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      48 Wedding Ideas That Will Rage Forever

      Just like every new year, this year is already promising to bring a fresh wave of socially conscious and cool wedding ideas that you’re about to see everywhere. Brides and grooms who’re planning to get hitched this year are looking to make a serious splash with creative florals, and vibrant colours, all the while keeping sustainability and inclusivity and obviously their guest list on the top of their minds.

      From burlap aisle runners to cool wedding favours, these wedding ideas are making the most buzz at present. Don’t be astonished if you come across any one of these beguiling details the next time you are on a wedding guest circuit. Here are some of the unique wedding ideas to get inspired. 

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      Rustic Wedding Ideas

      1. Burlap Aisle Runner 

      Burlap Aisle Runner 

      Burlap aisle runner is a facile yet quiet way to add some pizzazz to your aisle.

      Simply deck out some burlap and top it off with rose petals! Instead, large baskets or containers of fresh blooms, birch logs, lanterns, and tree stumps- make for a perfect dramatic aisle!

      2. Go Non-traditional 

      wedding ideas

      When it comes to rustic wedding ideas, you certainly don’t want to go about preferring the most traditional wedding flowers either. Count on options that are quite natural, yet look more unstructured.

      A few options are spray roses, sunflowers, roses, and baby’s breath added with tons of greenery.

      3. Chiffon Ceiling 

      wedding ideas

      Chiffon material is an on-fleek way to gown up your venue ceilings, to add that rustic touch.

      Dangle the chiffon from one facet of your ceiling to another, racking up a greater middle factor if possible, to create a pointed seem.

      4. Bring the Indoors Outside 

      Bring the Indoors Outside 

      What began as mandates in the preceding year for outdoor ceremonies has absolutely transformed into some spectacular and truly exquisite wedding ceremonies. As you plan your decor, consider bringing a few of the charm of the indoors outside.

      Decorative furniture looks peculiarly elegant against an outdoor backdrop. Moreover, the perfect balance of opulence and nature makes for a one-of-a-kind, classic, and absolutely indelible experience.

      5. Create Chill-Out Zones 

      Create Chill Out Zones 

      Nothing quite says rustic, like tents, cushions, and blankets for your soiree to unwind. Tents will offer little nooks for your near and dear ones to take a break from the dance floor and have a brief catch-up.

      Backyard Wedding Ideas

      6. Go Bold With Blooms 

      Backyard Wedding Ideas

      Think past the bouquet and let flowers take centre stage in your event space with an over-the-top style.

      Talk over with your florist, to incorporate native plants that play on your event space.

      7. Give a Sign 

      Backyard Wedding Ideas

      Let your guests recognise from the very first second they step in that your ceremony is a backyard-themed affair.

      Your welcome sign is the very first thing that they’ll take note of, so bedeck it with the blooms and plants of your choice.

      8. Create a Desert Lounge 

      Backyard Wedding Ideas

      Setting up an elegant lounge area for your soiree to loosen up once the ceremony culminates, is a must, no matter if you’re toasting your love amid your own backyard or in a lush geographical area.

      Fabric in earthy shades, rugs, woven umbrellas, and textural succulents spotlight the aesthetic.

      9. Chandelier in Trees 

      Not all backyard ceremonies have to be a casual affair. Dangle ornate chandeliers from your trees for a glitzy aesthetic.

      As an accompaniment, add some sparkly garland for a spellbinding touch which will make your backyard affair just look and feel like a fairy tale.

      Unique Wedding Ideas

      10. A Show Stopping Ceremony Exit 

      Ceremony Exit 

      If done right, your exit with your better half will be one of the most heavily shot moments of your wedding, so steer clear of petals or birdseed.

      Perk up your exit by handing out bags filled with vivid confetti, mini beach balls, lavender buds, or paper airplanes for your guests to toss while you walk away.

      Alternatively, perform your own mini parade by handing out noisemakers and parasols to your guests to usher you to the car.

      11. Disposable Cameras 

      Disposable Cameras 

      Why not leave a single-use camera on each table and request your guests to capture moments from your big day?

      Thereby you’ll be left with hundreds of print-outs to add to your wedding photo albums, and that too, from some unique point of view!

      12. A Decked-up Entryway 

      A Decked-up Entryway 

      You shouldn’t splurge on a gazillion dollars merely for a lofty centrepiece, but first impressions do count. So take your time to consider how the entrance to your venue would be. Let your stationer design a chic seating chart display or else, incorporate a couple of floral arrangements over your escort card table.

      Alternatively, a table decked up with your engagement shots the wedding album of your parents, or anything else from the family artifacts make for suggestive additions.

      13. Spiritual Vibes

      Spiritual Vibes

      Couples these days aren’t afraid to incorporate spiritual elements into their nuptials and create traditions of their own.

      From alternative celebrants, vows, and even ceremonies anything goes.

      14. Wedding Music- Request RSVPs

      Wedding Music- Request RSVPs

      Let your near and dear ones abet with picking your wedding songs. This is yet another best way to get your guests involved.

      Simply request them to send a song along with their RSVP. This not just saves you from the hassle of creating that ultimate wedding playlist, but your guests have no other choice but to get up and step to the beats when their favourite song comes on!

      15. Bikes and Blooms 

      Bikes and Blooms 

      Add a little whimsy to your venue entrance with bikes coupled with blooms. This DIY wedding idea calls for a bucket swarming with seasonal blooms plus some silver eucalyptus.

      Simply stack them up in the bicycle’s basket!

      16. Floral Sand Centrepieces 

      Floral Sand Centrepieces 

      For a simple yet on-fleek centrepiece, top off dainty terrariums with sand and arrange blooms atop.

      17. Bright Balloon Centrepieces 

      Bright Balloon Centrepieces 

      For a low-priced alternative to blooms at the dining tables, think oversized bright balloons in a plethora of colours to suit your palette.

      18. DIY Entryway

      DIY Entryway

      Having a wedding outdoors? Swathe the entryway with colour-coordinated fabric and wreaths for that welcoming feel.

      19. Simple Centrepieces 

      Simple Centrepieces 

      Employ a bud vase- in lieu of one large arrangement to adorn each tablescape. Don’t forget to tuck in the table number sign as well amidst the blooms.

      Wedding Entertainment Ideas

      20. Fairground Games 

      Fairground Games 

      Planning to host an outdoor wedding?

      Then this wedding entertainment idea can be your best bet. Channel the vibe of Australia by introducing quaint stalls replete with games such as Welly Throw, Coconut Shy, and Hoopla!

      21. Live Band 

      Live Band 

      A live band is an upscale wedding entertainment idea when you want something different than that of the typical Wedding DJs.

      Even if you’re somehow exuberant about the idea of having a live band for your nuptials, it would be better if you pick someone who is backed up with some recommendations.

      22. Candy Cart 

      Candy Cart 

      It’s not only about salad bars or chaat corners anymore. Your loved ones will certainly look for something interesting yet unique that they haven’t seen before at any wedding.

      A candy cart lends a sweet end to your feast and can double up as wedding favours that allure kids and grown-ups alike.

      23. Put your Story on a Video 

      Put your Story on a Video 

      Who can defy a chance of getting to know the first time you met each other, and how you were prior to the wedding? Put up a video or display of slides that throw light into the life of both the bride and groom before they met.

      It will not just be something that your guests expect but it personalizes your wedding as well.

      Outdoor Wedding Ideas

      24. Mixed Seating to Add Comfort 

      Mixed Seating to Add Comfort 

      Why not think out-of-the-box for your ceremony seating?

      All seats don’t have to be uniform and instead spaced seating or mixed seating arrangements will add a one-off touch to your space.

      25. Double Arches 

      Double Arches 

      Double floral aches which scream outdoor wedding, can get underway from the arch and grow to floral bouquets and centrepieces.

      26. An Outdoor Wedding Lounge

      An Outdoor Wedding Lounge

      An outdoor wedding lounge is what you need, to add a laidback element to your ceremony and an area for your guests to hobnob.

      In lieu of clinging to their allotted chairs, your guests will have a lounge to mingle and enjoy with each other before the couple arrives or post-ceremony.

      27. Organic elements in tablescape 

      Organic elements in tablescape 

      Incorporate the great outdoors in your decor, with all sorts of organic elements.

      Think fruit bowl centrepiece with seasonal produce straight from the source.

      28. Wood Floral Backdrop 

      Wood Floral Backdrop 

      Nothing quite beats the ability of gorgeous foliage to make your wedding backdrop one with that of the outdoors.

      For that perfect outdoor wedding vibe, foliage with fresh blooms instantly spruces up the wooden backdrop where it lays.

      Simple Wedding Ideas

      29. Hang Your Flowers 

      Flowers aren’t just for the tables. Dangling lush floral arrangements above the wedding tables is a clever way to create a more intimate space.

      It not just makes your guests look up over and over, but an option if you don’t favour venue carpeting.

      30. Simple Menu

      The bill of fare determines how much you expend, squander, or save in a wedding. In lieu of picking an array of dishes and savories, which eventually end up wasted, stick to a few key simple dishes plus one or two sweets.

      Remember, your guests aren’t showing up at your wedding to enjoy exotic or pricey food, but instead to be a part of a once-in-a-lifetime occasion in your life and to shower you with blessings.

      31. Low-key Decorations 

      Low-key Decorations 

      Instead of splurging on unique ornaments or flowers to adorn your wedding venue and tablescape, go for low-key decorations.

      Basic floral arrangements and some centrepieces will do.

      32. Basic Wedding Favours 

      Basic Wedding Favours 

      In lieu of splurging on extravagant and unnecessary wedding favours, pick something simple.

      Perhaps something connected to what you love, your hobbies, anything symbolic of the venue, or even something connected to the season.

      Vintage Wedding Ideas

      33. Vintage-inspired Wedding Invites

      Vintage-inspired Wedding Invites

      Using vintage, biodegradable, compostable, or recycled paper is a progressive way to make a heirloom from one of the most temporal elements of the big day.

      Prefer invites with staying power and ones that can turn out to be heirlooms outside of being collected, framed, or stored in an album.

      34. Consider the Lighting 

      Vintage-inspired Wedding Invites

      Illuminate your space with vintage chandeliers, lofty candle holders, and candelabras for a look that feels as lovey-dovey as it does from the ages.

      And there’s nothing more smashing when it comes to illuminating an intimate soiree or a sit-down reception than candlelight in abundance.

      35. Create a Fairytale Table Setting

      Create a Fairytale Table Setting

      A lovey-dovey, moody tablescape is absolutely enchanting with lofty centrepieces, sparkling candles, and lanterns.

      36. Old Books 

      Old Books 

      Second-hand bookstores and charity stores will be your best bet for book centrepieces. Don’t forget to pick battered hardbacks.

      37. Birdcages 


      This vintage wedding idea is perennially popular among vintage theme fans and birdcages are one of the straightforward ways to adopt the trend.

      But the way you style them- it’s all up to you! Make sure you top it off with a wreath of flowers and candles.

      Wedding Ideas on a Budget

      38. Charming Jars 

      Charming Jars 

      Glassware, like the funky mason jars, will also fetch some exquisite reflected ambience to your venue lighting. Certainly, you can simply collect normal ones, in lieu of purchasing trendy mason jars.

      39. Balloons 


      Nothing quite says fun more than balloons. For your wedding decoration, don’t forget to add in some balloons as well, which will hover in the air.

      Either get hold of colours that go well with your wedding theme or pick ones of your choice.

      40. Geometric Candle Holders 

      Geometric shaped Candle Holders 

      Candleholders not only safely hold candles, but also make them look chic. Its quirky pattern casts shadows and makes for a perfect tablescape centrepiece.

      They’re what you need to add that edgy panache to your tablescape

      41. Cake Toppers

      Cake Toppers

      Let go of those conventional cake toppers that you may otherwise pick and go for a chic cake topper. With your name and your better half’s name with your wedding date etched on it, it will add that one-of-a-kind touch to your wedding cake.

      Plus, they make for a wonderful keepsake after your wedding, to mark the beginning of your journey together.

      42. Silk Flowers 

      Silk Flowers 

      If you’re having blooms, then it will be captured a lot, so obviously there will be a temptation to splurge more on it. But you can achieve a spectacular look with silk flowers.

      Or if art and craft is your thing, then handcraft one or else order a new or second-hand one which also makes for a wonderful keepsake after your wedding.

      Cool Wedding Ideas

      43. Cool Wedding Favours 

      Cool Wedding Favours 

      Present your guests with something that they can use right away- cool wedding favours.

      Think sunglasses, tealight holders, tote bags, floral candles, or even hangover kits. Or think quirky and give off a container of bubbles in lieu of rice.

      44. An Element of Surprise 

      Cool Wedding Favours 

      Incorporating an element of surprise into your wedding is an easy way to add a special component that can tickle your kith and kin. Just show up at the venue, on a horse or a carriage.

      Or better, via a hot air balloon if you’re hosting the wedding early in the morning adjacent to an open field.

      You can also ponder over cool wedding ideas like letting go of a dove or cluster of balloons during the ceremony and culminating the event with fireworks.

      45. Infuse Culture 

      Infuse Culture 

      Incorporating cultural elements from either of your backgrounds can be a cool way to personalise your wedding. Introduce some wedding traditions into your event, wear wedding outfits holding any cultural significance, or even prefer a special dance to stun your guests.

      All these elements make your d-day more special.

      Fun Wedding Ideas 

      46. Photo Booth 

      Photo Booth 

      A photo booth remains to be a must-have fun wedding prop. It’s also one of the best ways to keep one and sundry entertained during the transition from your wedding to the reception.

      Hire big props, like large goofy hearts, oversized glasses, and giant hearts. Props that are in no way related to your wedding which makes guests look cool will help lighten the mood.

      47. Let a Comedian as a Host 

      Let a Comedian as a Host 

      All and sundry loves a good laugh, so why not think of a comedian as a host for your wedding? Pick one whose sense of humor will make one and all laugh all day long.

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      48. Sing a Bespoke Song 

      Yet another wedding idea is this absolutely fun activity, which will get all and one up, excited and moving to join in. With that in mind, why not pen down a song of your own and let guests join you as well?

      Have the lyrics printed in advance and pass it over to your guests as well.

      Sing a Bespoke Song 

      These are wedding ideas that can take your wedding from exciting to a wedding of the year! Let these ideas inspire you to create some all by yourselves.