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      36 Wedding Gift Ideas For Couples: Brides and Grooms Actually Want

      When you choose to go off-register for Wedding Gift Ideas, ensure that what you are giving the couple is something you think that they will revel in forever.

      If you are not certain of what to buy, then it will be a better idea to stick to a thoughtfully picked selection or get inspired by it.

      Being mindful of that, we have curated a number of best wedding gift ideas that newly wedded couples will be delighted to accept. From Airbnb cards to personalised gift boxes, your journey of finding the best wedding gifts ends here.

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      1. Airbnb Cards

      How about booking a great, chilled-out, romantic getaway for the duo to spend quality time together? Overwhelm them with a getaway location,(any nearby city) where they can traverse and enjoy the company of each other.

      Airbnb Cards

      Airbnb is reasonably priced, homely, and the best choice for adventure seekers and travel-dreaming couples.

      2. Journey Box

      No more lousy packing. Gift the bride and groom every reason to be with each other and evade stress. And the best way to do that, which also is one of the unique wedding gifts in Australia, is a journey box.

      Journey Box

      They usually comprise a list of essentials, a planner, and an assortment to store all the essentials. In other ways, it comes with everything that any couple needs handy for their escapade. Thus a thoughtful gift like a journey box would make their vacay planning comfortable and free from troubles.

      3. Voucher to Their Favourite Spa

      Getting your friend/relative a solid wedding gift isn’t necessary. Why not present them with experiences, which they’ll cherish for a lifetime? So a luxury spa voucher can make for a splendid experience for the newlyweds.

      spa Voucher

      The hustle and bustle of weddings and parties can be tiring. So who wouldn’t want to unwind at their most favoured spa for a soothing massage? Consider giving them a voucher, and they would love the experience.

      4. Personalised Pendant Set

      Seeking out-of-the-box personalised wedding gifts? Then a personalised pendant set can be your best bet.

      Personalised Pendant Set

      Consider getting the pendant engraved with the names/initials of the couple, and get ready to receive all the praises! Or if you want to make the gift more on the quirky side, rather than their names, go get the pendant engraved with a lovey-dovey message.

      5. Decorative Pieces

      A wedding opens the door to a new life, a new family, and even a new home! So presenting decor pieces and accessories goes a long way in making their new home of love and perfection.

      Decorative Pieces

      Decor gifting ideas include astrological sculptures, peace-makers, and bean bags- think of what interests them more and pick the gift.

      6. Clothing

      Yet another great gifting option for the couple is clothing. It can amp up their wardrobe. When it comes to clothing for the bride, everything from the bridal trousseau to honeymoon baggage can be preferred to present.

      clothes as wedding gift in australia

      The same applies to the groom as well- but you can also club accessories with clothing to light up their face. Choose from wallets, watches, belts, cufflinks, ties for the groom, and clutches, shoes, and watches for the bride.

      7. Honeymoon Photography Session

      For any newlyweds, a honeymoon is a time they will want to memorialise evermore. One of the best ways to document those spesh moments is video. Presenting the newlyweds with a honeymoon photography session is an utterly fresh and unique wedding gift in Australia that you can think of.

      Honeymoon Photography Session

      Image Courtesy:

      Plus, it will save them from the hassle of spotting a backdrop or a location for some splendid shots!

      8. Instant Camera 

      If photography is their thing, get them an old-school instant camera that qualifies as a unique wedding gift in Australia. Either of them could tote them while they’re on the getaway or even after their post-wedding revelries.

      Instant Camera as wedding gift in australia

      With an instant camera, they can capture some shots to add to their wedding album. Essentially, they would have their own tinge of documenting moments!

      9. Personalised Sign for the Entrance

      Which out-of-the-box wedding gift can you present that the couple would hold dear forever? A personalised sign featuring their names and the date of the wedding! The couple will just love the idea of dangling their official sign at their entrance.

      Personalised Sign for the Entrance as wedding gift in australia

      It will make for a wonderful keepsake for them to reminisce about their big day every time they take a look at it. They can flaunt them either in the entryway or at the door side to give their loved ones a homey and warm welcome whenever someone shows up.

      10. Shadow Box

      One of the times in any person’s life, when they wish that they would be saved eternally, is the wedding. And by giving them a shadow box, they can simply do so or surpass their expectations!

      Shadow Box as wedding gift in australia

      The box can house anything from the bouquet, to reception flowers, and wedding shots. They are one of the most creative wedding gift ideas that let the couple show off their wedding day.

      11. Suitcase With Built-in Charger

      Make their vacays much much better by gifting a dual-purpose suitcase! Not only does the case keep their belongings secure wherever they traverse, but it also provides them with an extra battery that acts more like a boon lest there are sudden 3-hour layovers.

      Suitcase With Built-in Charger as wedding gift in australia

      It also comes with numerous pockets to keep the essentials neat and organized. Mark our words they won’t travel without this suitcase!

      12. Arrange a Romantic Dinner

      If you’re someone who doesn’t love to splurge on gifts, yet loves to present something with inbound meaning, then this can be your best bet- a lovey-dovey dinner would be something that they would love to have! Alternatively, you can opt in for a lunch buffet as well. It can absolutely be an indelible experience for them as well!

      Arrange a Romantic Dinner as wedding gift in australia

      Scores of hotels and restaurants render poolside dining, candlelight dinner, or dining by the beach. You can go ahead and book a table for them and let them know about it as a surprise. A romantic dinner can be the perfect occasion for them to get along with each other, and spend quality time together after the hurly-burly of the wedding.

      13. Home Decor-Lighting

      The couple who seems utterly stunning in their wedding attire will be setting up home soon after, and this gift will be invaluable to them.

      Home Decor-Lighting as wedding gift for couple in australia

      Think ahead of kitchen appliances and think innovative by presenting them aesthetically gratifying home lights.

      14. Portable Speakers

      Of course, one and sundry wishes to get the groom something that he will cherish, but if you are his best friend, you want to leave him spellbound with something extra special. Gifting him meaningful wedding gifts goes a long way to show how important the groom is to you.

      portable speaker as wedding gift for couple in australia

      Then how about presenting a melody of music to him? Portable speakers are a perfect way to suggest harmony and melody in the lives of newlyweds.

      15. God Idols

      Weddings are a propitious event in which two souls unite and turn one. So gifting god idols is one of the best wedding gift ideas. Gift the couple with a god idol in accordance with their belief.

      god idols as wedding gift for couple in australia

      Thus what else can be better than the blessings of God for any bride and groom beginning their new phase of life together?

      16. Hand-drawn Picture of the Couple

      If art is your thing, then what’s a better idea than devoting some time, making the most of your expertise, and putting a lot of heart and soul into making their face light up? If you’re skilled at drawing or know someone with a drawing talent who can lend a hand, then it can be the unique wedding gifts in Australia that you can give them.

      Hand-drawn Picture of the Couple as wedding gift for couple in australia

      If you can draw the picture all by yourselves or get it drawn, particularly their own shot, which can be framed afterward, then it can make for the best wedding gift!

      17. Digital Photo Frame

      Even wedding gifts have set foot into the digital era. And this fact can be better complemented with a digital photo frame. But be mindful to pick a digital photo frame that comes with built-in memory and can play slideshows

      Digital Photo Frame as wedding gift for couple in australia

      18. Exclusive Groom/Bridal Set

      Bridal sets are typically gifted during the pre-wedding ceremonies. For example, the bride’s parents may give the groom dinnerware, silver bangles, or a cufflink set. On the other hand, the groomsmen may get a watch, silver flask, glass set, and more.

      Bridal Set as wedding gift for couple in australia

      It’s also a great idea to pick one of these for the pre-wedding ceremonies, which can be a better keepsake for the couple.

      19. Luxury Watch For Him

      A watch is an accessory that each and every man would wear. Be mindful that they are an investment. So be sure to get something that matches his style and is lasting enough. Does he prefer ones with leather watches?

      Then think metal strapped watches for him(recommended only if he loves to experiment). Or if you’re ready to spend more, then think of upscale watch brands.

      20. High-end Tableware

      Dishes are vital, yet they can be useful, and pretty classy. Getting the couple with upscale tableware will bring you praise for a minimum of three times a day.

      Be it dinner, breakfast, lunch, or tea time, the tableware you’ve gifted with much love will bear your signature on it.

      21. Lovey Dovey Hot Air Balloon Ride

      Let them keep their heads in the clouds. For that indelible wedding gift idea that no one would have even thought of before, why not give them a lovely dovey hot air balloon ride?

      Lovey Dovey Hot Air Balloon Ride as wedding gift for couple in australia

      Posh adventures as these are truly indelible. At times you may discover some of the best wedding gift ideas in the clouds.

      22. Honeymoon Vouchers

      This makes for one of the best wedding gifts for the bride and groom. Probably the first thing lingering on their mind is the honeymoon, once the revelries are over. So why not give them an exotic honeymoon voucher as their wedding gift? This doesn’t just go a long way to let them spend some quality time together alone, getting to know each other more, but also save on your honeymoon!

      Honeymoon Vouchers

      Hence leave them exhilarated by presenting them with an exotic honeymoon voucher which makes for their first journey as a married couple.

      23. Furniture

      Furniture makes a house a home and why not give the couple a piece of furniture for their home? From queen size beds to side tables, the options are plenty.

      furniture as wedding gift for couple in australia

      You can find a range of furniture offline and online, which can be delivered directly to their address.

      24. Personalised Gift Box

      Amaze them with the most personal wedding gifts you can mayhap imagine, with a personalised gift box. Within, you can pack it with gifts having sentimental value, which will well up their eyes as soon as they unveil the box- from shots of when they were young to personally written cards wishing them a lifetime of love and happiness to even luxe gifts off their registry.

      Personalised Gift Box as wedding gift for couple in australia

      There’s no better way to astonish them with something than inside an upscale, personalised gift box. It accents the bond that you share with the bride/groom and the way you care for the bride/groom.

      25. Home Appliances and Gadgets 

      Newlyweds go above and beyond to make their abode snug. Their life can be made snug with the home appliances required for a modern household.

      Electric appliances ranging from mixer grinders, induction cookers, microwave ovens, hand mixers, and electric choppers to coffee makers, a kitchen requires them all! Whereas home theatre and TV sets are a momentous need for your drawing room.

      Personalised Gift Box as wedding gift for couple in australia

      You can earn a big thank you from them if you give them any of these home appliances that go a long way to up their living standards.

      26. Showpieces For Couples

      Showpieces make for another spectacular gifting option for the bride and groom since they will certainly adorn their new abode and be a perfect addition to their showcase.

      Showpieces as wedding gift for couple in australia

      It can be cultural, religious, nature, or even couples! You can discover suitable showpieces online and offline. They can be affordable or upscale, so based on your budget, you can pick one.

      27. The Venue!

      In addition to the decor products, and kitchenware, this is one of the unique and out-of-the-box wedding gift ideas.

      Sol Gardens

      You can take the event space part and lend it as a gift for the couple. Recommended for close family members, this is the best way to share wedding costs.

      28. Artwork

      If the couple loves art, then why not gift them with something that they would love, like artwork? It can be something like wall art, DIY trousseau, or a handmade bouquet.


      It can make for a catchy decor item if the couple loves amping up their abode.

      29. Refundable Concert Tickets 

      Assuming that the bride and groom(or either one) simply love singers who made it big worldwide, music lovers and concert lovers will truly reveal the day!

      Concert Tickets as wedding gift

      They will reminisce about the experience and thank you once they’re done with it

      30. Resort Gift Voucher For Parents

      Spending 50 years with each other and making a marriage successful does not just imply sharing affection and trust. It also constitutes the grief and predicaments that one has gone through. Our father and mother have constantly spared no effort to give us a beautiful future.

      Concert Tickets as wedding gift for couple in australia

      A golden anniversary is one of the best opportunities to give back that serenity. Gift them a resort gift voucher for an indelible getaway!

      31. Remarkable Showpieces For Parents

      Showpieces mirror our feelings and emotions. So why not bring a smile to their face with a heartwarming showpiece typifying their eternal journey of love and perseverance?

      Remarkable Showpieces For Parents

      They make for a wonderful golden wedding anniversary gift for your parent’s room.

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      32. Digital Photo Frame For Parents

      This makes for one of the memory-evoking golden wedding anniversary gifts. To savour the sweet bygone memories that your parents have, why not gift them a digital photo frame that can display their old and latest shots alike.

      wedding gift ideas

      It’s possible to replace the photos every now and then.

      33. Matching Wallets

      Wallets are useful, handy, and equally sought, and loved by men and women.

      wedding gift ideas

      So why not amaze matchy-matchy wallets to your parents celebrating their 50th anniversary, which they can carry around without a second thought?

      34. Jewellery

      One of the traditional wedding gifts for the bride from the groom is Pearls, especially earrings, bracelets, or necklaces, which the bride may don during the nuptials.


      Other suitable choices include a diamond necklace or diamond studs that go quite well with her ring.

      35. Personalised Photo Album

      Take a trip down the memory lane of your relationship. Sort out those shots that tell a story in sequential order, beginning with the early days to the present.

      Personalised Photo Album

      Don’t forget to add some captions as well!

      36. Elegant Watch For Her

      This is one of the traditional wedding gifts for the bride from the groom or the other way around for a reason- watches are the joyous way to announce that it’s time. You can find a boundless number of choices in the market, but seek something that best matches her style.

      Elegant Watch For Her

      Wedding gifts don’t merely mirror your creativity but also create exhilaration among the bride & groom, family, relatives, and guests. So choose the best and add to their happiness from this list of curated wedding gift ideas!