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      Ultimate Guide To Choose Wedding Prop Hire & Party Prop Hire in Sydney

      A wedding is a moment of mixed emotions – bringing together two families and sharing the culture. There are times of joy and sorrow. It isn’t always perfect. But that cannot stop you from bringing out the best in it. Marriages are a time of fun and frolic. But only we know how difficult it is to get the wedding arrangements and decorations in alignment, don’t we? Contact us for the Wedding Prop Hire Sydney, Party Prop Hire Sydney, and Event Party Hire Sydney.

      Symphony Events also specialise in themed prop hire in Sydney, where you can choose from our broad range of props available for hire for all your requirements. To date, we have worked extensively with a plethora of event venues and know the logistical challenges that these venues can present.

      It doesn’t matter whether you’re after crystal centrepieces, flower tree centrepieces, fresh flowers, birdcage, LED, or feather centrepieces, our range is sure to inspire. Apt as a centrepiece that can be set atop tables, Symphony events have got you covered for show-stopping and truly unique centrepieces to dress up your tables in style. Discover our range of wedding centrepieces available for hire which you can pick based on your budget, theme, and size of the table, in order to wow your guests.

      beach wedding reception

      It all starts with sending out the invitations. Perhaps, a beautifully customized parchment paper invitation like the messages sent during medieval times? Or maybe a hardbound invitation letter wrapped in a satin silk ribbon?

      There can be all sorts of customization, right from the stage decoration for weddings and parties to the bridal makeup and wedding dresses for the bride and the groom. Then the tables and chairs and marquees and so much more!

      But are you looking for something new and fashionable to bring to your wedding as well? Something out of the box that can leave your guests captivated, leaving behind a buzz? Symphony Events can give you that dream wedding experience.

      The Wedding Props and Party Props List

      1. Marquee Hire

      Who doesn’t like an outdoor wedding or party? Our personal favourite option is to hold the celebration outdoors regardless of the event. We assist you in choosing the perfect venue to set up a marquee where you can celebrate with your loved ones in the natural atmosphere. But do not mistake our work with one of those cliche tents.

      beach wedding reception

      Whether it is the sun or the rain, our marquees are solid to the ground and made of one of a kind with designs that can bring in an atmosphere like no other. And don’t be afraid of the costs. It is affordable and suits well within your budget!

      2. Table Cloth Hire

      It is funny how little things can add to the beauty of a place. Table clothes are basically meant to protect the tables from spillage. But we believe it has much more to do with the overall ambience of the wedding hall. It would seem awkward when the stage is decorated beautifully, but the rest of the wedding venue remains plain.

      beach wedding reception

      How about dressing up your tables and chairs with some elegant satin clothes that reflect and amplify the ambience of the hall? Besides, you can even have a themed wedding based on colour. For example, a shiny cashmere tablecloth with a silky red table runner? You name your choice & we shall get it customized as per your requirement, regardless of the shape and size of the table.

      3. Backdrops Hire

      If you are a person who loves being photographed, you would know how much a good background would add to the serenity of the picture. Stages require the same attention as the attention of the entire guests would be primarily constituted towards it. You could choose from a range of exotic colours like purple, yellow, red and green or perhaps a fusion of all four.

      Growwild Wildflower Farm

      Just in case you need assistance, our experts can assist you in choosing the best backdrop for your wedding based on the entire theme of the venue and the wedding dress of the bride and the groom.

      4. Lighting

      It is surprising how the lighting of a place can instantly influence the ambiance of the event hall. We ensure using the lights where the bride and the groom become the centre of focus. White lights can reduce the liveliness of the place.

      beach wedding reception

      Hence we recommend warm lighting during the entire event. Our light and sound experts are skilled in the choice of lighting that can go by the structure and make of the venue, whether an indoor hall or an outdoor marquee.

      5. Party D.J. and Music

      Who doesn’t fancy getting on their feet when their favourite music is up and running. Dance all the way and forget the tension of the tiresome yet exciting wedding celebration. Our Disc Jockey can rave up your party.

      Beach Wedding Reception Ideas

      And yes, if you have your favourite tunes, we are only happy to play them as per the discussed schedule.

      6. Centrepieces

      To expedite the look of the event venue, whether a wedding party or any other occasion, it is necessary to set up one element on the decorated tables that complements and intensifies the overall look of the venue. It could be an exotic set of candles or even a flower vase with the most exotic flowers. We have several props available for hire to decorate your tables.

      You can choose from diverse elegant vases, fresh hybrid flowers, Crystal centrepieces, birdcages, feathers, and LEDs. We have accessories to suit every budget and style. But if you love to keep things simple, we can even go for colourful balloons and ribbons that complement the event. Or even a fruit basket with fresh and imported fruits that complements every table. This is also perfect for birthday parties of any age group.

      beach wedding reception

      We promise this will take the breath away from your guests with our magnificent collection of wedding and party table centrepieces.

      7. Chair Hire and Table Hire

      We do not just decorate tables and chairs. We even deliver you stylish and elegant furniture upon your request at decent costs. Just in case you need an extra pair of seats for your guests, we would be only happy to provide them to you.

      And yes, they are well-built and reliable, just like the trust we keep in our clients.

      beach wedding reception

      8. Flower Trees

      If you feel that your celebration hall looks a bit blank, we can fill it in with a few decorative trees with some lovely flowers.

      The fragrance of the fresh flora will only deepen the emotion in the atmosphere. They can be placed randomly between the tables such that they do not obstruct your view either.

      wedding videographers sydney

      9. Stage Set-Up

      We understand that outdoor celebrations and events in a marquee require a stage. We can do that too. Just tell us what you have in mind.

      We can construct an imposing platform that can suddenly alter the look of the entire marquee.

      Church Wedding Decoration Ideas

      10. Wedding Priests

      In a country like Australia, it may sometimes get laborious to arrange for a wedding priest in Indian marriage ceremonies. We have got that covered as well. We have priests who are well-versed in Hindu wedding rituals as well.

      Do not fret if you have fallen behind schedule. If you require the wedding rituals to end before the auspicious time, we can even speed things up. We are transparent when it comes to pricing and timing.

      Why Symphony Events?

      We have been delivering smiles across all of Australia, helping couples find their perfect wedding celebration. Symphony Events brings out the best in your wedding regardless of your orientation, religion, or race. Even at tough times like the pandemic, we only wish to make your special day into a magical one, an evening you will never forget.

      At Symphony Events, we believe that everyone is equal and deserves the same opportunity. Hence we help our clients with their requirements. We are prompt and reliable when it comes to services. With a decade of experience managing wedding ceremonies and other celebrations, we have become the masters of event planning and execution.

      For details regarding price and packages, make sure to contact us and book your slots before someone else takes away your shot.