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      30 Upscale, Unique and Affordable Wedding Favours to Amaze Your Guests!

      Seeking the perfect wedding favours for your guests who’ll travel from near and far to join you in your revelry? There’s no better way to show some gratitude to your guests than by rendering a one-of-a-kind and personalised wedding favours Australia. They’re an inexpensive means not just to thank your family and friends but also to personalise an element of your nuptials in a way that reflects you and your significant other.

      But picking the perfect wedding favours need to be unruffled and plain sailing. Besides, your choice should be both meaningful and practical. After all, you long for the memories of your big day to be with your loved ones even after your special day. And nothing quite beats the wedding favour as it can be the best reminder of the once-in-a-lifetime day in your life. Ranging from personalised to edible favours, pricey to affordable choices, here’s a roundup of the best wedding favours that are certain to overwhelm your guests.

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      Crystal favours can be a viable choice for guests. With a history of healing powers, these unique wedding favours can typify spiritual empowerment, energy and magic. These positive aspects make them the best choice as wedding favours. The choices seem overwhelming, ranging from angels, merry go round, horses, flowers, cinderella, globe and more. Your loved ones will reveal any and all special touches at your big day festivities.


      Succulents are having a moment from the past year onwards, and it’s quite evident why. If you are a couple, who is into gardening or seeking a favour that typifies the growing life that you and your better half have, these prickly plants are the perfect option for those who need their guests to have an abiding keepsake.

      And succulents wedding favours are quite resilient, so fret not as your plant killer friends will be able to handle well. Plus, they’re quite easy to care!

      Plant Terrarium

      Give your loved ones memorabilia of your wedding day with a plant terrarium. Your plant terrarium will have a special spot in each guest’s living space.

      Sugared Almonds

      If you’ve ever got a chance to be one of the guests for an Italian or Greek wedding, then we bet that you were gifted sugared almonds.

      Sugared almonds are one of the best edible wedding favours, and you can step up the game with the way you prefer to bestow them to your guests through a Do-it-yourself box wrapped in a ribbon or a sheer and small pouch, it’s certain to be a winner.

      Or why not get them in your wedding colours so that they go well with the wedding decor and centrepieces?


      Assorted glasses are an out-of-the-box way of cutting corners and letting your family and friends have a say in their wedding favour.

      Amass a whole bunch of various glasses that comes in manifold shapes, colours, sizes and types. This doesn’t just make for a perfect centrepiece, but your guests can just pick one glass to use on that day and take it home afterwards.

      And, it goes a long way to cut corners when it comes to renting glassware, making it a win for you as well.

      Mini Lanterns

      These splendid wedding favours are quite a win-win. They double as an exquisite keepsake and as a centrepiece to your reception that adds a radiating ambience. You can even tie the escort cards that come with the names of guests to it as well. Your friends and family will be delighted to understand that they can bring home those sparkling and gorgeous lanterns as a token of gratitude from you.

      Single-use Camera

      Remember the last time you got a film developed? Certainly, it was a while ago. However, there is something quite retro regarding making use of a disposable camera, so why not gift them one? So you’re open to chances to get a copy of happy shots from the nuptials. And they make a one-of-a-kind little favour. Make sure that you avail yourself of some spare cameras as well, and your loved ones will be snap-happy all day. You can even add a checklist of things to snap as well!

      Recipe Jar

      Maybe one of you is a chef or simply loves cooking, then a recipe jar will certainly be right up your alley. Just get some jar/tube and specific ingredients along with a written recipe for a quick item to cook later. Case in point- a small cake or brownies. You just need a handful of ingredients, and your guests can treat themselves when they get back home.

      It’s one of the unique wedding favours which keep your guests’ tummies full.

      Exotic Chocolates

      Chocolates are decadent to our taste buds and can’t be resisted to dig in, regardless of the age. You can’t go wrong with exotic chocolates as your wedding favour. You can find customised chocolate boxes at stores or even online. Some brand suggestions include- Jacques torres chocolate, vosges haut, pierre marcolini and Teuscher.

      Mixtape CD

      If you wish to embrace a vintage, retro vibe, then just think of getting some mixtape CDs. Pick a few songs, which means a lot and more to you both as a couple. It can be something you love to sing aloud together or even a track which you’re reserved for dancing at your wedding.

      Get the CD wrapped in a paper cover with customised names and wedding date and let your loved ones to listen to the songs, which means the most to you.


      In all likelihood, a vast majority of your guests may be coffee fanatics or, at the very least, have tea now and then will make the most of the mugs you’ve gifted them. You may even get them customised with your names and wedding date. Pick the best mug style that goes well with the colour for the day, Even oversized mugs are quite a preferred choice as wedding favours these days.


      Scrumptious, unique and decadent! Macaroons are delectable & edible wedding favours that are certain to go down a treat. Something that you can choose from an array of flavours, they’re one of the best wedding favour owing to their versatility. You can pick the packaging, flavour, colour with ease and you’re loved ones certainly love a bit of sugar hit. You may also prefer bespoke colours and flavours to match the theme for the day.

      Make sure to pack them in boxes so that your guests don’t have to worry about a thing when it comes to carrying them at the end of the day.

      Luxury Body Products

      A lot of brands have gift boxes that comprise body products such as shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, body lotion and more. They come in a variety of fragrances such as lavender, tea tree or even musk. Luxury body products make for unique wedding favours that you can consider getting for your guests..


      This is one of the elegant and original wedding favour ideas which go a long way in leaving the memory of your big day with your guests. You may choose from options such as Eau de perfumes to air freshener, linen scented chalks, scented soaps to candles to which you can add some personal touches. It goes without saying that they make for a unique and refined favour.

      Engraved Watches

      Another way to show your gratitude to your guests being there is to gift engraved items that typify the big day. This is effective as time is a favour and also always in motion, which implies that reminiscing the wedding goes a long way to keep the moment alive forever. The case in point for one of the engraved favours is an engraved pocket watch that comes with your date of the wedding. They make for one of the perfect wedding favour ideas as they help reminisce the guests that they were a part of something indelible.

      Gift Box Set

      Gifting a favour that is incredibly personalised is the best way to help your guests bring the big day back home with them. Essentially this can be typified by providing a luxe box set that comes with everything they can use later on. For instance, you could go for a box that comes with items such as scented candles, soap, or even edible items, which is a novel way for them to bring home something that their luggage can house and also render them joy long after the big day is over.

      The best thing about settling for a gift box set as a wedding favour Australia is that your near and dear ones can keep on using them. We think this is the best way to thank the guests who showed up on your big day. There are also various gift box sets which you can present. Case in point, a box full of cooking or baking tools, another best way to let them remind of the spectacular wedding day.

      Top it off with little bows or get boxes having bows to amp up the elegance of the kit.

      Spiked Hot Chocolate

      A hot chocolate wedding favour is an out-of-the-box idea with a twist. Who doesn’t love chocolates? Your near and dear ones of all ages will be sure to make the most of these luscious chocolate wedding favours in their days ahead. Be sure to top the bottle off with some mini marshmallows, and you are good to go.

      Personalised Face Masks

      Masks are more like a normal part of nuptials nowadays, so why not give them a personal touch? Hand them washable and reusable masks as personalised wedding favours Australia. They will keep one and sundry safe during the ceremony and can be used once the wedding is done.

      Organic Honey

      In this world, organic honey is quite rare. A vast majority of honey available in the markets come with all sorts of things that one should avoid as well as preservatives. So why not present them with honey wedding favours. They will truly appreciate it’s taste. You may even find personalised labels online to stick on each honey jar.

      Scented Candles

      From time immemorial, candle wedding favours have been utilised as wedding favours. And they prevail to be so for a reason. The best thing with candle wedding favours is that you can get candles infused with your favourite scent to make your guests feel even much special. You can even settle for unexpected scents as well. And if you’re wondering what a big day smells like- it’s floral and fruity.

      Cake in a Jar

      Chocolate wedding favours are a win-win every time, so why not take up the creative path and stun your guests with a jar cake that they won’t be able to resist poking into? They’re having a moment, and why not get them something with personalised touches as well? Even though the choices are plenty, from red velvet cakes to chocolate fudge cakes, the best thing with jar cakes is that you can even get vegan ones as well. Or alternatively, you may even slice up your favourite cakes and make a gift out of them.

      Ladies Accessories

      Let the ladies say “you never fail to astonish me” by presenting an assortment of potlis, bangles or even earrings that they can use straight away or bring home as wedding favours. You may even consider getting some accessories that go hand in hand with the theme for the day.

      Photo Frames

      They make for the best favour for a varied crowd. You can even get them personalised or alternatively get photo frames online or offline for your loved ones. And there are no hard and fast rules to insert a wedding snap, however your guests might be encouraged to add your wedding snap into the frame you gifted them! You may get the frame personalised by engraving your names and wedding date, or choose not to get it personalised at all!

      Custom Spice Blend

      It’s quite easy to create your own blend of spices and herbs to hand your loved ones as a personalised wedding favours Australia. Some of the spice blend ideas are:

      Edible spice blend: They are exemplary for personalising your nuptials. You can go for something renowned for your cultural area or wholesome spices or dessert based spices.

      Herbal spice blends: Why not consider getting them in personalised mason jars?

      You may even get them personalised to your heart’s content. The best thing about this favour is that your guests continue to use them even after your wedding.

      Jewellery Trinket Boxes

      You can find different kinds of trinket boxes, to be precise jewellery boxes, on the internet. They are ideal for ladies of all ages on your guest list. And the best thing with them is that you may even get them customised too based on your budgets and tastes.

      Custom Sunscreen Bottles

      If you’re chalking out a destination wedding, or even better- an outdoor wedding during the scorching summer, then custom sunscreen bottles that come with carabiners will be a win-win. You may even add personal details such as your names, date of the wedding and even the place of the wedding.

      Gourmet Tea

      This is a wedding favour that most guests will actually use. Why not stun them with a pack filled with your choice of tea flavour and labels of your name and wedding date? They even won’t cost a fortune, unlike coffee beans. Flavour suggestions are- Fruit tea, ginger, chai, black rose and earl grey.

      Pie in a Jar

      Anything that comes in mason jars truly looks scrumptious-case in point- pies. A slice of pie that comes in a jar can be the potential to be a massive hit on your big day. And the best suggestion is fruit pies without the nuts.

      Tealight Holder

      Stun your loved ones with an elegant tealight holder. There are no best means to send-off your guests with a favour that will transport them back to the fond moments of your nuptials. The best thing is that they’re available in a box that can be handed to your family and friends.

      Coffee Beans

      Are you both caffeine fanatics? Then coffee beans favour can be your best bet. They make for unique wedding favours as they’re practical and specific to the duo. Perhaps your first meet was over a cup of coffee, or you may cross paths for the first time at a cafe!

      And if you just love the aroma of the coffee, it’s the best handy gift for your guests to pop in their valises as a scented freshener. They’ll also make sure that your loved ones are wide awake the subsequent day.

      A few things to consider before finalising

      Think logically: You may even believe that handing a bunch of exotic flowers makes a fantastic idea, not all truly needs to tend them afterwards. Your go should be something that they love and actually use.

      Refrain from over personalising your favours: Imagine- do anyone put on the t-shirt with an image of your big day? It’s fine to personalise but never go overboard!

      Try them First: Each and everything, particularly if you’re giving away edible wedding favours. Make certain that regardless of whatever be it, it tastes great and will be how it should be prior to ordering.

      Couples who realise the value of a practical wedding favour will also be ready to expend the money required to ensure that every loved one seems satisfied and validated at the end of the day. Affordable gifts aren’t truly the way to go if you need something practical, as at times, it is required to discover more pricey choices to ensure you are getting better quality items that your guests will utilise over and over again.