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      110 Wedding Entertainment Ideas That Will Wow Your Guests

      Weddings are the epitome of celebration, colour, and entertainment. We have attended numerous weddings to date, but we remember only a few. Why does this occur? This is because even though the wedding remains the most beautiful day in the lives of the groom and bride, the same feelings may not resonate with the guests. Only through engaging the wedding guests in different entertainment programs can we create fond memories of the wedding day in the guests’ minds.

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      110 Creative Wedding Entertainment Ideas

      1. Fireworks

      Every adult has a child hidden within them, and no child would not squeal at the display of fireworks at a wedding. The awe and astonishment at watching the sky light up in colours are indescribable and overwhelming.

      wedding entertainment
      1. Sparklers

      Many might feel that fireworks are excessive for a wedding. The solution to this is to use sparklers. Sparklers will look beautiful and remain simple while engaging the guests. 

      wedding entertainment
      1. DJ

      Music is the life of a wedding. Flawlessly tuned music can make anyone shake a leg, thus creating a harmonious atmosphere throughout the wedding. 

      Oversized Letters
      1. Live band

      A live band that sings melodiously in the background of the reception creates a festive atmosphere throughout the wedding. 

      1. Song request

      When guests are given the option of selecting a song for the wedding, they are delighted to learn that one of their requested songs is being sung or played.

      The Freedom Hub
      1. Different genres of songs

      Challenging the guests to keep up with the changing music is another way to entertain the guests. A constant change in the types of songs and dances associated with it will create much delight for the audience. 

      vintage wedding ideas sydney
      1. A video of their love story

      Creating a video about your love story will further involve the crowd in the wedding ceremony. 

      Wedding Photographers in Australia
      1. Karaoke

      Arranging a platform for the guests to belt out their songs is also an innovative idea that can entertain the guests. 

      DJ Dumplings
      1. Props

      Preparing props that the guests can use while dancing or for photos is an innovative idea for entertainment. 

      Quilt Clothes
      1. Candy Station

      Another entertaining idea is to create cotton candies and give away a variety of candies. 

      Candy Station
      1. Ice-cream stall

      giving away various flavours of ice cream according to the taste guests prefer. 

      1. Live popcorn

      Popcorn is a delight to both adults and children, just like ice cream. Preparing different flavoured popcorn is also a great idea. 

      1. Cake stall

      Freshly baked cakes in different flavours can be provided to the guests. 

      1. Chocolate truck

      A truck filled with an array of chocolates in different flavours and shapes will captivate anyone. 

      1. S’mores

      Gathering the guests near the bonfire to make their very own s’mores is quite the novelty. 

      1. Wine tasting

      Tasting different types of wines is another experience that can be provided to the guests.

      1. Whisky bar

      Just like wine tasting, trying out the different whiskies with ice and soda is unique. 

      1. Cocktails bar

      An exclusive bar to mix different cocktails and request your favourite drink. 

      1. Cigar bar

      Cigars that are considered gentlemanly can be offered at the reception in vintage boxes and accessories.

      1. Photo booth

      The photo booth is the platform for the guests to click amusing pictures with family and friends. The props used in the photo booth make the photos informal and fun. Thus, this can engage the guests.

      1. Dance

      Pulling your guests to the dance floor for the playlist you have selected creates a joyful atmosphere. 

      1. Table chefs

      Choosing a guest from the assigned table to carve the meat can increase interaction between guests who do not know each other. It is a great icebreaker. 

      1. Bonfire

      As the reception extends to dusk, dancing and singing around a crackling bonfire is an experience that cannot be missed. 

      1. Advice cards

      Leaving an advice card in each guest’s place to give a pearl of wisdom to each guest is hilarious and thought-provoking at the same time. 

      Advice cards
      1. Silent disco

      When it comes to dancing, giving each guest their very own personalised song to jam to will create a spectacle.

      Silent disco
      1. Ballroom dancing

      Dancing to the melodious tune and waltzing along the dance floor is a fascinating sight.

      Ballroom dancing
      1. Tribute band

      Hiring the band that has always been your favourite brings unfathomable joy to the event. 

      Tribute band
      1. Talent show

      This is an opportunity for both the wedding couple and the guests to showcase their hidden talents. 

      talent shows
      1. Fancy dress

      Wearing ostentatious dresses at weddings creates a lively mood and makes for great pictures. 

      Fancy dress
      1. Beer pong

      Starting a game of beer pong will bring the spectators and players much closer, even if they are strangers to each other. 

      Beer pong
      1. Temporary tattoos (Mehendi)

      Mostly seen in Asian countries, this exciting work of art is incredible and adds a splash of colour to the celebrations. 

      Temporary tattoos (Mehendi)
      1. Trinket shop

      Another idea for the wedding is to set up a shop at the wedding reception with a variety of trinkets that can attract guests. 

      Trinket shop
      1. Thank you cards

      Cards with photos of the wedding couple and the guests are distributed as a token of gratitude for attending the ceremony. 

      Thank you cards
      1. Mr & Mrs Quiz

      This is a standard game that tests the knowledge the couple has about each other through hilarious questions, and this game elicits laughter from the audience constantly. 

      Mr & Mrs Quiz
      1. Fun quiz

      A quiz about very common and fun things can create a great mood.

      Fun quiz
      1. Treasure hunt

      A quest to find the treasure through the clues kept at numerous places.

      Treasure hunt
      1. Pinata

      Having the couple break the pinata at their reception creates much cheer.

      1. Flash mob

      A flash mob is an unexpected event, but the delight it brings is greater than any other event. 

      Flash mob
      1. Live painter

      Having an artist paint a live picture of your guests is an innovative idea. 

      Live painter
      1. Bouncy castle

      A toy that will entertain both adults and children equally. 

      Bouncy castle
      1. Fast food trucks

      Burgers, pizzas, french fries, fried chicken, and other varieties of fast food can be served to stir the appetites of the guests. 

      Fast food trucks
      1. Dessert bar

      An assortment of desserts can make any heart sing, be it for adults or children. 

      Dessert bar
      1. Fortune teller

      Hiring a fortune teller to read the fortunes of the guests is an exceptional idea.

      Fortune teller
      1. Magician

      A magician with great tricks can still astonish an audience irrespective of age. Through his show, he can add a flare of magic to the wedding. 

      1. Singing waiters

      Imagining the waiters singing in unison while serving the food sends a thrill of joy to everyone’s minds. 

      Singing waiters
      1. Darts

      Throwing the darts to find the guest with the best aim even while they are half drunk is amusing and hilarious.

      Wedding Ceremony Venues in Sydney
      1. Fire breathers

      With their ability to blow fire, fire breathers create a mystical effect on the reception. 

      Fire breathers
      1. Circus show

      Hiring a circus to entertain the guest is also another idea to entertain the guest. 

      Circus show
      1. Face painting

      Painting the face according to the theme of the wedding creates a festive mood at the reception. 

      Face painting
      1. Butterfly release

      Releasing a horde of butterflies after the ceremony makes for a great picture and memory at the same time. 

      Butterfly release
      1. Casino

      A safe and subdued version of gambling games like poker, roulette, or blackjack can boost the energy of the room. 

      1. Life-size chess

      Playing chess with life-size chess pieces can be entertaining, and it may be nostalgic for Harry Potter fans out there in the audience. 

      Life-size chess
      1. Sack race

      A sack race with the participants struggling in their formal wear is comical. 

      Sack race
      1. Giant Jenga

      Jenga is an engrossing game that can engage a wide range of audiences. 

      Giant Jenga
      1. Mini Golf

      Just like its name suggests, it is a miniature version of golf and can be enjoyed by many.  

      Mini Golf
      1. Light show

      Using lights to add beauty to the ceremony and reception is not a new concept, but it still creates indescribable awe in the minds of the guests. 

      Light show
      1. Confetti cannons

      The confetti raining down during the ceremony rejuvenates the celebratory mood of the occasion.

      Confetti cannons
      1. Glitter bar

      Glitters are used to make designs that will help the guests shine in the literal sense.

      Glitter bar
      1. Entertainers for children

      Hiring a separate entertainer for the children can divert the children’s attention. It also helps the adults relax their shoulders and enjoy the function. 

      Entertainers for children
      1. Balloon artist

      The artist creates different shapes with the balloons to amuse and liven the atmosphere.

      Balloon artist
      1. Impersonations

      It can be amusing to ask guests to impersonate the wedding couple or a friend. A professional impersonator can also be hired to spice up the program. 

      1. Pass the parcel

      This game creates and eases the anxiety of the participant at the same time. It is a wonderful game and should be played with a lot of people. The more the merrier. 

      Pass the parcel
      1. Afternoon tea

      Offering an afternoon tea while relaxing after the occasion can do wonders for a person’s energy levels. 

      Afternoon tea
      1. Cookies made by guests

      Including the guests in the process of making cookies and having them with their tea is a unique experience. 

      Cookies made by guests
      1. Burrito bar

      A burrito bar with customised filling according to each guest’s preferences. 

      Burrito bar
      1. Waffle stand

      Serving freshly cooked waffles that will create waves among the guests. 

      Waffle stand
      1. Offering a toast

      Allow close friends and family to offer toasts, remembering the good old days spent with either one or both of the couple.

      1. Bouquet throw

      Getting all the bachelors and bachelorettes together and throwing the bouquet to find the person with the most luck to get married next. 

      Bouquet throw
      1. Animals

      Keeping animals in the arena can create interest for both kids and adults. 

      1. Drummers

      The drummers’ beats and passionate performances can put the audience in a trance. 

      1. Dance routines

      Choreographed dance routines prepared by cousins, friends, family, or even the couple themselves entertain the guests to no end. 

      Dance routines
      1. Vodka luge

      Seeing the vodka poured over a block of elegantly sculptured ice is a spectacular sight. 

      Vodka luge
      1. Guess who

      Leaving hints about a certain guest and the quest to guess their identity. 

      Wedding Videographers in Australia
      1. Cosplay

      Dressing up as a cartoon, film, or novel character creates a fun atmosphere. Kids would be spellbound by these turns of events. 

      1. Wedding crackers

      Appropriate usage of wedding crackers creates picturesque images and it also fascinates the guests. 

      Wedding crackers
      Photo taken by Christopher Bunce Photography | |
      1. Doughnut tower

      Doughnuts stacked one atop the other, in their colourful glazing, can attract the attention of guests from miles away. 

      Doughnut tower
      1. Champagne tower

      Creating a tall structure with champagne glasses and pouring champagne is well worth the money.

      Champagne tower
      1.  Father-daughter dance

      A dance between the father and daughter is both emotional and nostalgic. 

      Father-daughter dance
      1. Celebrity look-alikes

      Hiring celebrity lookalikes to create a buzz at the reception is dope. 

      Celebrity look-alikes
      1. Pranks

      Wedding ceremonies, pre-rituals, and receptions are the best choices for staging a prank that will fool almost everyone. 

      1. Surprise gifts

      Choosing a surprise gift that will be given to the guests according to their luck is an interesting concept. 

      Wedding Videographers in Australia
      1. Helicopter arrival

      Utilising a helicopter for the grand entry is an innovative idea nowadays. 

      Helicopter arrival
      1. Midnight feast

      Planning a midnight feast after all the celebrations will renew the vigour of the guests.


      Table Lamps 
      1. Boat trip

      Organising the reception on a boat surrounded by water is the new trend nowadays.

      Boat trip
      1. Hangover kits

      Prepare hangover kits for the guests who partied hard enough to be unable to stand straight the next day.

      Hangover kits
      1. Instrumental music

      Use classical instrumental music during the wedding to create a rich ambience. 

      Instrumental music
      1. Horse and carriage

      A grand entry with the horses and carriages would have astonished the guests.

      Horse and carriage
      1. Pamper pack

      Assembling a pampered pack with all the products that would be needed by the guests to freshen up in the appropriate places.

      Pamper pack
      1. Origami

      Collectively learning origami and hanging them in the venue will leave a reminder of the guests in the couple’s lives.

      1. Silhouette artist

      A silhouette artist creates masterpieces of the wedding couple and guests, adding mystery to his work.

      Silhouette artist
      1. Slideshow

      A slide show humorously explaining the traits and characteristics of the groom or bride will cause hysterical laughter.

      1. Maypole dancing

      This dance, with its vibrance, formations, and easy steps, will provoke the guests to try their hand at it.

      Maypole dancing
      1. Duck racing

      Using plastic ducks in a stream and racing them. However, let me remind you that it can get quite competitive. 

      Duck racing
      1. Water drums

      A performance with water on the drums, thus creating a varied sound along with the spectacle of water being splashed while being performed. 

      Water drums
      1. Secret Date

      Assigning secret dates for guests and providing clues on how to find their dates.

      1. Gin bar

      Arranging a gin bar for the enjoyment of the guests. 

      1. Chocolate fountain

      The never-ending fountain of chocolate and the glee at its sight is unimaginable. 

      1. Fingerprint guestbook

      Creating a book with the colourful fingerprints of the guests for memory.

      1. Standup comedy

      Performing stand-up comedy to pry out peals of laughter from every last one of the guests.     

      The Voice Book
      1. Opera singers

      Hiring opera singers to belt out opera songs for the entertainment of the guests.

      1. Prosecco bar

      Prosecco has now become the latest trend in the wedding industry. 

      1. Bake off

      Baking fresh goods for the guests. 

      1. Picnics

      Preparing the reception in a picnic fashion, with baskets of food and large meadows to idle in. 

      1. Dove release

      Releasing doves after the ceremony is a beautiful image in itself. 

      1. Caricaturist

      By hiring a caricaturist, the guests are witnessing the live transformation of a person into art by the caricaturist. 

      1. Space hoppers

      Using space hoppers for an intensive bout of gaming.

      1. Awards ceremony

      Declaring awards for the guests for their participation. The awards may include the best dancer, the best-dressed man, and many more. 

      Wedding Videographers in Australia
      1. Souvenirs

      Distribute souvenirs to the guests for attending and creating beautiful memories with the couple.

      Unique Wedding Favours Ideas in Australia
      1. Hired dancers

      Professional dancers can be hired to put on spectacular performances that can be appreciated by the audience.

      1. Foreign artists

      Recruiting foreign artists for a novelty has increasingly become a trend.


      Weddings, with all their festivity, do not focus only on the groom and the bride but rather encompass everyone who is a part of the wedding. Since guests form a major part of weddings, without them, the whole wedding would be incomplete. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the organisers to keep the guests engaged and maintain the jovial ambiance of the wedding. These 110 ideas to entertain the guests are just the tip of the iceberg, and many more innovative ideas will follow to create better ways to captivate the guests. Till then, let these 110 ideas be your guiding light. 

      Symphony Events aims to create the best wedding experience for both the couple and the guests. Their services provide stress-free and smoothly managed weddings. They are renowned for their services in creating memorable wedding experiences for the couple and their guests through their innovative wedding ideas. They strive to create the best wedding experience that can be added to your list of evergreen memories.