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      Pakistani Wedding

      Pakistani Wedding

      Pakistani Wedding

      Pakistani Wedding

      Pakistani weddings are vibrant, zestful and a sight to behold entailing remarkable rituals and customs. It is the ultimate festivity of love by everyone involved and reflects the congruence amongst the bride and the groom and their families. Irrespective of the country’s regional and native nuances, Pakistani weddings typically trail Islamic marital jurisprudence. The weddings in Pakistan celebrated with prodigious zeal spans over a week and sometimes more.

      Pakistani Wedding Traditions


      Mangni Or An Engagement Ceremony Is Typically Low Key, Where Only The Close Relatives Of The Bride And Groom Gather. The Couple Exchange Rings, And The Elders’ Shower Blessings On Them. The Wedding Date Is Also Determined During The Mangni Ceremony.


      Mangni ceremony leads to Mayun. This Pakistani wedding tradition is normally held a few days or a week before the wedding, where the bride’s family members and friends gather at the bride’s home and carry out certain Pakistani wedding rituals. These rituals include beautification of the bride and groom by applying a dollop of ubtan, a mix of turmeric, sandalwood powder, herbs and oils, on their face, feet and arms. Also, a mayun bride is not supposed to be involved in outdoor activities.


      After Mayun, The Subsequent Ceremonial Observance Is The Mehendi Night, Where The Bride’s Hands Are Adorned With Intricate Henna Designs. This Is The Most Spiced Up Event Where The Bride’s Female Relatives And Friends Perform Dances And It’s A Joyful Night Of Music, Dance. Mehendi Marks The End Of All Pakistani Pre-Wedding Traditions.


      Nikah ceremony is typically a small intimate event in which the bride and groom sign the legal marriage contract between them. During the nikah ceremony, from both the sides there should be at least 2 witnesses. The couples exchange vows during the ceremony and make promises to each other. The groom presents Mehr, which can be gifts or money to the bride.


      This Is The Most Heart-Rending Moment Soon After The Nikah Ceremony Since The Bride Departs To The Groom’s House. She Is Given Away By Her Parents And The Holy Quran Is Held Over Her Head, Which Symbolises That The Parents Are Sending Her Under The Protection And Blessings Of Allah.


      Walima, better known as a wedding reception, is the concluding event of a Pakistani wedding. Walima is hosted by the groom’s family, and it’s a way to celebrate the union of the bride and groom. The ceremony can either take place the day after nikah or after a few days. It’s a grand feast, where the family members and friends of the bride and groom are invited. Walima marks the end of a Pakistani wedding customs.

      Pakistani Wedding Dresses


      Bridal Lehenga Is The Most Iconic Garment Among All Pakistani Bridal Wears. Undoubtedly It’s The Quintessential Choice For A Pakistani Bride And Its Something Worn Most Of The Time. The Ensemble Includes A Choli, Lehenga And A Dupatta. You Have An Array Of Fabrics To Choose From, Where Your Lehenga-Choli Can Be Flowy, Stiff Or Sculpted, Or Ethereal. Pick One That Makes You Look Your Best


      If you’re quite intimidated to don lehengas or ghagras, then you’ll never go wrong with Angrakha. And they’re popular for a reason- its easy to carry and can easily be worn, owing to its salwar-kameez style, without lensing you an over the top look. You can even don an Angrakha to other formal occasions by pairing it with a subtle dupatta as well!


      If You’re That Bride-To-Be, Who Doesn’t Want To Be Weighed Down By Your Attire, Then A Ghagra Will Be Your Best Bet. The Ghagra Ensemble Is Inclusive Of A Straight Cut Or Anarkali Style Kurta, Sharara With Lots Of Flares And A Heavily Adorned Dupatta.

      Salwar Kameez

      If asked for which bridal attire is close to the hearts of most Pakistani women, and Pakistani brides as such, then it will be a salwar kameez. Donning a salwar kameez will leave you ravishing yet keep up the regal essence of your bridal look. Ideal for petite brides and for those who are after outfit which is quite easy to carry around.

      Pakistani Groom Normally Wears Sherwani, Salwar Kameez Or Even Formal Western Suits For Their Nikah. Off Late, A Trend Of Pathani Salwar Is Prevalent, And Donning Them Will Make You Look Tip-Top From Top To Bottom. Another Top Pick Is A Nehru Jacket, With Which You Can Nail Your Look And Make Heads Turn. Complete The Look With A Shawl Or Dupatta!

      Pakistani Wedding Decoration Ideas

      Shimmery Decor

      As the name suggests, Shimmery wedding decoration is inclusive of crystal backdrops, glam, beaded strings as well as shimmery adornments. The exquisite and stunning stage decor will leave your guests in awe.

      Chariot Decor

      Deck up the stage with fantabulous light fixtures and white blooms. As the name suggests, the highlight of this decor idea is the chariot style stage in the shape of a dome.

      Classy Decor

      Spruce Up Your Wedding Event Venue With A Vibrant Floral Ceiling, Candle Decked Up Walls And A Floral Backdrop. The Whimsical Aura Of Classy Decor Is Truly Unparalleled. Complete The Look With White And Silver Hanging Adornments, Seasonal Natural Or Faux Blooms, As Well As Candles Paired With Blooms.

      Scintillating Peachy Decor

      The perfect combination of Foliage accents, peach shaded drapes, floral blooms, and fairy lights is the perfect way to ace a lavish decor. Complete the look by adding a royal touch to the backdrop with vintage brass sofa and some candle holders.

      Pakistani Wedding Cards

      Acrylic Wedding Invitations

      If you’re after something unique, other than the traditional wedding cards, then this is for you! This modern yet classy wedding invitation makes the most of UV printing technology to print wordings over the clear acrylic stock. You have numerous colour options to choose from and this one-of-a-kind invitation will leave your guests in awe.

      Passport Wedding Invitations

      There is no such unique and fun way to invite your relatives and friends than a passport invitation! A passport themed invitation is ideal for weddings centred around a travel theme or for destination weddings. The invitation features the crest and it can be customised with the names of the couples and date of the wedding.

      Laser Cut Wedding Invitations

      Wow any guest with a laser cut wedding invitation! You can either choose to have simple laser cutting or go for a much intricate one. The best thing with these wedding invitations is that it’s affordable, yet elegant.

      Pakistani Wedding Dance Songs

      Pakistani Wedding Dance Songs

      Step To The Beats Of Pakistani Wedding Dance Songs And Enjoy Your Day With These Songs

      Ballay Ballay

      Not everyone can resist stepping into the beats of this peppy number. This most played song, popular since 2015, is here to stay!

      Kaala Doriya

      A beautiful rendition of the old Kaala Doriya, you can’t stop grooving to this evergreen song, with your better half.

      Desi Thumka

      A perfect choice for a devar and bhabhi to rock the dance floor! Perform a Pakistani wedding dance with your girls’ gang and also get all your family members and friends to join the dance!

      Pakistani Wedding Decor

      Pakistani Wedding Decor

      Symphony Events Has Made A Mark As The Complete, Wholesome And Leading Wedding Decor Provider In Sydney. Amongst The Broad Range Of Offerings, We Also Specialise In Pakistani Wedding Decorations. We Offer One-Of-A-Kind Selection Of Pakistani Wedding Stages, Lighting, Chairs, Centrepieces, Props, Tables, To Transform Your Venue Into A Truly Magical Extravaganza.

      Count On Us For Wedding Decor That Is Unrivalled, And Exactly What You’re Looking For. We Surmise That Attention To Details Is What Makes A Venue Truly Stand Out And Never Give It Amiss.Our One-Of-A-Kind Designs, Quality And Stellar Services Will Make Your D-Day Go On Without A Hitch. We See To It That Your Vision Is Translated To Our Designs.

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