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      Wedding Planning: An Ultimate Guide fo Your Dream Day

      Planning a wedding, one of the most incredible events in one’s life, can seem pretty overwhelming at times. Everyone dreams of their marriage as a day of perfection. Even if you got months to years for wedding planning, it wouldn’t be enough to take out the stress you feel while making each significant decision. Planning your wedding that reflects you as a couple involves endless details, responsibilities, and deadlines. The stress and complexity in wedding planning can dread even the most audacious couple. However, in between the hassle of planning, it is important to focus on the reason for celebrating in the first place: the wedding itself. Don’t let the pressure of wedding planning hover over your happiness of getting married. Stay organised during the wedding planning is the key to keeping your head on straight and enjoying the exciting time of your marriage.

      So, here is a complete guide on how you can plan a splendid wedding that is as unique as you. Consider the following steps to make the wedding planning less stressful, and try to have some fun; after all, this is your wedding.

      Set a realistic wedding budget and stick to it

      Plan a Big Fat Wedding Without Bankrupt

      Start your wedding planning by setting a fixed wedding budget. Budget is the essential first action item as it steers many significant wedding-related decisions in wedding planning. Estimating your wedding budget is no easy task. Sit together with family, discuss the finances with them, and figure out how much you can afford to spend. Prioritise things and set a prospect budget for each of them. Improper budget planning can lead to a lot of financial hardships and frustration later on in the process. Add a 5-10% buffer for unexpected expenses to your budget. Once you work out your wedding budget, stick to it.

      Setting the wedding budget is like putting the driving factor for the rest of your wedding planning right. Many of your decisions will depend on the budget. Setting the budget beforehand is really important to clarify many of the decisions you might have to make later in the planning process. This might not be easy and can be overwhelming if you haven’t had this discussion before. But once you set a budget, make sure that you stick to it. Read more about How To Plan a Wedding.

      Create a list of wedding day priorities

      Complete Wedding Checklist – Infographics

      Decide on your top priorities and make a list of what is most important to you about your special day. Is it the wedding theme or location? Want to book a famous DJ or band? Maybe a remarkable wedding photographer is at the top of your list. Prioritise those details to jot down the list. While deciding on your top priorities, sit down with your partner and think about the essential aspects that make up a wedding day. Construct an individual priority list based on personal preferences and then compare the priority lists. Talk through it thoroughly, consider the wants and desires of both of you, and be willing to comprise on some components. Once you decide what is most important, set a clear priority list. It will greatly help to allocate your wedding budget funds wisely based on your preferences.

      Sit with your significant other and set your priorities right. Give importance to the things you wanted to be great on your big day, like setting up a heavenly venue or hiring the perfect photographers or throwing a huge party afterwards. This is the time you discuss and finalise your priorities. You can also discuss hiring a wedding planner to make your wedding day unforgettable. You will be spared from most planning tantrums if you have the best wedding planners at your side.

      Choose the wedding theme

      Your wedding theme can be the true reflection of what you have dreamt of your special day. Choose a timeless theme that befits your personality and harmonises with you as a couple. Consider the vibe and mood you want to create for your wedding and think how you will want to reminisce on that day. While browsing through the Pinterest boards and multiple websites, you will find countless wedding themes such as rustic country, garden, fairy tale, beach, vintage, bohemian, celestial, nature-inspired, traditional and much more. You can draw inspiration from these themes and pick the perfect one representing you and your partner’s vision, taste, and personality.

      Moreover, think about your favourite colours as a couple and what wedding themes they are typically used in. You can use your preferred colour or its various shades as the baseline for the theme, which helps shape the rest of the design elements. Also, consider the factors like the season the wedding will take place, budget, etc., and most importantly, the wedding style should be a mutual decision between the two guests of honour.

      Pick the perfect wedding venue

      Once you have decided on a budget and theme, the next point to think about is where you will be hosting your family and friends to celebrate the marriage. The wedding venue is a crucial factor that influences almost everything else, like determining the wedding date, size of the guest list, budget etc. So, research potential wedding venues, visit the top contenders, investigate prices and packages, and, ultimately, choose the perfect wedding venue that fits your theme and budget.

      Get organised

      Being organised while planning your wedding will help you to keep everything on track. Shareable spreadsheets, checklists, Google docs, etc., are fantastic tools for managing information. You can also use wedding planning apps and tools that help you stay organised and relaxed throughout the process. Furthermore, your planning becomes a cinch when you keep your essential documents in the cloud. The cloud ensures better access to data and effortless collaboration, allowing any family member with access to work on the same page simultaneously and update the status.

      Select an ideal wedding date

      The wedding venue, theme, budget, everything is planned, but when is the magical event happening? From the moment you get engaged, everyone will start asking for your wedding date. To decide on a perfect wedding date, there is more to consider than it first seems. Choose a few ideal dates for your wedding; keep your date flexible to ensure your dream venue or vendor’s availability. Also, consider other factors like the season and weather, family and friends availability, family events, major holidays, work commitments etc., when choosing a date for your big day. Give a thought to all these factors and narrow down the options to a possible wedding date.

      Tactfully finalise your guest list

      Once you officially have your wedding date, start planning the guest list. Even though divvying up the list is complicated, try to keep this process as stress-free as possible. The selection of venue and budget has a notable influence on the headcount in your guest list. Sit down with your partner and important family members to compile a wish list of wedding guests. As soon as your guest list is finalised, start sending invitations to guests.

      Once the venue and theme are set, it is time to pull out the guest list. As the wedding and the venue’s size are all set, it will be easy to create the guest list. Never miss out on anyone essential, and never forget to write the names down. Brainstorming with your family and friends will definitely help.

      Select your wedding suppliers

      Hire wedding vendors as soon as possible based on your priority list because in-demand vendors are usually booked more than a year in advance. An experienced wedding planner can be a great help in searching for potential vendors. Even though you need to act fast, don’t rush into a decision, consider different options and choose vendors that harmonise with your vision and budget.

      Hire a wedding planner

      Managing all the wedding tasks yourself can be tiresome; hiring a wedding planner can make all the difference in planning your big day. They provide honest advice and full-time assistance in every step of your wedding planning. Also, they can guide you through the entire wedding planning process, from the engagement until the big day. You can assign the time-consuming responsibilities to a professional who has time-tested experience in wedding planning. Hiring the best wedding planners, like Symphony Events, can ease the hectic wedding planning process by organising your wedding in the most hassle-free way. They can help with budget constraints, deal with vendors, schedule appointments, coordinate the entire wedding day, and much more. Entrust your dream about your special day to an excellent wedding planner; they will help your vision come alive with their expertise and creativity.

      At this point, many might feel the whole planning process a bit overwhelming and exhausting. You might feel as if you are not getting the chance to sit back and enjoy the essence of the entire event. This is when you have to call the best wedding planners in town. They will take care of all your requirements and concerts. You can then sit back and get involved only when necessary. This is once in a lifetime event, and you make sure that you don’t get too involved in the planning and miss the fun and joy of the moments.

      Weddings are, without doubt, the biggest parties we would ever through in our lives. Weddings are super fun, lavish and splendid in itself. Keeping aside the pomp and magnificent ceremonies and rituals, weddings involve a hell of a lot of planning. Weddings call for family reunions and fun. While the fun part is essential, the planning part is as important as anything else. Without proper planning and systematic execution of the plans, there is room for tremendous confusion on the day. No matter the size of the wedding we want to host, the amount of planning and effort, these functions demand might not come down. Read more about How To Plan a Wedding.

      Well, it is tough doesn’t mean it is impossible. Through careful planning and a bunch of swift and efficient hands, you can make every wedding memorable and smooth. While planning, make sure that you include your significant other in the process. It is crucial to consider the interests pf both sides. Involving a wedding planner to get things done is a great idea, and many are choosing wedding planners to avoid last-minute confusions and miss outs.

      The Fancy Wedding Website

      Creating a wedding website that says all the details about your wedding can free you from endless text messages and emails. Add relevant details like date, time, venue, accommodations, itinerary, or the dress code. Read more about How To Plan a Wedding. The wedding website is like a digital invitation platform where you can check the details anytime, anywhere you want so that the guests will no more be confused.

      Save the Date Cards and Invitations

      It is time to choose wedding invitations and save the date cards. In every step of the planning process, make sure that you involve your partner as well. The planning is a time to get to know your partner better as you get to mingle and know each other’s preferences before the wedding. The save the date cards will give a heads up on the date, especially if it falls on a holiday. Make your wedding invitations unique and ensure that it aligns with your wedding theme to give that fancy outlook. And make sure that you and your partner choose a save the date card and wedding invitation that you both agree on.

      Research and Organize

      Proper research and considerations while you organise and plan various wedding ceremonies and functions are really a life-saver. Talk to the newlywed couple about how they managed their wedding and their areas they thought they could have made it better with a little more attention. Make sure that you keep track of all the relevant tips and points they share. Read more about How To Plan a Wedding. They might come in handy at some point.

      Book Your Vendors

      To make your wedding the perfect one, just like you have always dreamt of, you will have to hire vendors and more than you might think of. You can make sure that you can employ the vendors with whom you are comfortable. Nobody wants an adamant vendor to kill the fun of the whole event just by being rude.

      Choose the Wedding Dress

      This is a big decision as you want to be perfect on your big day. Try as many times you want or ensure that you order your dress if it is custom made way before the day. We do not need any last-minute hustles, that too, regarding the dress. Also, keep in mind that you should choose a dress that will look good on you and comfortable. The day will be long, and you don’t want to suffer the inconvenience and miss out on the fun and bliss just because of your dress.

      Take a Break

      Once everything is set, or you have reached a stage where you can trust your wedding planner with the rest of the items on the list, take a break from the shole planning and organising. Enjoy some days and prepare yourself to get ready for the big day, mentally and physically. Be prepared and reflect on the enormity of the decision you have taken and the life you will get into.

      The D-Day

      The most awaited day is here. Relax, and now you cannot control anything. You have done your best, and it is time to enjoy your big day. Sit back and absorb the moments. Trust your wedding planners if you have hired them or your instincts if you have not.