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      20 Showstopping Wedding Themes to Make Your Big Day Stand Out!

      Setting the tone for your D-day, a wedding theme can guide each aesthetic choice taken from that juncture forward. Owing to that, choosing a wedding theme can be an intimidating commitment to make.

      Do you want to go a modern and fresh route or keep things romantic? With a plethora of variations and wedding themes before you, the choice seems to be inundating.

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      Upon discovering the wedding theme of your dreams, you can officially go ahead with the rest of your wedding plans. But if you’re torn between the choices on which path you should take, then here’s a curated list of the best wedding themes ideal for any venue or style.

      Count on this guide to finally tick the boxes off your planning checklist. 

      Theme 1. Shimmer and Bling Theme

      If you’re always spellbound by sparkling and shimmery elements and if glitz is your thing, then a shimmer and bling theme can be your best bet. For the decor think of shimmery elements, sequin or glittery drapes, tablescapes, crystal strings, and fairylights.

      wedding themes

      Imagine walking down the aisle in a shimmery attire, with mirror and sequin work, and sending out stationery and wedding invitations with gold and silver calligraphy.

      Theme 2: Modern Theme 

      For this theme, envision a minimal design, clean lines, and geometric shapes. Since the theme knows fewer bounds, direct it however you see fit.

      wedding decoration

      One of the very best ways to channel this theme is through your event space decorations such as sleek seats, simple wedding attire, or by going for a bold colour scheme.

      Theme 3: Garden Theme

      Have in mind a more casual, yet intimate wedding? Then a garden theme can be your best bet. If you have a backyard ceremony in mind, then this laid-back style can be ideal for you. Consider tying the knot amidst a park, a botanical garden, a greenhouse, or a gazebo.

      garden theme wedding

      Greenery, flowers, and butterflies take center stage in a garden theme. Based on your wedding style, you can also incorporate Victorian or vintage elements as well.

      Theme 4: All Floral Theme 

      A theme highly preferred by couples is going heavy on flowers, and an all-floral theme can be nothing less than a visual treat to your eyes.

      wedding themes

      Your event space will look its best when you choose to have your stage, centrepieces, corners, invitations, wedding cake, and even your wedding attire decked up with flowers.

      Theme 5: Romantic Theme 

      A romantic-themed wedding typically features delicate lighting, soft shades, and flowers in abundance.

      Unique Wedding Venues in Australia

      For a romantic theme, think of hanging lights, such as chandeliers, and lanterns, and also stick to Pastel Decor, floral walls, and also some sort of calligraphy.

      Theme 6: Traditional/Formal Theme 

      Are you envisioning a black-tie wedding? If you intend you and your guests to dress to the nines, then the overall theme should align accordingly.

      Unique Wedding Venues in Australia

      For nuptials such opulent, you will want to spare no effort and include comprehensive tablescape settings, with a complete sit-down dinner, flamboyant floral arrangements, luxe seating, an elegant head table, and more.

      Theme 7: Tropical Fiesta Theme 

      Planning an outdoor ceremony? Then there is nothing more adorable than entwining tropical elements to your wedding.

      wedding themes

      Envision flamingo-themed elements, fresh blooms and fruits, floral invitations, flower-decked wedding cake, tropical prints everywhere, and also easy-breezy, colourful wedding attire.

      Theme 8: Travel Theme 

      Whether you’re a wanderlust duo or have friends or family members who will be arriving from near and far for your nuptials, then bring in an ingenious travel theme that they can’t help but just love.

      wedding theme

      Theme 9: Fairy Tale Theme 

      Every so often, this theme is called a Cinderella wedding. Think rhinestone-studded ball gowns, some horse-drawn carriages, satisfying orchestra music, and more. There is no better wedding theme that would make you and your better half feel like a prince and princess.

      wedding themes

      For this theme, occasionally pop culture comes into play via Disney wedding invitations and Disney songs.

      Theme 10: Beach Theme 

      A wedding incorporating a beach theme is dictated by the locale, which can be the beach of a river, lake, sea or even ocean. Seashells, sandcastles, and starfishes are front and centre with a beach theme. Exotic flowers, tropical centrepieces, and adornments with fine, lightweight tulle bring this theme to life in an indoor reception at your destination beach wedding.

      wedding themes

      Besides, you may also need laid-back decor, plants in abundance, such as neon florals and palm fronds, and signature beachy cocktails for guests.

      Theme 11: Preppy Theme 

      Three things better define a preppy wedding- versatile fabrics, flirty lines, and bright hues. To set off the brighter colours, a modern motif is typically used, and the mix of graphic details and bold palette takes the entire ambiance to a fun, flirty level up.

      wedding themes

      A preppy-themed wedding is incomplete with peony flowers, which can act as a perfect stem for centrepieces and accents. Sports wedding gown with layers of flowy tulle or with one or two bow details. Adding fancy touches is the key- with chandeliers or calligraphy and minimalist decor.

      Theme 12: Holiday Theme

      Holiday themes can be the best bet for those couples who plan their nuptials close to a major holiday.

      wedding themes

      Typically used holiday themes are Halloween-themed weddings, Christmas-themed weddings, and also valentine themed weddings.

      Theme 13: Eco-friendly/Natural Theme

      Just because you wish to be heedful of the environment at your nuptials, it doesn’t imply that you need to cut back on little things. For your grand exit on the aisle, prefer biodegradable confetti instead of rice, or when it comes to table decor, plants as an alternative to flowers, and wedding invites made out of recycled paper.

      wedding themes

      If the weather is favourable, then choose to have an outdoor venue instead to cut back on energy from all the lighting.

      Theme 14: Great Gatsby Theme 

      How about channeling the zapping twenties and Jay, Nick, Daisy, and the entire cast to your nuptials with a Great Gatsby theme? The key here is luxury, and let blues and gold be more prominent.

      Great Gatsby Theme 

      Think feather accents for your decor, and cocktails, and play some jazz music to imbibe the theme. The bridal party will look their best in flapper attire. Make a show-stopping grand entry and exit in a vintage car.

      Theme 15: Romantic Pink Theme 

      Make the most of a colour scheme to set the scene, and in turn, be your wedding theme. Even though red is often regarded as the universal colour of love, a romantic alternative to that bold colour is pink, which imparts a sweet touch to your wedding.

      Romantic Pink Theme 

      Team up grey with pink, in lieu of black, to keep the whole look soft. Other colours that won’t overpower the romantic pink theme are baby blue, teal, sage, and turquoise. To lend an ethereal effect, bring in fresh blooms and fine tulle. To complete the look, add pink spotlights and candles.

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      Theme 16: Traditional/Classic Theme 

      Nothing can ever be compared to a traditional/classic-themed wedding with a white colour scheme. A classic-themed wedding is heavily set in tradition, actualizing at a dedicated reception centre. Think white decor, from the floral arrangements to the linens.

      wedding themes

      Pastel or metallic accents can also be incorporated, but on the whole, the palette is airy and light with various textures thrown in to mix things up. And you may picture a chapel or a church to bring to life this theme, outdoor weddings with a classic theme are also popular among couples.

      Theme 17: Contemporary and Glamorous Theme 

      For weddings on the glam side, you will want to pull out all the stops and nail your look with jaw-dropping attire, a sweeping hairdo besides fancy decor for an indelible celebration. Also incorporate elegantly draped fabric linens, floral walls, metallic elements, and also palatable food.

      wedding themes

      The decor can vary from opulent and over-the-top to minimalistic. Also, wow the guests with something out-of-the-blue, such as a live performance.

      Theme 18: Pastel Theme 

      A decor that boasts of pastel shades in abundance creates a look, which is unparalleled. Pastel theme is one of the most favoured wedding themes offering a backdrop which can accentuate all your wedding photos.

      Four Seasons Hotel

      Starting from the wedding attire to the decor, to all elements of your wedding, it’s an all-time theme and has its own peculiar charm.

      Theme 19: Festival Wedding Theme 

      Festival-themed wedding brim with fun details and colourful, bright, laidback, and outdoor! Hosting your wedding with a festival theme is the best excuse to extend your revelry over an entire weekend, whereby you can have much fun with some outdoor games, live music, and more.

      Festival Wedding Theme

      Make sure that you book a venue with plenty of outdoor space, to bring the festival theme to life! Marquees also work well too!

      Theme 20: Cherry Blossom Theme 

      A cherry blossom theme is a highly adored theme, which gained traction of late. Think pretty sorbet hues, blingy elements, and decor with cherry blossom trees, and even a cherry blossom cake!

      cherry theme

      Now that you know some of the trending and latest wedding themes, it’s time to pull off the most popular one!

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