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      Indian Wedding Makeup

      Indian Wedding Makeup

      The Attention Grabbing Bengali Bride Makeup

      The Attention Grabbing Bengali Bride Makeup

      Bengali weddings are rich with cultural ceremonies that last for a few days. Brides usually go for Banarasi saree with golden border, and the way of draping the saree is pretty much different from usual. Chandan dots, big red bindi, elaborate mukut, dramatic eye, Bengali designed jewels, are some of the unique elements of a Bengali bride.

      Chandan bindi that spreads across either side of the eyebrow is a mandatory element in face makeup for Bengali brides. The forehead is adorned with white and red coloured small bindi designs. There is a scientific reason supporting the Chandan bindi; Chandan gives a cooling effect to the forehead, and the bride will feel relaxed and composed on the stressful wedding day.


      Bengali women are endowed with sharp and expressive eyes. To enhance the beauty of the eyes, dark shaded eyeliners are used. Smokey eye makeup with dull shaded glittering eyeshadow complements the dramatic look of the eye. Fake eyelashes beautified with heavy mascara mark a defining look for the ever beautiful eyes.

      pakistani wedding

      A tint of red colour is widely seen in many elements associated with the brides of Bengal. The wedding saree, bindi, the Alta dye on hands and feet all are highlighted with this auspicious colour. Bold red shaded lipstick and highlighted cheeks are the best matches for that go well with these red elements.


      A simple, neatly tied bun with a mid split is the classic and traditional hairstyle followed by the Bengali brides. Puffing up of hair is on-trend; this can help give a volumized look for the hair. Red flowers are used to decorate the hair.

      Contemporary North Indian Wedding Makeup And Hair

      Contemporary North Indian Wedding Makeup and Hair

      North Indian wedding makeup and hairstyles are open towards experimenting the latest trends, and many of the styles are derived and inspired by the Middle Eastern bridal makeup. Brown palette makeup and neutral makeup are on-demand now.


      Mehandi and veil are distinguishing factors in a north Indian bride. The custom of Mehandi was adopted from the Mughal dynasty and remains a hot cake even in this 21st century. Mehandi trends mark their place in Indian weddings with a contemporary evolution in the designs.

      Glittering and metallic shades in eyeshadow, lipstick, and face base makeup go well with the red wedding dress. Simple braids decorated with flowers, simple puff buns with red roses, single-sided fishtail braids, etc. are some of the commonly seen hairdos.

      Minimalistic Christian Bride Makeup And Hair

      Christian Bride Makeup And Hair

      Pastel and subtle shades prevail in the Christian bride makeup. Pink shades of eyeshadow, light eyeliner, light pink blush, bright hues of matte lipstick make a perfect match for a Christian bride. Minimalistic approach best suits the simple and elegant white gown and simple jewellery.

      Kanchipuram Saree

      Starting from the base, tones that match the skin tone are to be selected. Highlight the features like cheekbones to do face correction. Highlighting the brow bone area with silver shade and applying pink and black eyeshadow mix will enhance the beauty of the eye. Using shimmers on the face will also complement the overall serene look of the bride.


      Open hairstyles are moving out from trends, and the neatly tied bun is finding their way into the trend. The veil is an essential part of the Christian bride attire, and the positioning of the veil matters significantly in the hairstyling. They can be placed high on the head or slope of the head or the nape of your neck.

      Gorgeous Indian Muslim Bride Makeup And Hair

      Gorgeous Indian
      Muslim Bride Makeup And Hair

      Indian Muslim brides look ever-charming on their big day, the secret behind this being the perfect makeup. Intrinsic worked lehenga with a matching choli is the key element for the astonishing look. Heavy jewellery consisting of precious stones, compliments the overall attire of the bride.


      Head ornamentation and eye makeup are two integral part of Muslim bride makeup. Soorma is a traditional makeup element used by Muslim bride and groom for the eye. Perfect eyeshadow shade is attained by mixing up three or four different colours that complement each other. Bright shaded lip colour and gloss that matches the outfit also add generously to the beauty of the bride.

      Muslim brides have to cover the head and face throughout the wedding ceremony, but that does not mean that the hair has to be left untouched. However, the veil is designed to get a sneak peek of the bride’s hair and face. Neat bun with middle opened hair is widely seen among Indian Muslim brides. With this style, the hair jewellery and floral accessories can be held well and good. Braided hair and long textured ponytails suit well for long-haired brides.

      Without Mehandi, the bridal makeup will be incomplete. Brides can choose from designs from Indian, Arabic, Pakistani, Western, Moroccan Mehndi designs. The designs will have the groom’s initials hidden within it. Flower, peacock, lizard are included in the Mehandi designs, and they symbolize beauty, joy and enlightenment respectively.

      When it comes to Indian wedding makeup and hair, Symphony Events is definitely one of the leading service providers in Australia. We have never failed to deliver the expectations of the brides for the big day styling. Our works stand as testimony to the quality of service we offer. Perfection and punctuality have made us stand out among the Indian wedding makeup and hair service providers. Our professionals make you event-ready with the spill of elegance and charm.

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