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      35 Creative Wedding Table Number Ideas from Symphony Events

      Wedding Table number is unquestionably one of the most practical additions to your reception, but that doesn’t mean they have to be dull. Table numbers may add style to your wedding reception while also assisting guests in finding their allotted places.

      Table of Contents

      Directing guests to their reception tables may be as simple as 1-2-3 with the correct tools. Escort cards, place cards, and table numbers are common examples. Symphony Events has provided lots of ideas for the first two categories, but what about the third? This is when the gallery of table numbers comes into play. Take a look at some of our favourite table number ideas for your wedding.

      Start your hunt for table number inspiration here, no matter what you end up choosing. Why? Because these examples are all magnificent and inventive, ranging from totally exquisite to whimsical and eccentric. Whether you’re unsure of what to use or how to display yours, the ideas below will assist you in making your decision.

      Symphony Events has plenty of ideas to inspire you, whether you want to personalise your wedding with amusing table names, make a dramatic statement with a large centrepiece, or DIY your wedding favours.

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      Wedding Table Numbers Ideas

      You’ll want to make sure your table numbers are readable and simple to see—they should be large enough to attract your guests’ attention. While table numbers may make a statement on their own, it’s also crucial to think about how they’ll appear if you include centrepieces in your design.

      1. With acrylic table numbers, go for simplicity

      wedding table numbers

      With acrylic, you may get a clean, minimalist aesthetic. These little acrylic signs serve as the appropriate table numbers, taking focus away from the beautiful flower centrepieces without obscuring them.

      2. Table numbers painted on logs. Keep it rustic

      wedding table numbers

      This is another lovely rustic choice, although this one is a little more daring. This wooden table number is perfect for an autumn wedding with bright colours. To get this look, choose rustic, stained wood and huge painted numerals.

      3. Make a statement with marble table numbers

      wedding table numbers

      Use marble to create a trendy aesthetic. This is a lovely winter wedding theme, but it can be used with any colour scheme. Look for marble chunks in a form you like, with numerals printed on top. If you want to go the DIY route, you could even use a white paint pen.

      4. Play around with colours

      wedding table numbers

      Watercolor details have a delicate and beautiful quality to them. Symphony Events are all on board with them. A hand-painted motif can be combined with lovely, vibrant blossoms in this style, which is ideal for a summer wedding.

      5. Monograms are a lot of fun

      wedding table numbers

      Make your table numbers wacky with a personalised monogram for a little more fun. The couple’s initials were combined with a pig to create a distinctive design.

      6. Geodes are a great way to give a room a modern feel

      wedding table numbers

      Geodes have a contemporary style that will go well with any colour scheme. Using geodes sliced open in the middle and a paint pen for calligraphy, this is such a fantastic presentation for a romantic, outdoor wedding.

      7. Florals and gold are good choices

      wedding table numbers

      Is there anything more luxurious than a dash of gold? This magnificent gold foil pattern looks amazing with a beautiful flower centrepiece. This style would be perfect for a late-summer wedding, celebrating the bounty of the harvest, or for a fall wedding with a different colour palette.

      8. Framed number prints to keep it simple

      wedding table numberswedding table numbers

      You may go with paper table numbers if you want to keep things simple, but consider framing them in little frames. This design has a neutral colour scheme with gold embellishments and a touch of light blue for a pop of colour. Symphony Events adores how this design harmonises with the rest of the tablescape’s elements.

      9. Consider coordinating florals

      wedding table numbers

      While flowers and table numbers must have a coordinated design, you may also go all-out with a matching aesthetic. Consider combining hand-painted reproductions of your flower centrepieces into miniature, framed table numbers. This is a fantastic idea for a garden-themed summer wedding.

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      10. Instead of using table numbers, use table themes

      dunbar house

      What if you didn’t use table numbers at all? This option, however, continues to play a role in assisting guests in finding their seats. For a unique concept, choose significant symbols such as cute animal drawings.

      11. Painted rocks for a rustic look

      This one-of-a-kind concept, which was inspired by nature, has captivated many couples. Bring the outdoors in with hand-painted table numbers on a variety of rocks to make it all look amazing and exceptional. 

      12. Wooden table numbers are a great way to go for a more natural look

      wedding table numbers

      Are you putting together a rustic fall wedding or a summer tablescape? Simple wooden square table numbers with white text are a good choice. This is a simple DIY project that can be completed using square wood blocks and a white paint pen.

      13. With painted bottles, keep things simple

      wedding table numbers

      Even the most basic table number designs don’t have to be dull. The simplistic appearance of clear glass bottles and white calligraphy for table numbers is one of our favourites. Additionally, this may be used as a water pitcher for the table.

      14. Make a vase out of table numbers

      wedding table numbers

      You may pair your table numbers with your centrepieces to make sure they don’t conflict. Simple blossom vases with rustic table numbers jump out in this spring wedding theme, which is the best one.

      15. Hand-painted detailing is a good option

      wedding table numbers

      The lovely aesthetic of a hand-painted card is one of our favourites, and this table number concept nails it well. This style is perfect for an outdoor spring wedding, but it may also be used in other seasons. If you’re looking for an outdoor wedding, this would be a perfect fit for it. Choose your table number and make it look beautiful and dreamy. 

      16. Make a statement with roman numerals

      wedding table numbers

      Play with numbers and use Roman numerals for an old-school aesthetic. These little cardboard numerals make a big impact while still fitting in with a gorgeous September colour scheme.

      17. Using hanging stands, you can keep things visible

      wedding table numbers

      Make sure your table numbers aren’t lost in the commotion of your tablescape. Hanging jugs are a great way to keep your signs safe while your visitors locate their seats.

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      18. Pay tribute to your home country

      wedding table numbers

      If you don’t want to use basic numbers, another option is to integrate states. Symphony Events adores how couples honour their commitment to marriage by including all of their guests’ home states.

      19. Hand-painted designs with numbers

      wedding table numbers

      To complete the aesthetic of your tablescape, combine colourful paper, hand-painted numerals, and a lovely pattern. This colour scheme is perfect for an autumn wedding, but by changing the paper colour and symbol, it may be used for any season.

      20. Everyday items can be transformed

      wedding table numbers

      This style is incredibly easy to reproduce, and the rustic simplicity of it is amazing. This design, which is perfect for a farm-inspired wedding, calls for pitchers and a little paint to create a table number that also serves as a centrepiece. Wedding tables can be made unique with this table number idea and catch the attention of your visitors. 

      21. Decorate your floral centrepieces with signage


      If you want to ensure that your flower centrepieces and signs are in sync, place your signage next to them. Work with your florist on colours and textures to create a table number design that complements your blossoms while also attracting your guests’ attention.

      22. Hand-painted frames are a good choice

      Why not hand-paint picture frames for a romantic, rustic look? You’ll simply need empty frames and a gold paint pen to pull off this great idea for a perfect twilight wedding.

      Hand-painted frames

      23. For a farm-inspired look, affix numbers to a sign

      wedding table numbers

      A wooden block is used in this design, and paper table numbers are attached using thumbtacks. For an outdoor wedding, couples adore this farm-inspired aesthetic.

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      24. Agate slices with table numbers painted on them

      wedding table numbers

      Agate slices may be used to create a distinctive, contemporary aesthetic. Symphony Events adores how these vibrant pink slices were painted with gold numerals to completely match the rest of the table setting. This is such a wonderful idea for a dessert or summer wedding, with a dash of colour thrown in for good measure.

      25. Experiment with elegant fonts

      wedding table numbers

      Play around with exquisite fonts to come up with the right design. This table number choice used a variety of typefaces to create a design that complimented the table’s beautiful flower centrepieces.

      26. Handmade table numbers are a great way to add a touch of modernity to your table.

      With string-and-nail table numbers, you can get a contemporary, one-of-a-kind style. This design may be used in any wedding, and the colour palette can be changed according to the season. You’ll need squares of wood, nails, and thread in the colour of your choice to complete this idea.

      27. Add gold-detailed salt blocks to the mix

      wedding table numbers

      This is a stunning design for a wedding in the late summer or fall. These pink Himalayan salt block table numbers are bold and stunning, and they go great with a romantic floral centrepiece. These are the best table numbers for autumn weddings as they can bring in the rustic ambiance and make it exceptional. 

      28. Cacti can help you tie your theme together

      Warm, desert-inspired accents are ideal for a summer wedding. And this design, which features a piece of cactus with hand-painted numbers, nails it.

      29. Celebrating your travel passion

      wedding table numberstable numbers

      Symbols, rather than numbers, are a great way to express your passion for travel. Symphony Events loved how one couple opted to use names and symbols to reflect the locations they’d visited together to make their table numbers more meaningful.

      30. For a backyard feel, use a variety of vessels

      Symphony Events loves how a couple used a variety of dishes to create a rustic, outdoor vibe. Various types of vases, along with plants, served as the ideal vessel for writing table numbers and guests’ names on the front of the table.

      31. Create a terrarium using lettering

      wedding table numbers

      Who says table numbers have to be self-contained? Consider placing your table numbers in a terrarium as a unique idea for an ocean-themed wedding or summer event.

      32. With wood tree slices, you may create an earthy atmosphere

      wedding table numbers

      With this design, you may go rustic and show off your passion for the outdoors. For a charming spring wedding, combine tree slices of various sizes with floral vases and paper printed table numbers.

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      33. With standing table numbers, you can create a 3D effect

      Going 3D is an easy technique to ensure that your table numbers are noticed. For a summer wedding, this alternative, which uses standing gold numerals, goes nicely with romantic pinks and whites.

      If you can’t locate standing numerals in the colour you choose, spray paint them yourself for a fun DIY project.

      wedding table numbers

      34. Play around with neutrals

      Consider a table number that is a little more neutral if you want your flower centrepieces to stand out.

      The perfect compliment to a magnificent floral composition is kraft paper with letters and wonderful motifs, providing a lovely romantic appeal.


      35. Table numbers with a vintage twist

      Paper table numbers don’t have to be plain and uninteresting. Choose cross-stitched numerals and charred, frayed edges for an antique effect.


      Thus, these are the 35 table number ideas that can change the outlook of your tables and make your event look exceptional. Symphony Events always strives to create the perfect wedding decor. You just need to plan with Symphony Events and the rest is assured in their hands.