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      Wedding Proposal Decoration

      Wedding Proposal Decoration

      Wedding Proposal Decoration

      Wedding Proposal Decoration

      Asking for your partner’s hands for marriage isn’t merely about asking them to spend the rest of their lives with you. It’s all about asking them out to marry in a way which is most special to you and your loved one, and in a way that you both will savour for years to come.

      Be it in the presence of your near and dear or merely you both, everything right from the way of decoration matters. That being said, the decoration amidst you plan to say “Marry me” and the ambience you curate with the wedding proposal decorations certainly helps in getting a yes!

      So if you’re after wedding proposal decorations that certainly blow the mind of your lover, then look no more!

      Our wedding proposal decorations create a romantic ambience within your proposal area. Wherever you choose to propose your partner can look completely different once it’s decked out with our banner, balloon, candles, light and flowers. Whereas a cavernous room will look spectacular with banners saying “Marry me”.

      If you have a specific idea in mind or want some ingenious inspiration, then Symphony events work with you and the venue to make the perfect wedding proposal.

      Various Types of Proposal Decorations

      Candles and Lights

      Making the most of lights is one of the classic ways to set the mood before you ask out “marry me”.

      Bringing in candles are yet another great way to create a romantic ambience if you’re looking for wedding proposal decorations on a budget. Our candles invoke an unmatched ambience in the absence of other light sources. You can avail candles in varying sizes, with or without candle holders from us.


      For a sentimental touch, add their most favourite blooms- for which you can count on us. You can either use merely petals, to beautifully spread them around the room or choose to have a giant bouquet. They have the power to create a truly romantic atmosphere. We can come up with the floral arrangements that you require to create the wedding proposal, the one that you’ve exactly envisioned.

      Wedding Welcome Sign Ideas

      Proposal letters

      Give your loved one an unprecedented sense of surprise. We also offer proposal letters that have a love decoration, composed of those magical words-“Marry me”. You can hang our banner on the wall, or simply place them in the ground or even in the car door. Since each of the letters is separate, you can smartly place the letters around your space.


      Balloons pop up in almost all occasion; they are an indispensable part of wedding proposal decorations. They can also double as wonderful complementary to your proposal letters. We offer wedding proposal balloon, to help create romantic wedding proposal memories that will last in your minds for years to come. Our balloons at affordable prices can be used to spruce up the ceiling or can be set free-floating. You can also choose the universal colour of love- red or go the other way around and have balloons in the favourite colour of your partner.

      Do you wish to take your wedding proposal from Meh? To Wow! Then consider thinking of our wedding proposal decorations for something that your loved one won’t probably forget.

      Decorations can truly set the mood for your wedding proposal. So if you are after much elaborate decor for your wedding proposal, then just feel free to contact us. Let Symphony events help you in making your wedding proposal to be out-of-the-ordinary and indelible that will go beyond all your expectations. Symphony events specialise in creating elaborate wedding proposal decorations and aid you in carrying out your wedding proposal so that you truly shine in the spotlight. Get in touch with us today!

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