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      44 Wedding Table Decoration Ideas to Level Up Your Tablescape

      One of the truly fun parts of your wedding planning prep is deciding your wedding decor. The kind of wedding table decorations you opt for also matters- from wedding centrepieces to table runners and everything in between, as it lets you showcase your wedding theme, colour palette, and also creativity.

      If you are on a tight budget, then inexpensive wedding table decorations are what you need, to bring your event space to life, whereas if you can splurge, then decor like flowers, and candles can add that perfect finishing touches to your tablescape. 

      Since all your guests spend a significant portion of your wedding seated at their table, you need to put in as much effort as you need for the rest of your decor, to deck up your tables.

      Consider introducing accent and complementary shades to your palette, and also adding interest, height, light, and scent to your tablescape.

      Besides that, here are some wedding table decoration ideas to spruce up your wedding tablescapes:

      Wedding Centrepieces

      Placing centrepieces is one of the easiest ways to instantly add interest and vibrancy to your wedding tables. Try alternating centrepieces of different heights to provide a visual appeal, such as tall and short centrepieces.

      Here are a few wedding centrepiece ideas that you will love!

      1. Candle Centrepieces

      Create various levels of candles in jars or lanterns for a modern, warm look, that will be absolutely great with an abundance of green foliage and metallics.

      You need to find out whether candles are allowed at your venue or not, otherwise, opt for LED candles. But candle centrepieces make for a glamorous yet contemporary display.

      2. Rustic Wedding Centrepieces

      The wooden log doubles as a decorative element and a base for flowers & foliage, which will look exquisite on a tablescape. This low-key staple imparts a laid-back feel to your tables and brings a rustic motif to an elegant venue.

      In fact, they are a significant element of wedding decor versatility. If you fancy tying the knot in a rustic setting but prefer a formal celebration, then rustic wedding centrepieces can be your best bet.

      Rustic Wedding Centrepieces

      3. Birdcage Wedding Centrepieces

      Yet another attention-grabbing wedding table decoration idea is a birdcage filled with flowers, foliage, and candles, set atop your tablescapes.

      In fact, making the most of birdcages has recently turned out to be a major decor trend. White birdcages best suit a bunch of flowers such as gypsophila around the base, whereas metallic cages work well with some peculiar touches.

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      Birdcage Wedding Centrepieces

      4. Bottle Centrepieces

      Bottles, or better- mason jars or vases filled with exotic flowers are exquisite as wedding table centrepieces.

      To turn those attention-grabbing centrepieces into a much more dramatic centrepiece, stack some books and then let the bottle centrepiece grab all the attention or a wooden box, work equally as well, all on their own. Finish the look by placing one or two blooms in each bottle.

      Bottle Centrepieces

      5. Crystal Wedding Centrepieces

      Ideal to steal the show as standalone pieces, crystal wedding centrepieces will take the grandeur of your venue to the next level.

      They’re the primary staple, not just for weddings, but for other occasions as well. When paired with fancy lights, they are a sight to behold. When placed atop your tablescape, they instantly add a fanciful flair to any tablescape.

      A crystal stand adorned with pearls and blooms adds a regal, elegant touch to your tables. Deck it up with garlands, white roses, and foliage underneath and they’ll enhance the sparkling effect of the chandeliers above.

      Crystal Wedding Centrepieces

      6. Lanterns

      From wooden and up-cycled ones to vintage or intricate ones, lanterns turned out to be a popular choice for weddings. You can choose to deck them up with flowers that spill onto the table or flickering candles inside, either alone or in a group.

      Using them is also a moderately priced way to create a style statement over the tables. They add a vintage touch and make a very prominent statement in a room.

      Build them in varying heights to enhance your table’s aesthetic appeal.


      7. Glass Votives

      Glass votives with flickering candles(either single or in a group) are a staple wedding table decoration. But there are innumerable ways to breathe life into this design.

      You can either add a floating candle at the top, which imitates the opening’s width, or just fill the votive with water. Or you can fill them with sand and top with foliage.

      Indeed, adorning your tables with glass votives is a great way to make a statement without spending a fortune.

      Glass Votives

      8. Flowering Branches

      If you just love the look of tall wedding table decorations, then artfully placed beautiful branches won’t cost a fortune, yet still be very cost-effective. Flowering branches, such as apple or cherry blossoms can be ideal.

      You can also be more creative with them, by hanging candle holders from the ends of the branches or accenting the vases with fresh blooms. Or you can arrange candles just aside from the branch to complete the look.

      But make sure that the vases are tall and sturdy to support the weight of the flowering branches.

      Flowering Branches

      2. Floral Table Decorations 

      Floral table decorations instantly add elegance and grandeur to your wedding tables, but you don’t necessarily need one big display. You can transform the tables, merely with subtle flower and foliage additions. Floral table arrangements are one of the most traditional centrepieces.

      No matter if the floral table decorations are narrow, wide, short, or tall, flowers in the midst of a tablescape merely say “wedding.”

      9. Tall Floral Centrepieces

      Since it’s adaptable to every season, tall floral centrepieces work extremely well year around. You can save money and at the same time, if there is sufficient time to move them over, simply re-use them for your reception too!

      If you’re all set to host a luxe affair, then certainly tall floral centrepieces can be your best bet, they will truly set the vibe for your big day and add a fabulous dimension to your decor. Tall floral centrepieces work well in venues with high ceilings.

      They are unobtrusive, which keeps the conversation going.

      Tall Floral Centrepieces

      10. Hanging Flower Installation

      For something truly unique, a floral installation above the tables creates interest, scent, and texture. Think orchids, if you have the budget, or just stick to faux flowers, as a better alternative and also they can easily be hired. They can be outfitted with vivid blooms and lush greenery.

      Basically, a hanging flower installation is a mini version of a ceremonial arch in terms of its looks. Imagine how your guests feel, when they look up, whereby they will see cascading roses, jasmine, or other blooms.

      This wedding table decoration idea works equally well in marquees as well, especially when couples want to conceal the ceiling and rafters.

      Hanging Flower Installation

      11. Go Minimal

      Rather than some larger flower arrangements, give your tables a simple and sleek look with a small floral arrangement and add votive candles. If your personal style is minimalist and elegant, then the minimal wedding table decoration can be your best bet.

      Simple, yet charming, simple wedding table decorations mean minimal usage of blooms, foliage, candles, and rest decor elements, which makes them look much more graceful. Minimal wedding table decorations don’t block guests from talking to each other from both sides of the table.

      But make sure that you choose blooms wisely since they need to stand out, given they are limited in number.


      12. Garlands with Blooms

      Have long tables? Then make it seem as though the blooms are growing from the tables themselves, just by simply stacking a winding string of blooms and foliage that runs down the entire length of your table.

      Whereas if you have a round seating arrangement, then simply hire a cluster of your favourite flowers and then stack them in a mound in order to form a median focus on each table.

      Adding garlands also imparts a lush look to your tables, without costing as much as a cluster of flowers. And if you’re someone who loves to introduce blooms to your table decor, then go ahead and hire some!

      Garlands with Blooms

      13. Floral Extravaganza

      Have a penchant for blooms and flower decor? Then an extravagant floral arrangement is what you need to impart your venue a magnificent look. For a sophisticated look, choose to have just one colour, and type of flower across the decor.

      Enhance the charm of an already exquisite wedding venue, with floral extravaganza. They do not just guarantee luxury, but the benefit with them is that you can also use them for your wedding reception as well.

      Wedding Decoration Ideas

      14. Ceiling Suspended Table Centrepieces

      If you don’t wish to clutter the tablescape, then go the other way around, and choose ceiling danglers.

      Making a canopy of blooms (or lights) and hanging them down from the ceiling above the wedding table is a great wedding table decoration idea!

      Ceiling Suspended Table Centrepieces

      3. Table Runners 

      Table runners are one of the great ways to add another textural element to your plain tables and jazz up a pristine white tablecloth. Runners also act as the perfect backdrop for your wedding centrepieces.

      15. Lace and Crochet Table Runners

      If you’re after rustic table runners, then crochet, lace, or even jute can be your best bet. For a boho touch, top them off with jars holding flowers. Lace ones can easily be paired with the rest of almost all decor.

      They are a versatile choice for your nuptials and accommodate the feel of your wedding without being overwhelming.

      Lace and Crochet Table Runners

      16. Silk and Linen Table Runners

      Some fabrics can seamlessly add interest to a table, such as linen, silk, and chiffon. You can either let them run off even at the end of a table or lay them out in the exact length you need.

      Silk and Linen Table Runners

      17. Fresh Flower Table Runners

      Even though silk, linen, crochet, and lace are strong entrants for table runners, why not take up the trend of the previous year- fresh flower table runners?

      When you consider table runners, it doesn’t necessarily have to be made of fabric. Imagine how stunning your tables look when decked up with floral table runners with a wooden table underneath.

      The runner, composed of bold rose and foliage, can be accentuated with candles or tea lights held in transparent jars or metallic holders.

      Choose the best one to match both the theme and style of your wedding and deftly swathe them over your tablescape for a professional display.

      Fresh Flower Table Runners

      4. Table Cloths 

      Either your venue or caterers offer you wedding tablecloths that can act as a blank canvas to adorn. Tablecloths have a significant role to play in the overall design of your wedding. They set the tone of a table, and also make an event space conform to the vision of your wedding.

      The right tablecloth contributes well to your wedding theme, acts as the perfect backdrop for centrepieces, and the rest of the table decor, and also helps create a cohesive look. Elements like candles and tablecloths can be used to make your wedding flowers stand out individually and they seamlessly complement the blooms.

      18. White Tablecloths

      They’re something that adds flair and distinction to your tablescapes. They also give a more casual feel to your event space. The white tablecloths are one of the most sought-after choices for weddings.

      When using tablecloths, complete the look with ribbons, layered cloth napkins, or streamers to add colour to it, or to create a central runner.

      To create a much greater visual impact, you can swathe the cloth over the edges of your tables. To add textural elements to your tablescape, prefer lace or patterned tablecloths.

      White Tablecloths

      19. Black Tablecloths

      Black tablecloths add a little drama to your decor. There’s something atypical about this colour, and black tablecloths that make them unique.

      They also enhance the style quotient of your event space. Swathing black tablecloths also nicely set off the colour scheme and at the same time, you can decide on the rest of the wedding decor based on black.

      Also, the colour black is a very dramatic colour that breaks away from the conventional colours such as white, cream, and other bold colours. If you are after something regal, dramatic and unconventional, then black tablecloths can be your best bet.

      Black Tablecloths

      5. Glassware 

      20. Colourful Glassware

      Don’t stop with centrepieces or table runners. Lying out some colourful glassware to your tables, such as ones in green or blue, carry out the colour scheme over the space. They will simply make your tablescape pop in an instant with colour!

      You can either pick a single shade for a uniform verve of colour all over your tablescape or stick to various tones for an eclectic vibe.

      The mix and match of glassware can also make each setting extra special.

      Colourful Glassware

      21. Gold Colour Schemes

      Each element of your tablescape can be spruced up, such as the plates and glasses. For that what you need is some gold-rimmed glassware and decorative chargers that can hold your plates.

      The whole effect of all these small details, adds up to the ultra-luxe aesthetic, especially if you’re getting hitched in a magnificent venue.

      Gold Colour Schemes

      22. Glass Placeholder Vases

      This minimal, exquisite wedding table decoration is the perfect two-in-one. They offer a personal floral arrangement of a single flower at each setting but also point to the seating assignment for each guest. Imagine the tables sprouting with the blooms.

      Glass placeholder vases, filled with flowers, make for a laid-back centrepiece for an intimate wedding. Also, add some tea lights to complete the look.

      Glass Placeholder Vases

      23. Dappled Sky Vase

      They are the way-to-go, to make sure that your guests can see and communicate with each other, from both sides of the table.

      They can not just showcase your blooms, but also add some pizzazz to your decor. You can make them two-in-one decor, by converting them into table markers.

      Dappled Sky Vase

      6. Decorative Lighting 

      24. Twinkle and Rope Lights

      How your venue is illuminated, can significantly enhance the atmosphere, and a lot of wedding table decoration ideas incorporate various light sources as part of the decor.

      Besides candle centrepieces and lanterns, another lighting commonly used to lit venues are rope and twinkle lights. They are dreamy, no matter where they’re strung on.

      They will always be decor worth adding. Rope lights can be strung over the edges of a table, whereas twinkle lights can be set on the sides of the tables and can also be enveloped in lace or tulle.

      Twinkle and Rope Lights

      25. Mason Jar Set

      Are you someone who loves small mason jars? Then why not incorporate them into your wedding tables, filled with blooms?

      They double as a centrepiece, and a cheap centrepiece perfect for any style of wedding. Complete the look with complementing fresh blooms and a bow made of jute.

      Mason Jar Set

      26. Seating Chart Table Numbers

      It goes without saying that you will need some way to indicate each of your tastefully decked-up tables. That’s exactly where seating chart table numbers come to the fore.

      Equally suave and austere, each table number card makes certain that your guests will have no worries locating their seating assignment.

      Showcase them on unique vessels such as lanterns, bottles, festive pennant flags, or moss topiaries.

      Seating Chart Table Numbers

      27. Marble Lazy Suzan

      Standard serving trays- say Marble lazy Suzan or normal cake stands goes a long way in accentuating your wedding table decorations, such as centrepieces, and unifying them over your tablescape.

      Amass candles, blooms, and foliage atop the basic circular marble design to actualize a look that is chic and exquisite.

      Marble Lazy Suzan

      28. Cake Stand 

      The varied assortment of luscious desserts and your wedding cake deserved to be trotted out at it’s best, and what’s a better way to set them atop a cake stand?

      Wedding Table Decoration Ideas

      29. Fruit Bowl 

      Why not showcase your centrepieces displays over a pedestal? Deck out a footed fruit bowl into an ocular masterpiece by tastefully stacking an assortment of fruits, blooms, and decorative items.

      A sleek fruit bowl is a statement piece on its own, and by artfully assembling a few ruby red pomegranates, and oranges it adds the perfect finishing touch to any wedding table.

      Or to bring in the essence of nature, top with stems of foliage or line with moss.

      Fruit Bowl 

      30. Bud Vase

      Yet another wedding table decoration idea to spruce up your tablescape is a chinoiserie bud vase. They impart a creative spin on a solitary centrepiece.

      The design is perfect for adding an eclectic blend of texture, colour, depth, and dimension.

      Even though there are a plethora of ways to go about assembling a table centrepiece bundle, picking vases as wedding table decorations means an absolutely exquisite approach.

      Bud Vase

      31. Table Lamps 

      Perhaps one of the best ways to create an illusion of more height on your tablescape is by simply using table lamps.

      If you want, you can skip fresh blooms downright. But girdling the lamp with blooms or foliage is the easiest way to conceal cords.

      Table Lamps 

      32. Terrariums 

      Not a flower person at all?

      Then go the other way round and invest in an assortment of wedding table decorations- a lovey-dovey terrarium, a few votive candles, some flowers, a patch of succulents and you have the perfect wedding table decorations.


      33. Few Blooms More Greenery 

      If you rather wish to cut corners on your flower budget, then let your florist know that you’re all right with a lot of greenery.

      What you absolutely need is some vivid blooms to add a spark of colour, plus more seeded eucalyptus, lemon leaf, eucalyptus, ferns, and dusty miller.

      Few Blooms More Greenery 

      34. Umbrella Themed Wedding

      Making the most of vivid umbrellas as wedding table decorations is the best ever idea! The gamut of patterns and colours which you can discover in umbrellas is just about boundless.

      Favor umbrellas that best complement the rest of the colours of your decor and swathe them with some blooms, crystal danglers, and drapes.

      Umbrella Themed Wedding

      35. Lighting Themed Wedding Table Decorations 

      Add whimsy to your tablescape with lights- wedding table decorations that make the most of fairy lights, strands of bulbs, and all sorts of mood lighting make for a perfect ambiance for your D-day!

      Twinkle and Rope Lights

      36. Chandelier Table Decorations 

      Ornate chandeliers are a great way to take the look of your wedding tablescape notches higher.

      Even though you may already have a fancy centrepiece in place, dangling a chandelier over the table decor adds a chic yet aglow vibe.

      Chandelier Table Decorations 

      37. Driftwood Decor 

      Natural wood has an appeal in itself and is quite impressive on its own.

      Driftwood wall decor, driftwood hanging branches, and driftwood centrepieces can look smashing with a smear of polish.

      Driftwood Decor 

      38. Vintage

      There exist countless ways to incorporate vintage-inspired centrepieces and simply vintage centrepieces into your wedding tablescape.

      One trend that brides and grooms favour right now is making the most of vintage glasses. Besides, flower vases, the vintage canned items are much captivating.


      39. Rainbow Candle

      A chic colour scheme that holds the potential to make frugal or economical decor feel absolutely put together.

      All you need to do is to line up your tablescape with rainbow-shaded candles which run the entire length of your tables.

      Rainbow Candle

      40. Charcuterie Table Decorations

      Instead of splurging a fortune for blooms, think Charcuterie wedding table decorations.

      This is something that doubles as a live snack feast, replete with fruits, desserts, snacks, and more for your near and dear ones.

      Charcuterie Table Decorations

      41. Green and White Table Decor 

      Minimalism is currently on-trend. Couples are after minimal decor to make anything and everything look inimitable.

      This wedding table decoration idea is for those who are after nothing but more minimalistic decor ideas. It goes without saying that incorporating both white and green elements to your tablescape, it’s guaranteed to look exquisite.

      Although this unique blend is something which isn’t far out, but certainly timeless and won’t be outdated anytime soon.

      The idea is to use white table runners with green planters or the other way around- use white floral centrepieces and green runners.

      Green and White Table Decor 

      42. Metallic Detailing 

      Metallic decor is never out of trend and never gets outdated anytime soon. Metallic elements have a charm of their own, and mesmerizing.

      Try incorporating metallic table decor into your venue and see how your guests will be enthralled by your decor. But if you favour minimalism, then simply metallic centrepieces over your tablescape will do.

      On the contrary, if you wish to add more metallic, then pick metallic crockery and cutlery for that add-on element to your nuptials.

      Metallic Detailing 

      43. Transparent Accents 

      Transparent elements can elevate a modern tablescape. Incorporate pellucid boxes featuring the initials of couples and also the menu for the day, for each place setting.

      Sheer and transparent glass plates, as well as white accents around, can top off the airy look and feel.

      Transparent Accents 

      44. Red Table Runner 

      Add instant charm to your tablescape with a fiery red table runner. Incorporate lanky glass vases replete with foliage, and lone blooms for a dainty touch.

      Or to complement your table decor, you can customise one as well.

      Red Table Runner 

      Wedding table decorations are one of the most significant decor elements. To have a cohesive and complete look, the wedding table decorations, such as the centrepieces, table runners, tablecloths, floral table decoration, etc. must go well with the rest decor pieces such as the wedding chair decorations, wedding table numbers, and more. So you have to plan these details, to ensure that they look exquisite yet stunning when they are put together.

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      All these details have to complement and go well with each other, so in order to make your nuptials more unique and exquisite, ensure that all these details go well with each other.