not having the best wedding videographer and forever missing the beautiful and irreplaceable memories from that one day. After all, in the middle of all the fun, with everybody enjoying a nice time on your special day, you definitely need a wedding videographer to capture all those smiles, deep looks, chuckle noisy dances, and all the little things that you don’t want to forget or want to relive in the future.


Hiring wedding videographers is a big job and an important responsibility. It is one of the most important choices you have to make because after the whole event is done, videography is one of the few physical things you’ll have to keep from your wedding.


Recognizing the essence of a couple and every person, our attitude to a photoshoot is individualistic. We use state-of-the-art canon devices to capture precious and everlasting images and videos. Our trained wedding videographers have a broad experience in the wedding industry. We’re bringing our best Sydney Wedding Videographers and Photographer Crew with us.


  1. Grand House Media

Taking a warm and respectful attitude and genuinely enthusiastic about catching unforgettable memories, Grand House Media can’t wait to meet you and create an amazing wedding experience that goes beyond expectations.


Urban Tadka Indian Wedding Venues Australia


The Grand House Media Team knows how important your wedding day is for you and your partner; you can depend on the Grand House Media to ensure that your big day is covered perfectly, with all the emotional, joyful, and intimate moments of the day, beautifully recorded in your wedding album.


Address: Suite 4/209 Macquarie St, Liverpool NSW 2170, Australia


  1. Rolling Canvas


At Rolling Canvas, they’re aiming for the delicate and significant, as well as the spectacular and magnificent. One of Sydney’s most beloved and highly-reviewed videography teams has 9 years of experience and hundreds of happy customers on their accounts. Rolling canvas-covered over 1000 weddings to date and specializes in one-of-a-kind wedding videographers that will let your individuality show through.



Rolling canvas is proud of its impeccable quality and the specific needs of its customers. The squad, supported by committed experienced wedding videographers, includes film, pre-wedding videography, wedding videography, still photography, wedding videos, promotional videos, wedding movies, and more.


Website: https://www.rollingcanvas.com.au/


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  1. Sidd Rishi Photography


Sidd Rishi Photography, they know that your wedding will be one of the best days of your life that every moment is worth celebrating. The staff insists on outstanding support to ensure that it runs smoothly. You will recall your memorable party for years to come thanks to your high-quality videos & pictures.



Sidd Rishi team has talented and imaginative photographers and videographers, with this flexible and welcoming squad, you will catch all your precious moments.


Website: https://www.sidd-rishi.com.au/en/

Wedding Packages: https://www.sidd-rishi.com.au/en/pricing/?ID=119


  1. Riss Photography


Paravilla Indian Wedding Venues Australia


With over 10 years of experience in documenting Hindu weddings, Christian weddings, Muslim weddings (Bangladeshi weddings, Pakistani weddings), and Samoan weddings, Riss photography provides excellence and elegance to create everlasting memories. Based in Sydney, this team of talented wedding videographers provides outstanding service and a true passion to share your love story through their photographic art. The squad is more than willing to shoot in and around Sydney.


Website- https://riss-photography.com/

Pricing- https://riss-photography.com/pricing/


  1. Perfect Media


As one of Sydney’s best wedding photography studios, the Pepper Image Photo & Video team praises clients for their excellence, passion and innovation. Perfect Media has received multiple honors, industry recognition, and rave reviews. And the best media also provides dramatic footage, pre-wedding animations, conventional videos, pre-wedding sessions, and much more. That’s why this team of professional photographers is selling a range of wedding packages to suit your purposes.



Website: https://www.perfectmedia.com.au/

Packages: https://www.perfectmedia.com.au/packages


  1. Splendid Photos and Video


Splendid Photos and Video takes the opportunity to get to know you, and your idea for the day and they know what the wedding day is all about, and how the day can feel daunting. It seems to be much as the name suggests, beautiful photographs and video records pictures and videos that are enchanting, elegant, and graceful.



Website: https://splendid.net.au/

Packages: https://splendid.net.au/price-packages/


  1. Stuck in a Moment


At Stuck in a Moment, it’s all about capturing that real life, raw moments that you can hold forever which tell your love story. Stuck in a Moment team understands that the day is yours, and their focus is all about that special bond between you and your partner.



Established nearly 12 years ago, Stuck in a Moment is one of top wedding videographers Sydney lauded for their lively, polite, and happy service, which is not only connected to Australia but around the world.


Website: https://www.stuckinamoment.com.au/

Pricing: https://www.stuckinamoment.com.au/sydney-wedding-photographer-videographer-pricing/


  1. Lightheart Films and Photography 


You want your wedding photos to be immortal, and Lightheart Films and Photography will provide your real requirements. Thanks to their varied history, this wedding videography Sydney provides spectacular services.



Lightheart Films and Photography is located in Petersham, Australia. This passionate team of professional wedding videographers provides outstanding services at affordable prices. Not only does this professional team capture precious moments of your wedding, but they’re stealthy during the ceremony and reception.


Website: https://lightheartwedding.com.au/?utm_source=weddingdiaries.com.au&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=weddingdiaries.com.au

Packages: https://lightheartwedding.com.au/photo-video-promo-price-list/


  1. Dreamlife Photos and Videos



If you want a premier videography firm with over ten years of technical experience for your big day, Dreamlife Pictures and Videos could be the dream squad for you! They are sweet, caring, and adore love stories.


Their team of top Sydney wedding videographers with a clear idea of stunning wedding destinations across Sydney will take you on a journey to discover spectacular videoshoot locations that enhance those minute shades of your wedding videographs.


Packages: https://dreamlifewedding.com.au/sydney/price/

Website: https://dreamlifewedding.com.au/sydney/


  1. The Salt Studio


The Salt studio, located in Brookvale, specialized not only in taking realistic and articulate wedding videos but also in all those secretly important moments. This experienced wedding videography team would happily tailor its services to meet your needs. Thanks to the competent expertise of Salt Studio Photography, you are always making sure that the big day is as casual and exhilarating yet easy going.




Packages: https://www.thesaltstudio.com.au/pricing


  1. Fame Park Studios

The only way to make sure that you have every shot and snapshot and memory is to have the right photography squad. This amazing team made a name for themselves because they were infallible, they never let their customers down. They’re excited about making imaginative motion or still pictures that would blow you away! Situated in Sydney, their style is a rare mix of conventional posing shots and recent wedding videojournalism.


Website: https://www.famepark.com.au/

Package: https://www.famepark.com.au/wedding-photographer-videographer-pricing/


  1. Xtraordinary Photos and Video


With a passion for wedding videography, this Sydney-based team of amazing wedding videographers perfected the art of storytelling by catching every wonderful moment of your wedding day.



With an incredible 100-five star behind them, the Xtraordinary team knows what it takes to give their best, and they make that possible by getting to know their customers and their wedding that they’re looking forward to, in order to build something that couples will appreciate in years to come.


Website: https://www.xtraordinarysydney.com.au/?utm_source=weddingdiaries.com.au&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=weddingdiaries.com.au

Packages: https://www.xtraordinarysydney.com.au/price/


  1. T-One Image



The T-One Image team knows how important your wedding day is for a couple, and you should trust them to take the extra mile to guarantee that every moment is properly recorded and beautifully filmed. T-one photographs describe their work as simple, timeless, and beautiful, and they still come up with something worth cherishing for several days and years to come. T-one image believes in covering videos that take you back to your moment once in a lifetime and offer stylised, intimate videos that will enable you to express your love without words.


Website: https://www.t-oneimage.com.au/

Packages: https://www.t-oneimage.com.au/pricing/


  1. Pepper Image Photo and Video


For elegance, sophistication, and ease, you’re going to love the feeling Pepper Image Photo and Video generates with his photographic work. They’re going to follow you effortlessly and still craft gorgeous fashion-inspired shots that will make you look like you’re on the pages of a luxury bride magazine.



Pepper’s illustration and video have made a statement on their talent, integrity and love for what they do. In addition to delivering off-peak and mid-week deals, their products can be personalised to suit your specific needs.


Website: https://www.pepperimage.com.au/?utm_source=weddingdiaries.com.au&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=weddingdiaries.com.au

Packages: https://www.pepperimage.com.au/wedding-photography-price/


  1. Ben Newnam Photography 


Ben Newnam Photography is known for bringing energy and inspiration to your wedding shots, and helping people overcome shyness and make their nerves melt away. Backed by an experience of no less than 20 years, Ben Newnam’s photography promises integrity and expertise when it comes to capturing the hue on your big day.



Ben Newnam Photography also sells bundles that provide the coverage of images. You can also pick from an array of beautiful wedding albums that you’re going to pull out every year to look back at.


Website: https://bnphotography.com.au/


  1. JS Photography


JS Photography’s wedding videographers make use of top-of-the-line photographic and video equipment with state-of-the-art lenses and cameras with technical know-how to produce a one-of-a-kind portrait of your d-day!



The wedding videographers can take the right snapshots and candid images from the party, reception and everything in between. You should imagine them to be shiny, stunning, and full-on sexy, just like you.


Website: https://www.jsphotography.com.au/

Packages: https://www.jsphotography.com.au/prices/


  1. Rose 2 Ring Studio


Established in 2008, the Rose 2 ring studio is a young group of talented photographers and videographers who won’t leave any details of your wedding to chance. Rose 2 Ring Studio produces gorgeous images with a self-described fun and quirky team. Becoming a day of great significance, you want to grab every aspect and not give a skip. So the best way to make sure you get every shot is to entrust work to the Rose 2 ring studio.



Website: https://www.rose2ring.com.au/

Packages: https://www.rose2ring.com.au/price


  1. Emilio B Photography


This creative collective of specialists explains their ultimate objective as: “Photos that leave you breathless.” They are passionate about weddings, and their work has appeared in a number of publications, including New Wedding Publications, Total Weddings Magazines and Gowns Magazines, among others.



The team is renowned for its realistic and glamorous fashion-inspired style. Choose from their modern, avant-garde and elegant crystal, diamond or pearl sets.


Website: https://emiliob.com.au/

Package: https://emiliob.com.au/packages/


  1. Images by Kevin


Images by Kevin is a proud recipient of a variety of prizes for their real and imaginative images. Working diligently behind the scenes on your wedding day not just to witness the event, but to record it exactly the way you want it to be. With tremendous abilities and deep respect for what they’re doing, you’re in trustworthy hands.



Their package includes an hour video and photo session where you’ll be shot before your big day, to help you feel at ease on your big day.


Website: https://imagesbykevin.com.au/

Packages: https://imagesbykevin.com.au/pricing


  1. Alexander Choi Photography


Visionaries when it comes to beautiful pictures that lead the way of quality, this incredible team has won honours as well as rave reviews. Known for their consistently high quality of videography, their warm and welcoming attitudes make it easy to apply to every wedding day.



This trustworthy team of wedding videographers wants to make your special day hassle-free and enjoyable. They don’t believe in charging you exorbitant product rates and offering a range of affordable items.


Website: https://www.acphotography.com.au/

Package: https://www.acphotography.com.au/wedding-photography-packages/


  1. McApture Photography 


The wedding day is full of beautiful celebrations and tiny tender moments, and the best wedding videographer should be able to catch it all. McApture Photography has a broad history of documenting over 250 weddings in QLD, NSW and the United Kingdom.


McApture Photography works closely with their clients to get their own story to make sure all the most significant moments are forever immortalised.


Website: https://www.mcapturephotography.com/


  1. By Danny Photography 


Danny Photography claims that the photographs are the building blocks of the unfolding plot. If you don’t take the right pictures, the storey you’re sharing shifts over time and also fade away.


By Danny’s photography knows that every occasion is unique in its own way, and every couple wants to document their big day in ways that are unimaginable, and to hold that, their team offer packages that suit all your exacting needs.


Website: https://www.bydannyphotography.com.au/

Packages: https://www.bydannyphotography.com.au/packages/



  1. Divon Photography



When they’re showing you the beautiful images that you know you’re going to enjoy for a lifetime, you’ll be confident you’ve made the right decision. Their main mission is to make you feel at ease and normal on your day, and to capture your love storey in still, moving pictures, in the best possible way. Since 2008, Divon Photography has proven to be one of Sydney’s most prominent photography studios.


Website: https://divonphotography.com.au/

Packages: https://divonphotography.com.au/investments/


  1. Damico Photography


Damico Photography is a Sydney wedding firm, proud of its expressive yet unique style. With more than 500 weddings under their belt both in Sydney and abroad, this boutique wedding videography studio boasts over 20 years of experience in the field of video and photography.



Photographers claim they love to photograph people who are “committed to fact” as well as the numerous moments of “genuine spontaneity” that exist at weddings.


Website: http://damico.photography/


  1. SMC Studios




Supported by 34 five star ratings, SMC studios will be your best bet, if you’re after a fully comprehensive kit at an unbeatable price. The trained team of experts, no hidden expenses, fair prices and competent finishing are some of the items you can expect from SMC studios.

Website: http://www.smcstudios.com.au/

Packages: http://www.smcstudios.com.au/photo-pricing/


  1. Marry Me Movies



This wedding video studio is best known for immortalizing wedding ceremonies in gorgeous documentary-style storytelling. Only the highest quality equipment will be used in the daytime and subsequently during editing, and all the raw footage will be hung back to you so you can reflect on your special day.


Website: https://marrymemovies.com.au/

Packages: https://marrymemovies.com.au/pricing/


  1. Wedding Movies



Wedding Movies could be a reliable wedding video studio you’ve been looking for. Functioning New South Wales nationwide, Wedding Movies take an intentional, artful, and story-focused approach to capturing film wedding ceremonies.

The creativity and transformation, coupled with the motivation of an in-the-moment shot, create one-of-a-kind wedding videos that you’ll love for a lifetime.


Website: https://www.weddingmovies.com.au/

Packages: https://www.weddingmovies.com.au/wedding-videography-packages


  1. Blaycam Video Productions



With over 10 years’ experience in the video industry, Blaycam Video Productions is sure to know how to make a lovely wedding film. Every year, a limited number of wedding videos are taken from Blaycam Video Productions, giving them enough time to create something pretty magnificent and worth cherishing for years to come.

Website: https://blaycam.com.au/

Packages: https://blaycam.com.au/#packages


  1. The White Tree



This wedding video studio has the expertise of providing a wide range of films, from music clips and advertisements to short films and documentaries. If you’re attempting to create something special for your wedding video, The White Tree is your best option.

Website: https://thewhitetree.com.au/

Packages: https://thewhitetree.com.au/bookings/


  1. WeddingFlix Studios


The team has recorded hundreds of weddings and specializes in one-of-a-kind, spectacular images that let the personalities of their clients shine through. This luxurious filmmaking studio creates and delivers high-quality wedding films using their signature cinematic style.

Website: https://weddingflix.com.au/

Packages: https://weddingflix.com.au/videography-packages/


  1. Golden Touch Productions – Photo & Video



Golden Touch Productions has earned its reputation as one of Sydney’s best wedding videography studios to offer, highly recommended by its Easy Weddings customers.

Backed by more than 30 years of business, Golden Touch Productions strives to create high-quality wedding movies that couples will share with loved ones for many years to come.

Website: https://www.goldentouchproductions.com.au/

Packages: https://www.goldentouchproductions.com.au/packages/



  1. KJR Productions


KJR Productions is a favourite among couples from New South Wales, serving Sydney, Wollongong, Bulli, Hunter Valley, Central Coast, Blue Mountains, Hawkesbury, Hills Shire, Bowral and nearby region.

KJR Productions encourages a stunning array of images and videos about maintaining the details of all the elements of the wedding day.

Website: https://www.kjrproductions.com.au/

Packages: https://www.kjrproductions.com.au/investment/


  1. HoneyBear Films


Servicing Sydney, HoneyBear Films offers couples the unique opportunities to collaborate with award-winning cinematographers to create their dream wedding video. All wedding packages are customizable so with HoneyBear Films, there is something for everyone.

Website: https://honeybearfilms.com.au/        

Packages: https://honeybearfilms.com.au/wedding-videography-packages-prices/


  1. Everlast Video Productions



Everlast Video Productions take pride in being a leader in the cinematic wedding film industry. Describing their style of videography as candid, photojournalistic, and state-of-the-art, this boutique of filmmakers and artists strives to capture all the intimate, emotional moments of the day so that couples can look back and remember for many years.


Website: https://everlastvideoproductions.com.au/

Packages: https://everlastvideoproductions.com.au/#contact


  1. Rockworld Productions


Regarded by their Easy Weddings customer reviews as a five-star supplier, Rockworld Productions could be all and more you were hoping for in a wedding videography studio. Rockworld Productions boast that they are friendly, adaptable, innovative, and affordable.

Website: https://rockworld.com.au/

Packages: https://rockworld.com.au/contact/


  1. Shaking Man Films



Servicing New South Wales nationwide, Shaking Man Films is a popular option between couples in Sydney who wish to obtain their day on film. This award-winning videography studio prides itself on capturing all those intimate and emotional experiences which make weddings such a special event.


Website: https://www.shakingmanfilms.com/

Portfolio: https://www.shakingmanfilms.com/portfolio/


  1. Transtudios Photography and Video



This photography and videography boutique wedding studio takes a creative and professional strategy to capture marriages and creates organic, unique, and candid footage to keep and cherish for a lifetime. Transtudios Photography & Video can bring your dream to life whatever you envisage for your wedding film.


Website: https://transtudios.sydney/

Packages: https://transtudios.sydney/sydney-wedding-photo-and-video-packages/


  1. Red Dot Media


If you are on the search for a Sydney professional wedding videography studio, we can’t recommend anything like Red Dot Media. This 5-star studio creates pairs of heartfelt and emotional wedding films that will cherish for a lifetime.

Website: https://www.red-dot-media.com.au/

Package: https://www.red-dot-media.com.au/#contact


  1. Marcus Rusbourne Media



Marcus Rusbourne is known for creating distinctive, timeless, and candid wedding movies. Every movie is unique; capturing all the natural and frank moments as they reveal on a special day.

Marcus Rusbourne is your best bet if you are looking for a dedicated and professional studio to capture the raw moments and loving atmosphere present during your wedding day.

Website: https://www.marcusrusbournemedia.com/

Pricing: https://www.marcusrusbournemedia.com/pricing


  1. Faur Valletta Photography


This professional videographer strives to capture all the moments that are raw, emotional, and intimate as they unfold on the day so that couples can look back and remember for many years to come.

Servicing Sydney and the nearby region, this studio is best known for capturing and portraying what makes weddings such a special occasion through stunning wedding video and photography.


Website: https://www.faurevallettaphotography.com.au/

Package: https://www.faurevallettaphotography.com.au/wedding-photography-packages/


  1. Birch & Wattle Photography




Birch and Wattle Photography is a team of creative people, designers, and videographers who express in all its beauty a desire to capture love. Never has a day shown more intense feelings than on the wedding day. They want to catch it so you can keep it on forever.

Website: https://www.birchandwattle.com/

Contact: https://www.birchandwattle.com/contact


  1. Neaton Photography




Neaton Photography will catch every little aspect of your wedding through videos that will inspire you forever. And Birch & Wattle is a sure bet for excellent wedding videos, with so many years’ experience. It is one of the most popular videographers known for creating something beautiful and unique to the marrying couple.

Website: https://www.neatonphotography.com/

Packages: https://www.neatonphotography.com/packages


  1. Kevin Lue Photography


kevin lue

Kevin Lue Photography is up there as one of the famous wedding videographers Sydney has to offer. A favourite among local celebrities, this wedding videographer is known for creating beautiful and unique moments to the marrying pair.

To catch the love, the smiles, the laughs, and all the intimate moments that make weddings such a special day, he will be there.

Website: http://www.kevinluephotography.com/

Packages: http://www.kevinluephotography.com/lets-chat/


  1. Perfect Moment Photography and Video


perfect moments


Dedicated to catching the important moments in life-long pictures and videos, Beautiful Moment Photography and Video gives your wedding videography fun and stress-free solution.

The team behind Perfect Moment Photography and Video is committed to transforming memories into precious video clips, so you can be assured that all the personal and special moments on your wedding day will be recorded to hold forever!

Website: https://www.perfectmoment.net.au/

Pricing: https://www.perfectmoment.net.au/wedding-photography-pricing/


  1. A2Z Weddings



Our world-class Cinematic recording and photography services will catch your special day at A2Z Weddings. Videography, film, and limousines can also be used to buy full sets.

From the moment you enter our awesome showroom, your eyes can see a series of timeless art made up of our gorgeous pairs!

Website: https://www.a2z.com.au/

Packages: https://www.a2z.com.au/wedding-video-packages/


  1. Divon Photography




Divon Photography, highly recommended by its customers on Simple Weddings, is considered one of the greatest videographers Sydney has to offer. The photography and videography studio of this wedding boutique defines their style as creative, organic, and intimate.

Website: https://divonphotography.com.au/

Contact: https://divonphotography.com.au/contact/


  1. Veri Photography





Veri Photography is a common option among couples in Sydney. This award-winning photography studio is well known for imaginatively documenting love stories. Whatever you expect for your videos of your wedding, Veri Photography will build it for you.

Website: http://www.veri.com.au/

Pricing: http://www.veri.com.au/melbourne-wedding-packages-pricing/


  1. McKay Wedding Photography



If you’re in Sydney looking for a respectable wedding photographer, McKay Wedding Photography is one that’s placed on your radar.

McKay is better known for its raw, calm, and blunt photography, with gentle posing here and there to make up a beautiful wedding album that you’re going to want to pull out to remember every year.

Website: https://www.mckayphotography.com.au/

Contact: https://www.mckayphotography.com.au/contact/


  1. NC Wedding Production


nc weddings

NC Wedding Productions may have been just what you were hoping for. This talented videographers team explains their style as beautiful, simple, and storytelling— their shots share your special tale of love so that you can look back on your day and cherish your wedding album for life.

Website: https://www.ncweddingsandevents.com.au/

Packages: ncweddingsandevents.com.au/wedding-planning-packages-sydney/


  1. Dan Luke Photography


dan luke


As a team, Dan Luke Photography holds the same excitement and our unique expertise in both shooting and editing photographs and videos, work together to represent diverse perspectives that truly tell your day’s story.

Website: https://danlukephotography.com.au/

Contact: https://danlukephotography.com.au/contact/


  1. TLstudio Wedding Photographic & Video


tl weddings

TLstudio Wedding Photography & Video is an established wedding business headquartered in Sydney that offers high-quality services to its customers on their big day. They are in Australia big liked with the high quality price and budget.

Website: https://www.tlwedding.com.au/

Pricing: https://www.tlwedding.com.au/price/


  1. The Lacy Day Studio


lacy day


More than the regular Bridal Photographer, the Lacy Day Studio is the best option to choose from. We agree that photography and videography for a Wedding are definitely one of the most critical aspects of a wedding.

The Lacy Day Wedding Studio sells wedding day services ranging from 5 hours to full-day coverage for photography and videography and film editing.

Website: https://www.thelacyday.com.au/

Contact: https://www.thelacyday.com.au/contact-us/


  1. Glenn Duffus Photography




Glenn Duffus Photography shows a wide array of photographs from classical portraiture, imaginative “wow” and real candids. With over 25 years of experience, we are there to help you prepare your wedding day, enjoy it and make beautiful memories.

Website: https://www.gdphoto.com.au/

Contact: https://www.gdphoto.com.au/contact


  1. Studio RL Photography


studio rl


Studio RL Photography really cares about your wedding day and we are just as excited about your big day as you are! Unlike some of the larger studios here that have 300-400 wedding customers a year, who bring cheap amateur videographers from Asia to film your wedding, and who barely speak a word of English, we really care.

Website: http://studiorl.com.au/

Contact: http://studiorl.com.au/contact-us-2/


  1. Paeonia Wedding Photography & Cinema

Paeonia is a Sydney based Award Winning Wedding Videographer. Paeonia Wedding Photography & Cinema has a real, video journalistic, eternal, and fine-art attitude to videography and includes wedding films of high quality and professional videography.


Website: https://paeonia.com.au/

Packages: https://paeonia.com.au/services/


  1. Two Peaches Photography


two peaches


Weddings are a remarkable moment in the lives of every couple, and a celebration of an enduring marriage between spouses. Two Peaches Photography appreciates the value of your wedding day here at Two Peaches Photography and shares a love for shooting your unique moments.

Website: https://www.twopeaches.com.au/

Packages: https://www.twopeaches.com.au/wedding-photographers-sydney-contact/


  1. Rose 2 Ring Studio


rose 2 ring

Rose 2 Ring Studio is a wedding videography firm located in Sydney, which specializes in the creation of stunning wedding videos with a documentary approach. Rose 2 Ring Studio is here to help you feel at home with Sydney’s finest wedding videography.

Website: https://www.rose2ring.com.au/

Price: https://www.rose2ring.com.au/price


  1. Joseph Jones Photography


joseph jones


Joseph Jones Photography is still making their consumers get the most out of what they pay for. That is why they still have a second shooter for the ceremonies for which we DON’T BILL and give even more FREEBIES at all.

Website: https://www.josephjonesphotography.com.au/

Packages: https://www.josephjonesphotography.com.au/wedding-packages


  1. Standing Free Photography


standing free


Standing Free Photography provides consummate experts and state-of-the-art equipment to catch the wedding images while priding themselves on their ability to produce quality goods at affordable prices.

And because Standing Free Photography also provides wedding footage, you don’t need to stress finding another provider to record your precious moments on videos!

Website: https://www.standingfreephotography.org/

Contact: https://www.standingfreephotography.org/weddings  


  1. Ollie Brunt Photography


The experts behind reputable studio Ollie Brunt Photography take the time to get to know their customers before the big day, maintaining a relaxed, pleasant, and fun environment in front of the camera when it counts.

Website: https://www.olliebrunt.com/

Packages: https://www.olliebrunt.com/wedding-packages


It’s an important choice to choose the best wedding videographer Sydney, and you don’t want to take a risk. Besides covering on enchanting videos, it’s incredibly important that you pick someone who makes you feel relaxed on your d-day. 


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