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      Top 20 Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

      Having long hair can be challenging, so you need the best wedding hairstyles for long hair. You can use more than 100 beautiful wedding hairstyles on your big day. Whether you are looking for classic waves, curls, updos, bows, or arty styles, you have many options to choose from.

      There are a number of factors that can influence your decision on how to style your hair. Besides the style of your dress and any hair accessories you plan to use, you should also consider whether or not you plan to wear a veil, and most importantly what length, texture, and color you want for your hair.

      Last but not least, our experts suggest talking with your stylist and trying out a few styles before making your final decision. Here are some looks to browse!

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      Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

      Updo wedding hairstyles for long hair are ideal for those with long hair who wish to complete their wedding look with some comfortable hairstyles. Select the most accurate option below based on the wedding hairstyle.

      1. Simple Hairstyle for Long Hairs

      Simplicity is the key to true elegance. Bridal hairstyles can sometimes be affected in the same way. Your most anticipated day is your chance to shine like never before. As a result, you should try this style.

      A wedding hairstyle with soft curls resting on your shoulders may be appropriate if your wedding gown has intricate details or your eye makeup is dark.

      2. Wedding Hairstyle Bridesmaids

      There is a lot of worry about bridesmaids’ appearances on wedding days, just like there is about the bride’s. Your wavy hair will look perfect in this style.

      You should choose a stylish hairstyle that is appropriate for your role as a notable participant. Be sure not to overdo it so that you don’t overshadow your bride.

      3. Curly Hairstyles

      wedding hairstyles for long hair

      In today’s world, a lot of brides like to curl their hair for their big day.

      Curling irons and rollers, braiding, and twisting your hair can be used to create perfect curls. To achieve a natural effect, pull the curls gently apart.

      4. Vintage Hairstyle

      Brides often favor vintage hairstyles for long hair because they are simple and elegant. Despite being relatively simple, they’re sophisticated enough to enhance femininity without being overly fussy.

      Vintage Hairstyle

      Your wedding doesn’t have to be formal if you wear your hair down.

      5. Curly Updo With Waves

      Try a curly updo with loose waves if your hair is long and curly. Suitable for any bride, this hairstyle creates a celebratory look. You can make the style more gentle by adding smooth waves.

      wedding hairstyles for long hair

      There is a tenderness to the overlook due to the smooth waves. To prolong the durability of your hair, you should comb it.

      6. Crown Curly Hairstyle

      wedding hairstyles for long hair

      You can achieve a luxury wedding look with a raised crown curly updo. As a result, you will be able to achieve a celebratory mood while looking gentle simultaneously. A gentle necklace would complete the look perfectly with a lace dress.

      7. Half Up & Half Down

      The most popular bridal hairstyle for long hair is the half-up half-down style. If you want, you can curl your hair and drop strands, or you can just accessorize with the right accessories.

      wedding hairstyles for long hair

      Tip: Long hair is so much fun to work with because it has so many styling options! The style you choose for your big day should be based on your haircut. It is especially difficult to create a shape with long hair without layers and framing. You may be better off with a fresh cut before you walk down the aisle, so speak with your stylist about the shape you want.

      8. Half-Up Boho Look

      Embrace a bohemian look that combines free spirit with tenderness. These requirements will be perfectly met by loose curls.

      wedding hairstyles for long hair

      Loose braids or loose hairstyles with a light natural styling. If you plan on wearing a boho wedding dress or not wearing a voluminous skirt, combine this hairstyle with it.

      9. Chignon Hairstyle

      A discussion on wedding hairstyles for long hair would not have been complete without mentioning the chignon. With this style, you can keep it clean and neat. It looks more classy with this bun behind you.

      Chignon Hairstyle

      As a result of its simplicity and delicate beauty, it is one of the most popular bridal updos. If you plan to wear bold jewelry, you should specifically choose it.

      10. Straight Hairstyle

      wedding hairstyles for long hair

      A gorgeous alternative to curly hairstyles, straight hairstyles aren’t as popular among brides as curly hairdos. Women with naturally straight hair should consider it if they want to highlight this aspect of their appearance. Put a hairpiece in your hairstyle to spice it up.

      11. Crown Braids

      If you are looking for a creative hairstyle for your wedding day or just want to feel like a goddess, the crown braid is what you need. What is the limit of your beauty? Here’s a hairstyle you should try! 

      wedding hairstyles for long hair

      No matter what method you choose, make your crown hairstyle unique by choosing the braiding technique that best suits you.

      12. High & Low Buns

      There is also the high bun updo category to consider. For brides who desire a hairstyle that allows them to focus on their veil, it is a reliable alternative.

      Don’t worry about keeping it tight, but be sure to add bobby pins at all the right places to ensure it stays in place.

      wedding hairstyles for long hair

      Low buns are perfect for those who don’t want chignons but want something that’s close to one. For brides looking for a low bun that adds volume without going for a traditional updo perched at the crown, this is an excellent option.

      13. Ponytail Wedding Hairstyle

      To show you just how remarkable these wedding hairstyles for long hair can be, let’s go back to the simple idea.

      Adding chandelier earrings to a backless dress will complete the look. Make sure your ponytail is a high ponytail.

      wedding hairstyles for long hair

      The low ponytail in this example complements the strapless gown of a bride. A low ponytail can also look good on long and loosely curly hair, especially if you have straight or wavy hair naturally.

      14. French Twist Hairstyle

      wedding hairstyles for long hair

      You can try the French twist hairstyle for long hair for a romantic wedding look.

      French twists are renowned for their splendor, as well as their ability to reveal the back and shoulders of your neck, as well as your face. Your natural features will be highlighted in this way.

      15. Faux Hawk Braids

      wedding hairstyles for long hair

      Although faux hawks tend to look aggressive, they can add a wonderful touch to your wedding decor. Make sure you only wear the faux hawk on the top of your head to tone down its flashiness.

      Put a long braid on top of the rest of your hair and toss it to the side.

      16. Slide Braids

      wedding hairstyles for long hair

      It is impossible to have a feminine hairstyle without braids. French braids, Dutch braids, or classic 3-strand braids will all soften your bridal look regardless of your choice.

      Even better is to sweep the braid to the side.

      17. Australian Wedding Hairstyle

      wedding hairstyles for long hair

      Especially if you come from an ethnic background with certain traditions, your wedding is a great opportunity to express your culture. The bouffant style and jaw-dropping accessories of an Australian wedding hairstyle, for instance, stand out.

      18. Updo Wedding Hairstyle for Long Hairs

      wedding hairstyles for long hair

      If you are a classic bride, you may wish to choose a traditional updo for your wedding day. Getting the desired results requires the help of a professional hairstylist. If you want to add a bit of glam to your updo, use crystal accessories

      19. Fishtail Hairstyle

      wedding hairstyles for long hair

      Just look at this delightful fishtail braid to prove that braids are a style that will never go out of style. Loose braiding and the fishtail braid itself resting over one shoulder are two things we like about it.

      You can add a sweet touch by leaving a few loose strands in the front.

      20. Mermaid Braid

      wedding hairstyles for long hair

      Don’t you just love boho hairstyles? The mermaid braid is sure to please you if you agree. A mermaid’s tail looks like this type of braid if you’re not familiar with the term. If you have long or thick hair, we highly recommend it.

      When Should I Get My Hair Done Before A Wedding?

      If you plan to dye or cut your hair before the rehearsal, then you should go to the master who will do your wedding look. A week before the wedding is the best time to dye your hair, never the day before. Do not go to bed with a wet head on the night before the wedding day, or before the arrival of the stylist. You must thoroughly dry your hair before the arrival of the stylist.

      What motivates you to care for your hair?

      Even the pickiest bride will be impressed by these wedding hairstyles for long hair. It is your choice as to whether you want to wear your hair in an updo, braids, or even down with the right details on the big day.