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      Floral Magic: 21 Imaginative Wedding Flower Types

      For wedding flower types, it’s tempting to spend hours and hours browsing through lovely photographs of bridal bouquets. The most popular wedding flower, without a doubt, is the red rose. However, other varieties of flowers might be more difficult for soon-to-be newlyweds to recognise.

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      What if we told you that creating the event of your dreams didn’t require making any compromises, especially when it came to the floral décor? Florals aren’t something you have to give up, after all. What’s the answer?

      For big-day flowers that don’t break the budget, it’s important to think strategically about the sorts of blooms, the volume of blooms, and their seasonality. It’s important to remember that gorgeous and affordable wedding flowers are the real attraction on your wedding day.

      To help you ease into the process, here’s a list of awe-inspiring wedding flower types to select from and make your wedding exceptional. The list consists of the most common flowers for weddings, as well as a look at some of the most popular foliage and plants.

      1. Camellias

      Camellias are one of the most stunning bridal flowers available. These gorgeous blooms are accessible year-round, despite the fact that they emerge late and blossom early. There is a wide range of colours to choose from, as well as a number of different types that may be employed if needed. The understated grace of these lovely blossoms is well known.

      This stunning flower is the ideal choice for bridal bouquets, centerpieces, and boutonnieres. You may even draw loving notes or calligraphic designs on its petals at the reception because of its delicate waxy texture, which resembles that of rose petals.

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      2. Roses of Various Hues

      If you’re getting married, nothing says “I do” like a red rose. It has a lovely, timeless feel to it.

      But how can your rose be distinct from everyone else’s? With the appropriate colour, you’ll be on the right track. If you’re looking for a white rose for your wedding, don’t be afraid to experiment.

      On your big day, white is a neutral shade, so it will work with anything you pick. Add some variety in white tones to your bouquet and table arrangements to make them stand out.

      Wedding Decoration Ideas

      3. Sunflower

      The blossoms of a sunflower, like a million golden filaments, may be a magnificent centrepiece for bridal floral arrangements.

      The use of sunflowers as wedding décor is a fashionable trend these days. Sunflowers are a beautiful alternative to traditional bridal flowers, and they may be used in bouquets or as a table centrepiece.

      Everything is done in the shape of this cheery flower, which is generally connected with love, affection, and warmth, from sunflower centrepieces to sunflower table decorations.

      Wedding Decoration Ideas

      4. The Lace of Queen Anne

      Beautiful Queen Anne’s lace serves as a lovely memento of your wedding day. If you’re getting married, it’ll look lovely in just about any kind of bouquet.

      The beauty of this flower resides in the way the petals flutter away, resembling little birds.

      White roses, lavender, Lily of the Valley, and chrysanthemums are common flower choices for weddings and other formal events. Many brides are choosing to wear it as an accessory for their weddings, and it is becoming increasingly trendy.

      wedding themes

      5. The Dogwood

      They have been used for wedding flowers and décor because of their beautiful white petals, slender shape, and glossy foliage. Dogwood is a low-maintenance evergreen perennial that’s perfect for weddings on a budget.

      Think of a delicate, pale-pink blossom perched on a sparse limb. Think about how many flowers a single bud could produce if it had the ability to bloom on every limb of a tree for a whole season.

      Your wedding might benefit from dogwood flowers in this way.

      wedding arch ideas

      6. Hyacinth

      I adore the combination of citrus and lavender found in hyacinths, which can be used as either a centrepiece or a table arrangement with mixed greens. Intensely fragrant, the hyacinth blossom has a mild, fresh scent.

      The hyacinth has a natural-looking bloom and an appealing simplicity that makes it great for bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres alike.

      Hyacinths are especially useful in the early spring since their blossoms are less prone to dropping and breaking off, making your flower arrangement endure longer.

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      7. Passionflower

      Passionflower is the flower of the moment and has been making a big impression at weddings recently. Romance, camaraderie, and youthful love are all conveyed through its utilisation.

      There are several ways to incorporate the petals and leaves of a flower into a wedding bouquet or arrangement.

      The flower’s form and colour make it stand out against any colour of the background. Passionflower is a great alternative to traditional bridal bouquets of roses and orchids.

      Wedding Decoration Ideas

      8. Hydrangea

      Bridal bouquets and hand-tied arrangements often include hydrangeas. Wedding florists may use them in a multitude of ways because of their wide range of sizes and colors. Hydrangeas are a wonderful choice for bridal bouquets and centrepieces, and they may be used in any flower design.

      They are easy to use, come in a variety of colours, and can withstand even the hottest conditions.

      Hydrangeas make it simple to create unique bouquets because they go well with so many other kinds of flowers.

      wedding themes

      9. Lavender

      It’s hard to beat lavender as a bridal flower. Colorful and fragrant, this lovely flower is perfect for a wedding bouquet, bringing the fresh scent of nature into a church or a reception venue.

      Adding a dash of colour to the midst of your white-clad bridal party is easy with lavender.

      It may be utilised to design your dream wedding or even as part of your wedding day decor at any step of the planning process. There are many additional ways to incorporate lavender into your wedding day, as well.

      wedding themes

      10. The Peony

      When it comes to weddings, peonies are a great alternative to traditional flowers because they may last up to 10 days longer than other flowers.

      Many brides are adding peonies to their bouquets since they are so pricey. Peonies in bloom are a sight to behold, with their large, showy blossoms evoking memories of a warm summer day.

      They may be used in bouquets, centrepieces, or any other form of floral arrangement to add a touch of elegance to whatever event you’re throwing.

      wedding decoration ideas

      11. Paperwhite Narcissus

      Beauty, perfection, and affluence are all represented by Narcissus. The Narcissus flower is an excellent choice as a centrepiece for your special event.

      Their beautiful blossom arrangements may be easily and affordably customised with a wide selection of colours and flower types to meet any floral design strategy.

      When it comes to adding a pop of colour to your big day, this perennial favourite is your best bet.

      Narcissus is available in a variety of colours, including white, yellow, orange, and purple, but brides like the softness and purity of the white variety, which is why it’s so common in wedding bouquets.

      wedding themes

      12. The Thistle

      Thistles are a long-time favourite among gardeners. The thistle is revered as a flower of power, grace, and vivacity. It has a wide range of uses, from the most conventional to the most avant-garde, thanks to its intriguing qualities.

      The simplicity of the thistle’s attractiveness is what keeps its appeal everlasting. Beautiful, delicate, and sturdy, these flowers make excellent wedding or table centrepieces.

      These thistles are a gorgeous complement to any event, and they may also be placed on top of a vase of fresh flowers to make a statement.

      Great Gatsby Theme 

      13. Veronica

      The veronica flower may give your wedding flowers a more natural appearance. A traditional veronica-wrapped orchid stem is a year-round source of colour and enchantment.

      This flower is an excellent choice for a wedding bouquet or boutonniere, church decorations, aisle decorations, and even the reception area.

      Veronica wedding bouquets are ideal for creating the romantic flower appearance you’ve always envisioned for your big day.

      wedding arch ideas

      14. The Story of the Bunny’s Tail

      An adorable flower, the rabbit tail plant, is an excellent choice for wedding décor because it is more groomed than bunny ears.

      If you want to stand out from the crowd, this bunny-tail flower is exactly what you’ll need. They’re perfect for brides on a tight budget.

      They don’t need a lot of attention because they’re small and compact. The nicest benefit is that you don’t have to maintain a water supply constantly because they don’t take up so much water.

      The Story of the Bunny's Tail

      15. Shrubs of Eucalyptus

      The eucalyptus plant may be used in a variety of ways during a wedding. This blossoming tree may be used to create beautiful décor.

      Rustic wedding photos amid eucalyptus forests seem stunning. Eucalyptus has a more delicate hue than other plants, lending a romantic appearance to any arrangement it’s in.

      Several flowers mix nicely with eucalyptus, too. Imagine a groom surrounded by towering, green trees with the forest as his backdrop Even for non-wedding photoshoots like engagement or family portraits, eucalyptus is a terrific choice.

      In the meantime, have a look at these lovely wedding flower types in a variety of themes and familiarise yourself with everything that fall has to offer.

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      Wedding Decoration Ideas

      16. Go All Out With Your Garden

      There are many ways to incorporate pink and white blossoms into a neutral colour scheme. What’s the crux of the matter? Make a rich, leafy green border around your neutral-coloured blossoms.

      This winning mix pays homage to Mother Nature in her own right.

      Silver Candelabra

      17. Summer Coral

      Make the case for coral tones in the autumn with this floral arrangement that can be used as a centrepiece or bouquet.

      The vase bursts with dried grasses, Lunaria, carnations, and brown lisianthus.

      Summer Coral

      18. Gold and Jewellery Colourations

      A hand-tied bouquet of dahlias and other summer blooms, including zinnias, veronica, and roses, all of which are accented with cascading maidenhair ferns and raspberries.

      Wedding Decoration Ideas

      19. Tones of Luxury Jewellery

      A woodsy wedding can be complemented with a lovely bouquet of roses, wax flowers, and eucalyptus.

      vintage wedding ideas sydney

      20. Roses of Bohemia

      Gold-coloured roses, fall foliage, and burnt orange ribbon make these bouquets both formal and boho at the same time.

      Wedding Venues in Tasmania

      21. French and Feminine

      Lilac roses, thistle, and wildflowers on a single ribbon create a highly feminine bridal bouquet.

      Wedding Venues in Tasmania

      For a memorable wedding, use these gorgeous wedding flowers and flower ideas that are focused on certain themes.

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      When it comes to wedding planning and design, Symphony Events is the only place you need to go. Make sure that your big day is saved on our calendars.