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      9 Wedding Styling Packages in Sydney from Symphony Events

      Let’s hang out here and get to know more about the diverse Wedding Styling Packages in Sydney.

      1. 1. All-in-One Wedding Styling Package
      2. 2. Western Venue Classic Styling Package
      3. 3. Asian Venue Classic Wedding Styling Package
      4. 4. Wedding Stylist Packages with Bouquets and Fresh Florals
      5. 5. Rustic and Bohemian Wedding Styling Package
      6. 6. The Modern and Minimalist Wedding Styling Package
      7. 7. The Champagne Bar Wedding Styling Package
      8. 8. Glamorous and Luxurious Wedding Styling Package
      9. 9. Customized Wedding Styling Package

      1. All-in-One Wedding Styling Package

      All-in-one wedding styling packages cover all the services from pre-wedding to reception with the support of wedding coordinators and stylists. The package begins with a personalised consultation to understand your vision and preferences. A team of experienced wedding planners will work closely with you, offering expert guidance and creative ideas to bring your dreams to life.

      The wedding coordinators will assist you in selecting the perfect venue that matches your style and accommodates your guest list comfortably. After that, the wedding stylists will plan the entire theme of your special occasion according to your needs.

      • Choosing luxury wedding venues, such as the Opera House and Harbour Bridge.
      • English or multilingual wedding anchor service.
      • Ensure all legal documents and formalities are completed.
      • HD Sound system for the music ceremony.
      • Provide chandeliers, a customised dance floor, and a wedding aisle.
      • Giant Floral pillar according to the theme.
      • Create menu options for a great feast, premium beverages, customised themes, a special package for the wedding reception, accommodations, etc.

      2. Western Venue Classic Styling Package

      The Western Venue Classic package includes ceremonies in a sprawling outdoor space adorned with rustic wooden structures, including a saloon, a general store, and accommodations. Throughout the Western Venue Classic, a lively atmosphere engulfs the resonating sounds of country music and the laughter of folks enjoying the festivities. The styling package includes:

      • Hosting live performances by talented Western musicians, dancers, and even other fun activities too.
      • Only a professional wedding stylist can organise all these activities with the most talented and skilled artisans.
      • Organise the western centrepieces and cake tables.
      • Hire seamless dance floors, wedding aisles, bridal tables, etc.

      3. Asian Venue Classic Wedding Styling Package

      The Asian Venue Classic Wedding Package provides a blend of tradition and elegance from Asian culture. Set in a stunning Asian-inspired venue adorned with intricate designs and ornate decorations, this package provides the perfect wedding backdrop for your dream wedding. Wedding stylists will support the couple in the following ways:

      • Provides the rich cultural heritage of Asia through traditional customs and rituals.
      • Organise the theme of the ceremony with vibrant colours.
      • Provides suggestions for Asian ceremonial attire and traditional music.
      • Choosing the centrepieces
      • Offer Black or white chair covers.
      • Customised table menus for a great feast

      4. Wedding Stylist Packages with Bouquets and Fresh Florals

      This package is designed to curate stunning floral designs for your wedding ceremony. Our stylists will artfully decorate your ceremony space, ensuring a stunning backdrop as you exchange your vows. From floral arches and aisle accents to petal-strewn pathways, every detail will be meticulously arranged to create a floral atmosphere.

      • Plan your wedding theme and wedding decorations.
      • Hire the table centrepieces, such as candelabras, bases, etc.
      • Design the venue with fresh flowers, which will be collected from the best farmers in Sydney.
      • Adorn the table with luxury tablecloths, cutlery sets, and other wares.
      • Hire the customised seamless dance floors.
      • Floral arrangements on the altar and aisle, and much more

      5. Rustic and Bohemian Wedding Styling Package

      The Rustic and Bohemian Wedding Styling Package includes a team of experienced event stylists who will work closely with you to bring your vision to life. They will ensure that every aspect, from the ceremony space to the reception area, is infused with the perfect balance of rustic and bohemian aesthetics. The skilled team will take care of the setup and create beautiful memories with your loved ones. With the Rustic and Bohemian Wedding Styling Package, the stylists seamlessly blend rustic charm and bohemian allure. The package includes:

      • Geometric altar and plush seating for the ceremony
      • Includes pampass grass for ceiling installations and table arrangements.
      • Lantern light-ups and wild floral arrangements
      • Consider celestial details and lunar motifs as backtrops.
      • Customised organic bouquets and flower crowns for the bride
      • Incorporate bud vases and ground elements for bohemian appeal.

      6. The Modern and Minimalist Wedding Styling Package

      The Modern and Minimalist Wedding Styling Package embraces a less-is-more approach. The minimalistic wedding focuses on essential elements that blend modern charm with premium and plain appeal. Starting with the ceremony space, the stylist will create a serene ambiance by incorporating sleek and minimalistic decor. Minimalistic weddings are famous for their simple yet elegant arch adorned with delicate greenery or refined floral accents, which add a touch of natural beauty. The stylist’s package includes:

      • Clean white chairs arranged in a symmetrical pattern provide a polished backdrop.
      • The stylists will transform the reception space into a contemporary haven.
      • Tables dressed in crisp white linens create a minimalist canvas, allowing key design elements to stand out.
      • Geometric-inspired centrepieces feature a combination of muted tones that lend a modern and artistic touch.
      • Subtle candlelight and strategically placed minimalist tableware complete the refined look, allowing your guests to enjoy luxury.

      7. The Champagne Bar Wedding Styling Package

      The Champagne Bar wedding styling is a feast, not only visually but also through the culinary delights it offers. Couples would love to express their romantic ambience in their wedding ceremony too, so arranging a candlelight dance will definitely enhance the beauty of the ceremony. The professional way of arranging the champaign glass will show the status of the ceremony. The colour palette of the Champagne Bar wedding styling is inspired by the effervescence and elegance of champagne itself. The wedding package includes:

      • The table is adorned with crystal candelabras and other bases.
      • The tables are adorned with luxurious linen cloths in soft hues.
      • Arranging the entire venue with diverse flowers like roses, cascading orchids, and lush greenery.
      • The Shades of ivory, blush, and gold will be for the wedding venue

      8. Glamorous and Luxurious Wedding Styling Package

      The luxury wedding plan, as its name indicates, will immerse you in a world of glamour and be infused with the rich traditions and lavishness of each culture. You’ll be honoured by the incredible atmosphere as soon as you enter the stunning aisle.

      An experienced team of wedding stylists will meticulously craft every detail to ensure a truly unforgettable experience for you and your guests. The Glamorous and Luxurious Wedding Styling Package offers an array of exquisite elements that will transport you to a realm of regal splendour. The luxury package includes:

      • Sumptuous drapery in luxurious fabrics, adorned with ornate gold accents
      • The walls and ceilings are also adorned with luxury fabrics and linens.
      • Incoperating crystal chandeliers will cast a soft, ethereal glow over the entire venue.
      • Seamless customised dance floor and floral aisle
      • Premium feast with luxury and branded champaigns, other drinks, and much more.

      9. Customized Wedding Styling Package

      Some of the couples prefer their own customised wedding styling package for their dream wedding. The stylists will take the input from the couple’s side and then plan the entire arrangement accordingly. As we know, every couple is unique, and the wedding should reflect their individual style and personality.

      From the initial consultation to the final execution, The stylists will be there every step of the way to ensure that every detail is meticulously planned and executed hassle free. If you dream of a lavish and opulent affair or a more intimate and romantic celebration, the expert team will curate the perfect ambiance for your wedding. The customised Wedding Styling Package covers:

      • wedding styling, including venue decor, floral arrangements, lighting, furniture, and more.
      • They collaborate with top-notch vendors and suppliers to provide high-quality options in the desired theme and colour scheme.
      • The team will assist you in selecting the perfect combination of cake table, bridal table, and linen decorations.
      • Customised themed invitations
      • Floral Styling for the buffet and champaign bar
      • Coffee and Tea Bar arrangements
      • Hiring premium furniture and dance floors

      If you are looking for amazing wedding styling packages in Sydney, then you have reached the right place.