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      30 Wedding Games to Keep Your Guests Entertained

      Laughter-filled moments, happy faces, romantic vibes – aren’t these what you dream of for your big day? When love fills the air, sprinkle moments of fun above them to make it even more vibrant. Planning and organising entertaining moments is indeed a great idea you can incorporate into your wedding day celebrations. 

      Creating positivity all around, wedding games also give chances to get to know each other better. Moreover, when the whole atmosphere brims with laughter and joy, capturing the moments in lovely photographs looks even more beautiful. Here are 30 wedding games to keep your guests entertained and engaged in the celebration. 

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      1. Jenga

        Add fun to your wedding with the classic game of Jenga. As guests immerse themselves in the challenge of removing blocks from the tower, they will fill the atmosphere with laughter and happiness, creating an engaging environment that entertains everyone.  

        wedding games

        2. Giant Dominoes

          With a piece of plywood and some paint, envision turning your wedding day into a lively and joyful event. Incorporate giant dominoes into your outdoor festivities to add an element of fun and excitement. With straightforward rules and clear directions, this game ensures that even kids can join in and experience the thrill of playing.

          3. Connect Four

            Another classic game you might have excitedly played in childhood, Connect Four is sure to entertain kids and adults alike. Set up the board in the gaming area where players place coloured disks into grids. With simple and fun-invoking rules, this game will keep everyone entertained. 

            nikah decor

            4. Lawn Bowling

              Have a blast with lawn bowling, played in large outdoor areas using large inflatable pins and plastic bowling balls. Turn their competitive spirits on by challenging guests to knock down pinks with fewer throws and keeping track of scores.

              5. Couple’s Crossword

                One of the most interactive and curious activities on the list of wedding games, the couple’s crossword is all about testing how much the couple knows of each other. The entire puzzle revolves around personalised questions that challenge both partners to answer them, creating fun-filled moments and life-long memories. 

                6. Ring Toss

                  If there is one game that no one ever gets bored of, it is ring toss. Make it even more entertaining by writing guests’ names on paper and attaching them to rings or bottles. An interactive gaming session for both kids and adults, it’s sure that no one will ever turn away from this game. 

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                  7. Corn Hole

                    Board, beanbags, and a lot of fun- that’s what corn hole is all about. This exciting wedding game can be made more engaging and attractive by customising the boards and beanbags. Adding hues that match your wedding theme is a great way to make it all look like part of the whole wedding arrangement. 

                    8. Croquet

                      How about splitting into teams and having a blast? Play croquet, a perfect wedding game, not just for the couple but for the whole family and friends too. Split into teams and compete with each other to move balls through hoops. Mark scores to make the game even more interesting and keep the competition lively. 

                      Wedding Entrance Ideas

                      9. Badminton

                        For every badminton lover, don’t hold back, even if it is your wedding day. Instead, make it a part of your celebration with the simple setup and easy-to-follow rules of the game. Keeping the spark alive, this game is sure to be everyone’s favourite part of the whole event. 

                        10. Bocce Ball

                          One of the best lawn games, bocce ball, is yet another interesting wedding activity that brings everyone together in an enjoyable atmosphere. The game starts with each team throwing balls toward the jack ball, placed at the beginning of the game. The closer the ball lands to the jack ball, the higher the points scored. 

                          11. Giant Dice

                            A casual but interesting game, the giant dice make your wedding moments roll up in fun and entertainment. Let your guests enjoy the fun of rolling these giant dice and taking chances to get closer to everyone. 

                            wedding games

                            12. High Striker

                              Creating a nostalgic experience, High Strikers is one of the best strength-testing games. This lawn game consists of a vertical tower, a mallet, and a bell. The most exciting part of the game is definitely the support from the guests, as they joyfully celebrate each moment of the game with enthusiasm and happy cheers. 

                              13. Ladder Golf

                                Enhancing the celebratory mood, ladder golf is an ideal wedding game designed for two or more players. Throwing bolas (two balls attached by a string or rope) at the opponent’s ladder rungs, each team competes against the other. Keep track of the scores earned by each team, as the first to get 21 points is declared the winner. 

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                                Group Games and Interactive Activities

                                14. The Shoe Game

                                  Seating the bride and groom on chairs placed back to back, the bride and groom hold one of their shoes and one of the partner’s shoes in their hands. As questions about their relationship are asked, the bride and groom raise shoes as answers. 

                                  15. Freeze Dance

                                    Freeze Dance is a lively wedding game where guests dance to music on the floor. When the music suddenly stops at a particular point, they must stand frozen in their current pose. The goal is to stand perfectly still without making even the slightest movement, and the last person remaining wins the game.

                                    16. Wheel of Fun

                                      As the name suggests, the Wheel of Fun is an entertaining activity that keeps the whole gathering engaged. A vibrant wheel with diverse challenges or activities is placed at the gaming hall, inviting guests to spin and partake in the fun tasks depending on where the wheel stops.

                                      Wedding Entrance Ideas

                                      17. Word Search

                                        A puzzle created with different words related to weddings or lifestyles is placed in the activity hall and the guests are asked to search for and find words hidden within. This classic game played and enjoyed for generations, evokes fun as everyone eagerly hunts for words and works together to solve the puzzle successfully.

                                        18. Dart Art Station

                                          A creative activity, the dart art station is a game where the guests use darts to create artwork. By placing balloons filled with paint on the board, the guests are asked to throw darts at them, causing bursts of colours that create unique artwork that you can store in memory of your beautiful day. 

                                          19. Wedding Guest Bingo

                                            This engaging game involves collecting secret facts about the wedding guests and writing them on bingo cards. As the game begins, guests receive these cards and are asked to find the person each fact describes. The guests work together to find out who gets matched with the facts on their bingo cards, creating a lively and interactive environment. 

                                            wedding games

                                            20. Dance Challenge

                                              Dancing together is one of the best parts of wedding celebrations, so why not play a game that keeps everyone joyfully on their feet? In the dance challenge, each table is named after a song title. When these songs are played, the respective tables get up to dance together. This dynamic game creates a lively environment throughout the ceremony. 

                                              21. Themed Photo Booth

                                                Capturing special moments is a way to keep memories alive. With themed photo booths, guests can create personalised, creative snapshots that reflect the beauty and enthusiasm of the celebration. 

                                                22. Board Game Station

                                                  Looking for the simplest yet most entertaining wedding games? You have a bunch of classic board games to play together. Let them play their favourites or try new games with others. This relaxed and fun activity encourages mingling and ensures everyone has a great time. 

                                                  wedding games

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                                                  23. Stand Up, Sit Down

                                                     Questionnaires are never-ending fun! The game progresses with a series of questions asked to the guests. With each question answered with a “yes” or “no,”  the audience sits or stands. This interactive game keeps guests engaged and adds a playful element to the event. 

                                                    24. DJ Name That Tune

                                                      Let your guesses win the prize! As the DJ plays the upcoming song for a few seconds, the guests are asked to name the tune to win a prize. Creating curiosity among the audience, this game will keep everyone thrilled. 

                                                      25. Balloon Pop Wall

                                                        Turn on the vibrant mode with the balloon pop wall, where a collection of balloons is pinned to a large board. As the guests pop each balloon with a pin, they receive a hidden message, a gift, or an instruction. 

                                                        Wedding Entrance Ideas

                                                        Kids Games

                                                        26. Colouring Station

                                                          Keep the kids entertained by creating a separate section for their activities. By keeping colouring books, doodle papers, sketches, or crayons for kids, they can engage in their activities without getting bored. A wedding-inspired book will be a great option, as it creates a thematic experience for the children.

                                                          27. Children’s Interactive Placemat

                                                            Organise a fun-filled area exclusively for the kids. With diverse activities including puzzles, arts, crafts, and other games, the children’s interactive placement ensures that the kids stay entertained throughout the event. 

                                                            wedding games

                                                            28. Hopscotch and Hula Hoop

                                                              Let the kids enjoy themselves by setting up a dedicated play area for them. Arrange an area where they can spend some of their time and energy on activities like hopscotch, hula hoop, or jump ropes. 

                                                              Reception Table Games

                                                              29. Dare or Dare

                                                                Make the day even more lively by challenging your guests with simple yet interesting dares. Let them laugh their hearts out as they perform funny tasks that amuse everyone. 

                                                                30. Picture Scavenger Hunt

                                                                  Plan a picture scavenger hunt for your guests by arranging different wedding moments and asking them to capture the image with their phones. These special wedding moments, like the bride and groom kissing or sharing lovely glances, the crowd cheering in happiness, etc., will create a wonderful collection that captures the beauty of moments. 

                                                                  Infuse Exciting Wedding Moments with Symphony Events

                                                                  Let’s make your wedding moments more memorable by choosing some lively games and activities. Boosting your energy and spirits, these games will immerse everyone in laughter and happiness. 

                                                                  Plan picture-perfect wedding moments with Symphony Events, the leading wedding planner in Sydney. Blending your dreams with our expertise, we arrange your special day and celebrate your love in exceptional ways.