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      50 Wedding Decoration Ideas to Keep in Mind – Updated

      Once you’ve finalised the destination and the venue, it’s time to think of what makes the space look more exquisite. Your wedding’s key focal point will be its decor, whether you envision a grand gala or a low-key wedding. Gone are the days of rose-decked wedding decor, and predictable simple floral arrangements.

      Rather than that, brides and grooms are now personalising their celebrations, reconsidering tradition, and bringing in personal touches. And even when you wish to take up the traditional path for the rest of the elements, you can make your wedding feel fresh and indelible, just with some major decor swaps!

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      Here are some splendid wedding decoration ideas that you are looking for.

      1. Drape up the Ceiling

      It’s astonishing what a little fabric can do to your ceiling. Opt for white fabric, to keep it formal yet elegant, and for a fun vibe, pick a brighter colour, such as yellow.

      Drape up the Ceiling

      Go with this approach, whereas you can keep the table decor light, and still achieve that decked-out wedding look and feel.

      2. Bring in an Escort Card Display

      Rethink having an escort card table and just go for a board of seating arrangements and choose to keep it adjacent to the entrance of the venue.

      Bring in an Escort Card Display

      Plus, with this, your guests won’t let your guests squint for long at tiny tented escort cards, attempting to decipher the number of their table.

      3. Hang Flower Arrangements

      Flowers are not just meant for adorning your tablescape. Rethink once more. Hanging vivid floral arrangements over the ceiling is the best way to bring about a more intimate space.

      Hang Flower Arrangements

      This wedding decoration idea comes in handy if you don’t love the idea of draping the ceiling.

      4. Create Chalkboard Signage

      Chalkboard signages are a great way to spruce up the entrance. You can customise the signage by covering it up with an old frame, and even make them go well with the rest of the decor by spray painting them.

      Create Chalkboard Signage

      Swathe the signage with floral garland or some foliage and you are good to go!

      5. Fairytale Chandeliers

      What can be a better way to light up and add height to an event space than with a chandelier comprising of little sparkling fairy lights?

      Fairytale Chandeliers

      The chandelier can make weddings feel as close to a fairytale, just as they do so in real.

      6. Cherry Blossom Trees

      Does your event space have high ceilings, lots of space inside, and a magnificent interior?

      Cherry Blossom Trees

      Make the most of your event space by bringing in cherry blossom trees that just keep guests marveling and at the same time add a fairytale yet lovey-dovey finishing touch.

      7. Starlit Ceilings

      The starlit ceiling wedding decoration idea works well, especially for serene winter weddings. But it’s essential that your event space is equally good by night as it is when the sun is out.

      Starlit Ceilings

      The ceiling makes all your wedding snaps truly magical, and so does your dance with your better half.

      8. Canopy of Colour

      Transform your ceiling into a motley of colours to highlight your event space’s airy interiors. Bright additions, like lanterns and honeycombs, can be used to hang from the ceiling, besides some pom-poms for a more intimate space.

      Canopy of Colour

      They can be a great addition to marquees too.

      9. Silver Candelabra

      Introduce sparkling silver candelabra to your event tablescape to complement your venue’s existing style and echo the ornate chandelier(if you have any).

      Silver Candelabra

      Deck it up with garlands, foliage and some white roses, they will intensify the shiny effect of chandeliers.

      10. Flower Frames

      How many brides-to-be’s haven’t bookmarked at least one floral frame to their Pinterest handle? No matter the style of the wedding, frame the moment with exquisite blooms for an ethereal look.

      flower frames

      You can even consider faux blooms, for a choice that is light on your budget.

      11. Oversized Letters

      Oversized letters are one of the extremely versatile wedding decoration ideas that can be put into use, with a variation of the material used.

      Oversized Letters

      They are also the best bet for dance floors, to outline the space, and to invite your guests over.

      12. Flower Walls

      For a convenient take on feature flowers, consider flower walls. You don’t necessarily require outdoor feature walls or densely stacked blooms.

      But you can also let orchids, rose stems, or foliage create a quaint backdrop for your top tables.

      13. Sparkling Fairy Lights

      Swathing your venue beams or rafters above with fairy lights is one of the most impactful yet simple wedding decoration ideas for a fairytale wedding. You can even secure them on nets to suspend them on your dance floor.

      There’s quite nothing just as their lovey-dovey sparkle, a bit out of focus, serving as the ideal backdrop for your wedding dance photographs.

      14. Table Runners

      Even though silk, hessian, and dainty sequins are all strong entrants for table runners, why not take up 2017’s trend of greenery and foliage?

      A lot of florists will be glad to make them, with ferns and eucalyptus most sought-after plant options for that purpose.

      15. Gold Colour Schemes

      Each and every element of your tablescape can be spruced up, including the plates, cups, and bowls. This can be achieved simply by preferring gold-rimmed glassware or even decorative charger plates to hold all the plates.

      Gold Colour Schemes

      The combined effect of these touches of gold over your tablescape can create a chic aesthetic, ideal if you’re getting hitched at an opulent venue.

      16. Photo Displays

      Pin photos over displays. Rethink again and use them for displaying seating arrangements, or even share your love story so far.

      Complete the look with fabric drapes.

      17. Formal Floral Arrangement

      A sure-shot way to make your ceremony decor stand out is to bring in formal tall flower arrangements. They’ll draw the attention and create a room-wide effect that lower flower arrangements vie to match with.

      You can also consider tall birdcages or sleek silver vases to achieve a similar effect.

      18. Feature Furniture

      One instance of less is more, is when you bring in a focal point to your decor.

      Instead of adorning each and every space available within your event space, why not focus on bringing in just a single stand-out element, such as a piece of furniture decorated with fresh blooms, to make an impression that can also earn you praise?

      19. Coloured Glassware

      Instead of squandering a lion’s share of your ceremony decor budget on centrepieces, consider spending a portion of that budget to hire extras, such as coloured glassware, such as ones in blue, to add a pop of colour to your tables instantly.

      20. Reshape the Table Numbers

      Looking for something authentic for the labels for your tables?

      Then consider the number presentation. Showcase your table numbers over festive pennant flags or moss topiaries, placed atop vases or wine bottles.

      21. Place Terrariums

      Splurge on terrariums, rather than table centrepieces, if you aren’t a flower person.

      Complete the look with some candles, moss, and a string of succulents.

      22. Hang Tapestries

      If it is too hard to introduce larger installments to adorn your space but you wish to add character to your space, then there’s no better way than tapestries.

      They can not just conceal a few less-than-ideal wallpapers, they need just a little setup too.

      23. Balloons

      Balloon decorations add the wow factor to your event space and bring a simple event space to life. You can incorporate them into the tablescape, or backdrop or choose to suspend them down from the ceiling.

      They can also be a part of the venue entrance create an accent to the cake table or even have huge balloons as part of the decor.

      24. Chair Decorations

      Not every event space has the best-looking chairs. But with little fabric, a sprig of foliage, and ribbons, can make all the difference to otherwise hackneyed chairs.

      25. Wedding Card Boxes

      For a wedding, a card box is pretty essential, to hold the well-wishes from your near and dear, and a really beautiful way to do this is with a post box!

      Unique Wedding Favours Ideas in Australia

      Place a card table adjacent to the guest’s book, and get one that best suits your wedding’s theme.

      26. Neon Signs

      Bring that party vibe to your wedding venue, with a neon sign.

      Pick a larger neon sign, if you wish to display a large message whereas a smaller one to place on your venue strategically and illuminate them when everyone starts to groove.

      27. Wedding Signs

      Let your wedding guests know where to go with wedding signs with which they can find their way easily.

      They welcome your guests in style, and you can just hire them, or also DIY them according to your liking.

      28. Velvet Furniture

      Velvet is just the best wedding fabric ever which adds texture to your wedding decor and looks stunning in all your wedding photographs.

      How appealing will it be to bring in a velvet sofa to your seating area to accommodate those tired of grooving for so long? Or you can make the most of them with hanging ribbons, drapes, arches, and more.

      29. Candle Centrepieces

      The foremost thing that you should make certain of, is whether the candles are safe to be around. Place them merely on glass jars or lanterns so that they can’t be bumped into or the flames catch anything.

      But make sure that your event space is okay with placing candles, if not then prefer LED candles. If they say yes, then candles add character and ambiance to a tablescape, aisles, and stairs.

      30. Wall Hangings

      From Macrame to tapestries, wall hangings are an effective wall decoration idea. No matter the wedding style, they can transform an event space.

      31. Vintage Bikes

      Vintage-style bikes are a stunning prop for the newly wedded couples in glee to ride on and pose for some snaps.

      They can place wedding signs, and bouquets of flowers on the basket in front or tie some vivid ribbons.

      32. Floral Hoops

      They have a fairytale, elegant charisma. When done right, floral hoops are absolutely breathtaking, quaint, and exuberant.

      Floral Hoops

      33. Mirror Signs

      These are some of the most popular wedding decoration ideas used for quite a while.

      Mirror Signs

      The ornate mirror sign with calligraphy taking centre stage has been popping up at numerous weddings to date.

      34. Combine Lanterns and Fairy Lights

      This brilliant wedding decoration idea will help you make the most of the ambiance of your venue, without spending a fortune.

      Instead of chandeliers or other lamps that typically need a lot of electricity and are quite exorbitant, prefer lanterns and some fairy lights, in an assortment of colours, sizes, and shapes. The best thing about this is that you can hire as many as you like, as your budget allows.

      35. Aisle of Flowers

      Instead of splurging on flowers for the stage backdrop, atop tables, and all over the event space, consider making a bold statement, such as a dreamy aisle of flowers! Rather than overdoing expensive flowers, prefer blooms that are not at the high end of pricing, to make a passage for your guests to step on.

      Aisle of Flowers

      Consider laying out flowers at the venue entrance, or towards the entrance of the stage.

      36. Adorn Your Chairs

      Even though it may seem that the chairs are not an essential aspect of your event space, when decked up, they can make all the difference to the entire look of the venue. If you are not that raring on the chairs your event space offers then you will be able to find wedding chair sashes that go well with your theme.

      If that doesn’t work then just ask the venue to put away those chairs and hire chairs that you like. Two popular wedding chair styles are white wood and wrought iron, which you can choose from.

      37. White Painted Branches

      Create a winter wonderland feel by stacking up white branches on the sides of your aisle.

      You can complete the look by arranging candles, to illuminate the way.

      38. Keep it Green

      Give your event space a lush green garden vibe, with ivy-covered walls, blooms suspended from the ceiling, and potted plants on both sides of the aisle.

      39. Photo Booth

      This wedding decoration idea is trending right now. Photo booths give you a photo-worthy backdrop for you and your guests to pose, where they will have a fun time around.

      To enhance the fun factor, add some signboards and huge goggles, for your guests to try on.

      40. Quirky Quotes

      This wedding decoration idea is very much in fashion right now. In this digital era, quotes, hashtags, etc. hold the power to make their way right into an event space.

      You can hang thoughtful quotes in different areas of the event space, which can also be the perfect backdrop for snaps.

      41. Large Ceremony Flowers

      Embrace the charm of the already stunning event space by framing the altar of your ceremony with some large-sized ceremony flowers, held by flower stands.

      They not just guarantee opulence, but act as a charming accent to your wedding photographs. The benefit is that you can reuse them for the subsequent wedding reception.

      42. Floral Wedding Hoop

      You really don’t need to have a wedding during Christmas to hang hoops for decor.

      Suspend them from any structure in your space or you can position them on the door or gate of the event space as a gesture of warm welcome.

      43. Lounge Furniture

      When the cocktail hour begins and when the moment arises for you and your better half to take photos, there’s quite nothing more welcoming than chic lounge furniture for guests to unwind and chat.

      Lounge Furniture

      44. Hanging Jars Filled With Flowers

      Love Mason jars? Then why not incorporate them into your event space by hanging them and filling them with bunches of flowers?

      Hanging Jars Filled With Flowers

      They can be a better alternative for centrepieces.

      45. Empty Picture Frame

      Empty picture frames are available in all sizes, shapes, and colours imaginable so certainly that makes them the best prop for your wedding.

      For a visual cue, simply suspend them in the background right behind the head table, or use them as table numbers.

      46. Mason Jar Set

      Mason jar set doubles as a centrepiece. It is an affordable centrepiece ideal for every wedding style.

      They can be adorned with matching fresh blooms and a sweet jute bow.

      47. Table Pearls

      Never overlook the tiny details while you’re on the lookout for affordable wedding decoration ideas. A little goes a long with sparkling white table pearls. They will add an exquisite charm to any setting or buffet.

      48. Gold and Pearl Garland

      Swathe attention-grabbing garland strung with pearls, on the tables, from the ceiling, or on both sides of the aisle, for an opulent addition to your decor.

      They make an affordable wedding decoration idea that you can consider.

      49. Faux Eucalyptus Garland

      Bring your space to life, with vibrant eucalyptus garland.

      Arrange them neatly right through the middle of dining tables for an affordable alternative to table centrepieces.

      50. Cake Topper

      Cake toppers are an affordable wedding decor that sits on top of your wedding cake. They infuse your personal style, into the decor.

      You can even get them customised in your own name, in a stylish font, or a representation of you in your wedding attire.

      These are some of the wedding decoration ideas that can truly transform your event space. So what are you waiting for? Add those decor that you truly loved to your curated list. And you will certainly have your guests amazeballin’ at the exuberance of your decor.