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      18 Wedding DJs in Sydney to Soundtrack Your Special Day

      One way to make sure your guests have fun is through your wedding entertainment. It might also be an additional option for you to make the occasion uniquely yours. After all, your wedding is a celebration! You want to throw an epic party that none of your guests will quickly forget. Whether your objective is to entice guests onto the dance floor or simply have some wonderful music accompany the event, hiring a wedding DJ may be a great alternative.

      Weddings are important occasions, and the success of your wedding reception depends on the DJ you choose. Are you planning to have a wedding DJ? Since music is necessary for any party, you must know how to choose the finest DJ to throw the best party of your life! Here is a ranking of Sydney’s top wedding DJs.

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      1. White Clover Music

      Tom & Kate, Australia’s most popular wedding duo, provides more than just wedding music. They also offer a complete wedding package that includes a DJ, MC, coordinator, and concierge. If you’d like to hire top-notch live acoustic music, an enthusiastic DJ, a warm and engaging MC, a seasoned coordinator, and a multi-skilled concierge, let Tom & Kate handle it all for you, and yes! They go all around Australia.

      The husband and wife pair, who have been performing weddings together since 2011, are dedicated to making your wedding a full success. They have played at over 600 wonderful weddings and are currently one of Australia’s most sought-after wedding music duos.

      wedding dj sydney

      Both of them hold music degrees, so they can quickly learn and play your special moment songs while ensuring that the day runs well and taking care of the comfort and enjoyment of your wedding guests.


      Phone: 0412 330 039

      2. DJ Plus

      Your wedding day is unlike any other. It is one of the most important days of your life. It’s a happy celebration full of games, love, family, and friends. This one-of-a-kind day, which is genuinely exceptional and extraordinary, will be there forever in your memory. Each individual has a unique vision for their wedding day.

      You might want it to be sophisticated, private and romantic, or you might want it to be unique. Without a doubt, you’ll want it to be memorable and a tonne of fun!

      Whatever your vision for your special day may be, DJ Plus Entertainment wants to assist you in making it come true.

      wedding dj sydney


      Phone: 02 9725 1247

      3. Star DJ Hire

      Star DJ Hire is Sydney’s top DJ provider because they are dedicated to you throughout the whole process, making them the top choice for wedding DJs.

      They talk over the music, the details, and any unique requirements for the entrances, supper, first dance, bouquet throw, garter removal, and any other formalities you have planned for the reception! Any queries may be answered by them over the phone, by email, or even in person at their office whenever you choose!

      After making a reservation with them, you are given a personal event manager. This superstar’s job is to make the last leg of the voyage go as smoothly as possible.

      wedding dj sydney

      Phone: 1300 30 49 40

      4. Celebrate Entertainment 

      The highly skilled crew of Celebrate Entertainment, which is committed to professionalism, has over 30 years of combined expertise.

      With a focus on DJ hire, Celebrate Entertainment also provides sound and AV hire, wedding chair rental, photo booth rental, wedding invitation design, dry ice machine rental, bridal arch rental, giant letter rental, wedding photography, and wedding videography.

      wedding dj sydney

      Phone: 1800 453 933

      5. Mega Music 

      If you’re planning a party in Sydney or one of its surrounding suburbs, Mega Music Wedding DJ can provide a high-quality DJ service at an affordable price for your wedding reception, cocktail party, birthday party, kids’ disco party, engagement party, school dance formal, social fund-raiser, sports presentation, corporate event, Christmas party, or New Year’s Eve celebration.

      An expert DJ is provided by Mega Music, together with a 400-watt sound system that can accommodate up to 400 people, a microphone for speeches and announcements, lighting to create the perfect party environment, and a wide variety of music spanning up to seven decades.

      wedding djs sydney

      Phone: (02) 9608-0000

      6. Northern Beaches DJs

      Events are unique, and Northern Beaches believe you are as well! They want to make the process of preparing an event as simple as possible for you. For Live Music, DJ Hire, Photo Booth Hire, Photography & Videography, they provide specialised choices.

      For more than seven years, Northern Beaches has assisted Sydney-wide weddings, corporate gatherings, and special occasions.

      With their assistance, some of the biggest corporations, like HP, Mercedes, and LinkedIn, as well as some amazing weddings held at quaint locations like Jonah’s Whale Beach, The Boathouse Group, and Moby’s Whale Beach, have been able to create memorable moments.


      Phone: (02) 8015 5092

      7. Lippsinc Bridal Entertainment

      There is a huge and even bewildering array of talent available for wedding entertainment. You can’t guarantee that the entertainment you pick will make your reception rock!!

      To make your selection easier and guarantee that their talent gets your party rocking, Lippsinc has meticulously hand-selected the absolute best of the best from each area of the bridal entertainment business. This takes the guesswork out of the equation. Like all of their performances, the calibre of their wedding DJs is guaranteed.

      They appear, dress, and behave like professional wedding DJs because they have vast experience in the wedding industry. Their DJs make sure they are set up and ready before your guests arrive since they are well-groomed, reliable, competent, and like what they do.


      They will modify the music, mood, and volume to fit the reception’s ambience.

      Phone: (02) 8003 7070

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      8. 3 Main Men 

      With the 3 Main Men’s wedding DJ packages, you can enhance the value of your special day and make it more exciting!

      Speak with them to discover a solution for catering to 80 to 500 guests, whether it be a small gathering or a big event! For your special wedding occasion, they have the answer.

      0438 009 402

      Feel Princess-like

      Let your hair down and let their wedding DJs provide the most memorable and delightful experience for you and your guests on your big day. Your favourite music will be playing throughout your wedding day, allowing you to float through it like a princess.

      The Ideal Groom

      Their DJs will make sure to assist you in leaving a lasting impression on your lovely guests that will help you recollect these amazing moments. Your Special Day will always be the most precious and memorable event.

      9. Charlie Sparx 

      For weddings and other events, Charlie Sparx provides Sydney’s top-tier DJ services.

      Their DJs will have you and your guests exclaiming, “That was the best night ever,” owing to their more than ten years of expertise in the wedding and events sector.

      Phone: 0415 920 053 

      10. DJ Dumplings

      With over 100 partnerships with corporate executives, they provide a wealth of expertise for your event. Additionally, they have expertise in dealing with music from all over the world, including Indian/Bollywood, Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Spanish, Italian, Croatian, Cambodian, Japanese, and Korean.

      Key services include working with your customised playlists; researching & compiling music based on the theme/vibe of your event; music sourcing (highest possible quality); helping with custom song edits (shorten & extend); teaching DJ workshops (solo & group); and using premium AV equipment (wireless microphones (licenses & safety).

      DJ Dumplings

      Phone: 405355188

      11. Mac DJs 

      Mac DJs’ 23 years of experience will have an amazing impact on your celebration as soon as you book a Mac DJ. Your professional wedding DJ will make the night special by showing up early, setting up ahead of schedule, and dressing professionally.

      Mac DJ is aware of the importance of these crucial times. Your wedding DJ will play the right music at the right volume to capture the event and make sure you remember it for the rest of your life.

      wedding djs sydney

      0420 946 000

      12. Lily Road 

      Lily Road’s wedding dance mix gives well-known and classic wedding tunes a progressive, contemporary touch. They perform your favourite tunes, classics, and well-known songs under the direction of their DJ!

      When the DJ has established the mood, their vocalist or band enters to perform a breathtaking and original rendition of one of their favourite songs.

      Your wedding guests will be entranced, and the atmosphere will be set!

      wedding djs sydney

      Phone: 0401 594 986

      13. Bollywood Live 

      The music from Indian Bollywood has a certain quality. No one can resist the joy and vivacity that are connected to the cheerful music Bollywood Live in Sydney offers. Everyone is urged to get up and dance all out to the music.

      Even though the words to these Bollywood songs from India are incomprehensible, the majority of people throughout the world nevertheless seem to appreciate them. For us, music is vitality. Their DJs are masters of numerous genres since music is in the blood and runs through our veins.

      Their DJs are talented and passionate about what they do, with a focus on Bhangra, Bollywood, R&B, and other genres.

      They take the time to get to know their clients to understand their goals before assisting them in making their dreams come true and guiding their visitors and you on a special musical adventure.

      wedding djs sydney

      0414 29 88 62

      14. Impression DJs

      Many of Sydney’s best venues utilise Impression DJs as their chosen DJ provider in Sydney.

      Impression DJs will make your wedding, party, formal event, or business event the finest and most unforgettable day of your life with a team of 15 highly skilled Sydney DJs.

      wedding djs sydney


      15. AMP Entertainment

      The founding principles of AMP Entertainment were a love of music, photography, and a cheerful attitude. They have a team of enthusiastic individuals that are knowledgeable in their field. Also, they promise a good time and are committed to making every event one to remember!

      Any event must have a suitable atmosphere, and the appropriate equipment must be used. They have everything necessary, including top-notch audio equipment, lighting, and even a smoke machine, as a result.

      Phone: 0456 949 896

      16. TJ Mobile DJ

      TJ Mobile DJ is a Sydney, Australia-based mobile DJ business that offers DJs for a range of events. They provide a professional DJ for your wedding, party, or other event that has 10 to 15 years of expertise.

      With superior lighting, a smoke machine, and a vast selection of music from the 1950s through the 2000s, as well as the current top 40, their Premium DJs are the pinnacle of DJ hire.

      Their DJs have performed at a wide range of occasions, including weddings, birthday parties, club events, and corporate gatherings. Book a professional DJ with them immediately instead of settling for a novice.

      wedding djs sydney

      1300 631 842

      17. Out Entertainment

      Out Entertainment works with clubs and venues throughout Sydney and NSW every day, and part of what they do is match the right DJ to the right location.

      Their experienced experts take their time analysing the different factors that are particular to each circumstance to come up with the best answer. Every bar or club has its unique obstacles and possibilities.

      The promise that any nightclub begins with may be fulfilled by having a good sound. Let Out Entertainment helps you get the outcomes you want! 

      wedding djs sydney

      1800 940 450

      18. Tiger Boy Entertainment 

      For both corporate and private events, DJ Tiger Boy Entertainment offers its clients a distinctive experience.

      They take pride in their professionalism and will work with you to combine your ideas and visions into a successful programme of events that runs as smoothly as possible while remaining within your budget.

      They work quickly and professionally to deliver their services at all times.

      wedding djs sydney

      Phone: 0424 135 858

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