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      22 Wedding Suit Ideas and Guidelines by Jack 

      Every bride and groom wants to look their best on their wedding day. Most people give a lot of importance to the bride’s gown, thinking there is not much innovation in the groom’s tuxedo and suits. That’s not the case in this era. There is a wide variety of suit designs available, and the groom can select them according to his wish or by the theme and location of the wedding. Here are some suitable ideas for all the handsome grooms around the world.

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      1. All-white wedding suits

      The bride would most probably be wearing a white gown for the wedding. The groom can colour coordinate with the bride by wearing an all-white suit.

      If your wedding is a destination wedding, like on a cliff or a beach, the white suit would be perfect for the occasion and the location.

      2. Blue wedding suits

      wedding suit ideas

      A blue-colored wedding suit is not always preferred by any grooms as the colour blue gives a work vibe to the people.

      You can pull off the blue suit look by choosing the right shade of blue and the right type of cloth for the suit. Lighter shades of blue can give more of a breezy and fun look to the suit. Hence, try choosing lighter shades for your wedding.

      3. Checked wedding suits

      Grooms wearing skinny-fit checked wedding suits always steal more stares at the wedding than usual.

      Choosing checked suits in dark shades gives the groom an elegant and simultaneously captivating look. Checked wedding suits in shades of brown, grey, and cream are perfect for every kind of wedding.

      4. Pale grey wedding suits

      Grooms in grey wedding suits are pretty commonly seen. To add some innovation to the same idea, try choosing a lighter shade of grey. Grooms in pale grey wedding suits are not that common; hence you could stand out by wearing them.

      You can have the suit custom-made if the shade of grey you have in your vision doesn’t match the one in the store.

      5. Cream or off-white velvet wedding suits

      wedding suit ideas

      Why don’t you have a destination velvet wedding? It would be creative and fresh. Fill the wedding chapel or room with white and cream flowers.

      Suggest everyone wear white or cream velvet dresses. You, the groom, could also wear a cream velvet suit, which would be highly innovative.

      6. Woollen wedding suits

      Woolen wedding suits are perfect for a winter wedding. You can plan your wedding while it’s snowing, as it is a very enticing sight for all.

      Woolen wedding suits are also a mark of fashion. 

      7. Light colour wedding jackets

      wedding suit ideas

      Rather than getting a whole suit set, try matching the shirt, trousers, and shoes along with a light-coloured suit jacket to stand out.

      For example, you could wear a light pink or rose-shaded jacket with a combination of a white shirt, trousers, and shoes. This look would be very aesthetically pleasing.

      8. Patterned wedding suits

      Wedding suits are available in different patterns and designs. Patterned suits are ideal for a spring wedding, an evening wedding, or a summer wedding.

      9. No jacket wedding suits

      We could bring new innovations to wedding suits, such as eliminating the jacket and just wearing the vest. This style of wedding suit is perfect for a summer wedding.

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      10. Contemporary wedding suit

      With contemporary wedding suits, you could ditch the whole idea of a suit set and pick individual pieces. You could also add a pop of colour to your wedding suit when you choose to pick each piece of your choice.

      11. Pastel wedding suits

      Wedding suits in pastel colours are not that common, so you could stand out with this variety of suits. You could pair this suit with a white shirt.

      You could also just pick a pastel colour jacket and pair it with a white dress shirt and white pants to look your best.

      12. All-black wedding suits

      wedding suit ideas

      Black is the favourite colour of most people.

      So don’t refrain from getting an all-black wedding suit. A skinny-fit, all-black wedding suit can give you a royal and elegant look on your wedding day.

      13. Striped wedding suits

      Grey and black striped suits are always in demand. It would be a unique touch to wear the striped suit to your wedding. These could be custom-made or store-bought. Make sure that it fits you well. 

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      14. Contrast wedding suits

      wedding suit ideas

      Choosing and wearing suits that are contrasted in colour or design could be a real state-of-the-art moment. You could wear a shirt that contrasts with the jacket or waistcoat. For example, you could wear a black shirt along with a maroon suit, or a pink jacket with a white shirt.

      15. Black tie suits

      wedding suit ideas

      Black tie suit, a design which is also popularly known as James Bond’s suit, often includes a black bow or tie around the neck, a black tuxedo jacket with a white dress shirt, cufflinks, and black formal trousers. You can also wear black leather shoes. The waistcoat and cummerbund are optional.

      16. White tie suits

      White tie-cut suits are not often preferred by grooms for their wedding day as this type of suit has an over-the-top look. A white tie suit includes a white bow or tie around the neck, a white low-cut waistcoat, a tailcoat, cufflinks, and so on, with black leather shoes.

      17. Lounge suits

      wedding suit ideas

      The lounge suit design is the most preferred and more in-demand suit design as it has a simple look and is perfect for modern-day grooms. This type of suit design is usually a two-buttoned suit with a skinny or a standard model tie, along with a notch model lapel and black leather formal shoes.

      18. Morning suits

      A morning suit design is also one of the popular designs among the new modern-day grooms, which includes a double-breasted waistcoat and dress trousers along with black leather shoes.

      Morning suits

      19. Two-piece wedding suits

      wedding suit ideas

      A two-piece wedding suit includes a single-breasted jacket and pants. This type of wedding suit is ideal for day weddings, casual weddings, and beach weddings. This wedding suit gives a super casual look.

      20. Three-piece wedding suits

      The three-piece wedding suit comprises a single-breasted jacket, a vest, and pants. This suit gives a more formal look than a two-piece wedding suit. A three-piece wedding suit is ideal for evening weddings, outdoor weddings, and winter weddings.

      21. Double-breasted wedding suits

      wedding suit ideas

      The double-breasted wedding suit means that there would be two rows of buttons to close the jacket. This type of wedding suit includes jackets and pants that are double-breasted. 

      22. Tan and no tie wedding suits

      wedding suit ideas

      If you are opting for an evening wedding in spring or summer time then try tan-shaded suits without a tie or bow, as this could give you a simple yet elegant look.

      Guidelines to Choose the Perfect Wedding Suit for You

      Finding the perfect suit is like a dream come true as we have to go through a number of different choices and decisions to attain it. Your wedding suit solely depends on your preferences. You can choose your suit by design, colour, and fabric material. You can make your decisions based on your wedding themes, locations, and so on. Here are some guidelines for choosing the perfect wedding suit for you.

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      There are a wide variety of designs available for the collar, cuffs, lapels, and stitches of the suits. Some of the designs available for the collar are the classic ones, narrow collars, collars that are spread, collars with buttons down, eyelet or pinned collars, all rounded collars, shallow collars, cutaway collars, winged collars, and so on.

      Lapels are also available in different designs, such as notch lapels, peaked lapels, shawl lapels, and so on.

      There are several varieties of cuff designs available. You ought to choose the right one for you according to your preference and comfort. Some options are one-button round cuffs, one-button angle cuffs, one-button square cuffs, two-button cuffs, three-button cuffs, French cuffs, and so on. Make sure to try on each and every design to find the right one that fits and compliments you the best.