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      Wedding Hall Decoration

      As the saying goes, a marriage takes place in heaven. We are equally determined to make your day enchanting. A wedding hall decoration has a lot to do with making your day. So what is the secret sauce to creating a magical atmosphere for your wedding? Here are a few checklists to watch upon for your wedding hall decoration.

      1. The Lighting – Even though this may not sound like a decoration element, it is the only thing that can amplify the beauty of just any place. Make sure to install various ambient lighting, with a particular focus on chandeliers.
      2. Florals – Roses stand out in the wedding season and define the meaning of love. The red colours multiply the intensity of any room. But if you are not a fan of it, you can even consider other exotic florals like Daisy, Carnation, Hydrangea and Orchids.
      3. The Red Carpet – Nothing beats an awesome entry into the wedding hall than the red carpet. Who says that it is meant only for celebrities? On your special day, you deserve to be the centre of attention.
      4. Colour theme – You can choose any one colour to be the dominant one to bring a visual appeal to the atmosphere.
      5. The splendid banquet and Tablescaping – You can never miss out on an exquisite spread of delectables. Hence table arrangement is an essential factor. You can always cover the tables with satin clothes and artistically design the seats with satin ribbons as they give a silky, smooth and luxurious touch to the banquet. You can also make use of some unique and trendy glasswares as they add to the elegance of the table.
      6. Candles – Even though this may sound a little ancient, candles can bring serenity to the atmosphere. While you enjoy the beauty of the occasion, the fire stands as the witness to the beautiful celebration of bringing together two families.
      7. Stage Props – From anything ranging from umbrellas, backdrops and Nameplates, if you have an eye for detail, you can transform any place. The truth is that there is no rule to decorating a wedding hall. A wedding hall can be adorned just as you please.
      8. Curtains – Curtains are a great way to have a quick revamp to the entire outlook of the wedding stage. One can effortlessly bring the desired atmosphere to the wedding hall with the desired colours.
      9. The guest entrance: – You can have a nice ethnic good old fashioned chalkboard that welcomes the guests with the words “You are here to witness and be a part of Ed and Julia’s journey as one!” You can even place a great photograph of the couple.
      10. Seating Arrangement – The idea is not about arranging the chairs in order, it is about leaving them in the best way such that the guests of the wedding can enjoy the presence of each other filled with fun and laughter. The best way to enjoy a wedding is to let it be as simple as it is so that people can feel themselves at home and at an event at the same time
      • Ceiling Decorations : Remember those beautiful silk satin pieces of cloth hanging from the ceilings that reflect the ambient colours making the entire space glow like magic. You can have them at your wedding as well. After all, a wedding is all about creating magic and spreading the essence of it.
      1. The Cake Table : Being the most centred table in the entire wedding venue, the cake table deserved to be the most appealing.
      2. The Music, DJ and Dance Floor : You know you are in the mood to party after the rituals of the wedding have been taken care of. You can choose to have ambient-lit lighting for slow and romantic dances with fairy lights to add to the charm of the place. But if you plan on having a kickass rock n’ roll party, make sure to add some purple and yellow flashing lights to lift the mood.
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      It may be a bit challenging to conduct an Indian Style Wedding in Australia. You have to find the pandit to do the puja along with the necessary accessories and arrangements required. But at Symphony, we arrange for it all. You just have to nod your head and before you know it, all the arrangements shall be taken care of by the extremely skilled Symphony Events Team!

      Indian weddings are full of colour and interaction between several families. In India, the family tree goes a long way and there are plenty of emotions to capture. Hence it is also necessary to see that there is no room for errors. Right from the helping, you select your apt wedding venue to conduct the wedding of your style and choice, to the photography and event management of the entire occasion, our services are sure to keep you off the stress.

      1. High on Budget: One may have to face several challenges while seeking the perfect wedding destination. The ones that you actually like may not suit your budget. And it can be really heartbreaking to settle for something less.
      2. Lack of Amenities: Some wedding venues may fit in your hands financially but may stand low on amenities like a small wash area, or absence of a green room, or no room for installing tripods and wiring, or the worst, an indefinite car parking area.
      3. No room for Customization: Just in case you want to decorate your wedding hall with beautiful curtains and wall hangings, you may not get the option to customize it according to your will.

      We bring solutions to every problem. And that is a promise. And we do not just create relationships with our clients. We maintain them as well.

      We improvise, adapt and overcome. For those who are unable to decide on a wedding hall and need to cut down their budget further, you can even lay a beautiful shamiana. Outdoor weddings are still trending and much enjoyable. The wedding isn’t always about splendour, it is about celebrating the love of two people. You don’t need a vast spread of delicacies or the most expensive decorations to make your day magical. All you need is an Event Manager who can cater to all your requirements.

      At Symphony events, we don’t just assist you in the hall decorations for weddings. We undertake the complete wedding requirements of our clients. From Save The Date shoot, wedding photography and cinematography, guest invitations and guiding in selecting the best wedding venues, we cover the A-Z aspects of your wedding.

      It doesn’t matter where you are from. At Symphony, we do not discriminate based on your religion or race. We believe only in uniting people. Furthermore, a marriage is a lifetime promise. It is something to be cherished for the rest of your life. Moments like these deserve to be remembered for an eternity.

      For details regarding wedding photography, wedding hall decoration, wedding hall booking, wedding cinematography and wedding venues, you can get in touch with us anytime. We are trusted by hundreds of happy couples across Sydney. For a wider view of who we are and what we do, make sure to visit our website.