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      Beach Wedding

      Beach Wedding

      Indian Beach Wedding

      Indian Beach Wedding

      Choosing sandy spots for the wedding is equally exciting and challenging. Whether you select an exotic beach destination or a local nearby beach, setting up a flawless beach wedding Sydney demands excellent Wedding planning and responsible execution of it. Moreover, the guests and the couple themselves are driven to a holiday mood when it comes to a beach wedding. To keep up the expectation of the couple and their guests, and to showcase a perfect beach wedding, it is recommended to have an experienced hand like Symphony Events for your help.

      Let us in to make everything perfect for you, fulfilling your dreams about the romantic destination wedding. From choosing the beach wedding Sydney destination to capturing beautiful wedding moments, we provide all beach wedding services to our clients.

      Why Choose A Beach Wedding?

      Beach weddings gained popularity in the mid-eighteenth century for its simplicity, and the natural element it reflected. Over the past years, the trend of this destination wedding idea has hit a new high. Tying the knot in a place far away from home sounds merely fantastic and thrilling for many couples. The benefits of choosing a beach wedding over the traditional following are countless. Take a look at some of them for a genuine reason to choose a beach wedding over a typical wedding.

      Cost Saving

      Many couples set aside beach wedding ideas with a foreboding of being a costly affair. But it is not so, an already set free location, less spend on floral and decor, more casual wedding attire, special wedding packages offered by resorts, etc. add to the cost-saving factors in a beach wedding.

      The Honeymoon

      The couple can continue in the exotic location to celebrate their wedding-moon period. Doesn’t it sound amazing? The romantic bliss of the island is the perfect place to start the marital life.

      Why Hire Symphony Events For Beach Weddings?

      Why Hire Symphony Events For Beach Weddings?

      We Help In Proper Budget Planning

      Symphony Events work intending the efficient use of your wedding budget. We make use of the wealth of our experience in the domain to guide you throughout the selection process involved, making maximum output within the budget proposals. Our wide-ranged beach wedding packages make sure that you are not left out of the box.

      Your Dreams Are Ours Too

      The most significant perk of hiring a wedding planner like Symphony Events is that they will take care of sticky details like arranging various permissions, legal contracts, etc. necessary for a beach wedding. For instance, you will need permission from the beach authorities.

      While many Wedding Planners undertake many events for a day, a dedicated beach wedding planner like Symphony will solely work for our particular client to fulfil their beach wedding ideas.

      Last-Minute Changes

      Last-minute preparations and changes can add up a lot of stress to you, spoiling the whole pleasure that the event offers. Any unexpected events, for instance, rain during a beach wedding, we can tackle the situation professionally offering a practical alternative, and we are all set for such cases.

      Vendor Discount Options

      Believe us; we will never let you down. Let us work together to keep the spirits high throughout the event.

      Availing discounts from vendors is more accessible through us. When it comes to business, we deal with the vendors on a regular basis, and they do offer more concessions to wedding planners like us than to couples who approach them.

      Flipping Of LocationFrom Ceremony To Reception

      When the same location is to be used for both the beach wedding ceremony and the reception following it, the task of rearranging the place between the two functions is quite challenging. Here comes the relevance of a proactive beach wedding planner like Symphony Events. We readily act to the need of the hour, making your big day a dream come true.

      Services To All Aspects Related A Beach Wedding

      It is not the wedding location alone we concentrate, we extend our services to guest receiving, providing accommodation facilities, arranging various entertainment programs, the catering services and much more.


      Weddings are occasions meant to enjoy and celebrate with the family and friends. We want our clients to make the maximum joy out of each moment of the event without worrying about the backstage preparations. We understand how much each couple values these precious moments, and assure to complement it through our unmatched beach wedding services.

      Let Us Take You Down Theprocedure Involved Once You Choose Us

      Deciding On Location:

      Selecting the location is the first and foremost thing to be done. The whole planning for the beach wedding turns around it. This step might require multiple sessions, being a significant decision.

      Personal Wedding Planner:

      You will be introduced to your wedding planner, who will assist you on behalf of the company. You can share all your concerns about the beach wedding with our staff, who will attend to it professionally.

      Customization Process:

      You will have a blueprint about what you want on your big day. The task of materializing it is our job, and we promise to do it with utmost perfection. You can choose from the beach wedding packages, the one that suits your budget and requirements for the wedding day.

      Setting Up Things:

      Once the planning phase ends, we move on to the action phase. We design the location, keeping in mind the even the minute challenges of a beach wedding Sydney. For instance, a back-pack plan in case of bad weather, quality sound system and windscreen cover for the microphone to deal with the wind and the waves.

      You can relax now, for the fact that your beach wedding plans are in safe hands of Symphony Events.

      Vision To Reality : The much-awaited day, beautifully decorated and well-arranged locationbetween the sun and the sand, smiling faces all over. We offer this to you in return for your trust in us.

      We are privileged to serve many couples in their dream journey towards a perfect beach wedding. We adapt and improvise, keeping pace with the latest trends and technologies to present the ideal wedding gift to you.

      Feel free to contact us; we are at your help for all the concerns related to a beach wedding. We offer customized beach wedding services that are tailor-made to cater to your specific requirements. Let us mark the beginning of a long-lasting association aiming towards the dream of your perfect beach wedding.

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