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      Perfect Indian Wedding Dj

      Perfect Indian Wedding Dj

      Perfect Indian Wedding DJ

      One of the most important days in our lives is obviously our wedding day. You and your family members will be putting in much effort into the wedding planning to make the wedding memorable and spectacular. You will be choosing the wedding venue for your special day with elegant decor and a Wedding DJ to enthral the audience.

      A DJ can really make or break a wedding party. But most of us don’t know what all factors need to be considered before choosing a good Indian wedding DJ. A person who has a set of speakers and some lights, who entertains the audience by playing the music for a few hours- this is the misconception that most people have regarding DJs. But it’s not so. There are some factors that you need to consider before choosing an Indian Wedding DJ Sydney.

      Quality Of Music

      The music played should go well with the theme of your Indian wedding. The music played during the wedding party needs to be soft, pleasant and apt. You need to find out how a DJ performs before you hire an Indian wedding DJ.

      Word of mouth from friends helps you pick the right DJ. Suppose if you’ve selected a DJ, you can seek the help of your friends, to know about the DJ if they have hired the same DJ earlier. Or if you haven’t found a DJ yet, you can ask your friends to suggest some Indian wedding DJs that they know who can play good music during the event.

      You can also consider going to an event where the DJ of your choice is performing so that you can easily make a decision.

      Kind Of Equipment

      Your first choice should be an Indian wedding DJ who has quality equipment like a video screen, lighting and most importantly, a professional audio system. Most of the wedding venues require documentation, to allow DJ performance. Make sure that the DJ of your choice has both electrical certification and insurance. Don’t forget to check out the quality of the equipment used as well. Quality of the sound system could impact the overall entertainment experience.

      Pricing Factor

      Normally an Indian wedding DJ Sydney charges according to the hours that they have rendered their service. The cost can vary based on the equipment and the type of event, for example, the cost of a DJ for a fashion show will be more than that of a DJ for a birthday party. Pricing also depends on the popularity that the DJ has and the addons he uses during the party.

      If you wish to hire a DJ for your wedding, know the pricing factor and the variation of charges, whereby you can save a lot of money too!


      Lighting has a key role in enhancing the mood and atmosphere of the wedding party. Not only does it set the right tone for your photographs, but it could also actually make a venue look stunning.

      You might have noticed that sometimes while the DJ goes on the venue lacks the mood. That empty feel can be changed with apt lighting. You can enquire how much the lighting will cost you, for instance, centrepiece lighting, wall lighting and the dance floor lighting and other charges incurred.


      It’s wise to choose a DJ who has previously performed for wedding parties. DJ performance at a wedding is entirely different from that of birthday parties, anniversary and engagement. Choose the one who is well aware of the normal schedule of events and the setting. Only experienced Indian wedding DJs can handle everything if the schedule goes awry. They’ll be more efficient and will also ensure that the sound system is positioned correctly or not.

      Great Knowledge Of Music

      An Indian wedding DJ’s expertise in music is something that you need to consider seriously. You can put forward some questions while meeting them, such as what are the top Hindi songs for an Indian wedding or how they mix and vary the music.

      Only an experienced DJ could tell you the right answer. A DJ with a great knowledge of music will play the right track based on the ceremony.


      A DJ needs to communicate well during their performance, and it’s as important as playing the right music. A DJ other than playing music should also talk with the audience. Therefore choose the ones that can also MC. You might have noticed that some DJs merely play the music.

      There’s something more beyond that. A good DJ will cheer up the crowd and encourage them to dance with the track. It doesn’t end there- a good DJ will encourage the people who don’t dance and walk around the audience and cheer them up.

      Hire a DJ only after you get the written contract containing the complete details regarding the booking. A few handwritten words aren’t sufficient. Ensure that the contract includes the terms and conditions as well. One great benefit of a contract is that it covers equipment damage.

      The success of the wedding party depends on the entertainment that you choose. Remember that even if you have succeeded in choosing the best wedding theme, venue and food, the guests will remember the entertainment part the most! A good Indian wedding DJ even knows everything from using visual effects to cueing up the speakers and mics in the venue. Therefore it’s important that you choose the right Indian wedding DJ Sydney to make the wedding a truly memorable one.

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