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      16 Best Wedding Dance Floor Hire Companies in Sydney

      A wedding is regarded as a celebration of happiness, togetherness, fun, excitement, and the gathering of friends and family, among other things. The first dance is frequently the highlight of the wedding because it signifies the beginning of the life journey.

      A dance floor is a magical spot where your special ones congregate and dance together. No matter where you are, everyone should be able to dance on the dance floor at your wedding. The celebration will be even more joyful as a result, and the experiences had on the dance floor will live on forever. This will appear in the wedding photos you take as well.

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      Therefore, picking the appropriate dance floor for your wedding is crucial. The number of individuals who might be prepared to dance on the floor, the floor’s finish and quality, the design and pattern, and many other factors must be considered.

      It is preferable to obtain assistance from a reputable wedding dance floor business in order to select the ideal dance floor for your wedding. The following is a list of reputable and reliable wedding dance floor hire companies in Sydney.

      1. Classy Events

      In this era of finding celebration in every occasion, dance has always been an important part, and performing a dance will always be the center of attraction. Every guest’s focus will be on the dance floor.

      With dance floor hire in Sydney from Classy Event Suppliers, you can elevate your event to new heights of sophistication and create a space where your guests can let loose and dance the night away.

      Our dance floors are designed to exude elegance and style, adding a touch of sophistication to any event. Crafted from high-quality materials, our dance floors are sleek, glossy, and visually stunning, complementing the ambiance of your event perfectly.


      2. Dance Floor Hire Co.

      The Dance Floor Hire Co. offers stylish and contemporary dance floor rental options for weddings and other corporate events. Their work is notable for its seamless, high-gloss glassy style, crown jewel, tiled glass dance floor, and so on.

      Since the dance floor is collapsible, they will style it to match your events. The best crew at Dance Floor Hire Range will also be able to customise your floor with a stylish font of the bride and groom’s names.

      Wedding Dance Floors in Sydney to Hire

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      3. Wedding Styling Sydney

      Wedding Styling Sydney offers stunning and high-quality black and white high-gloss dance floors. A beautiful dance floor will enhance the beauty of the occasion because the first dance is always special to the newlyweds and their families.

      They provide the installation of a unique, shiny dance floor that can be customised and will undoubtedly serve as the focal point of your wedding.

      Wedding Dance Floors in Sydney to Hire

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      4. Star Party Hire

      It is better to hire a dance floor company in order to create a wonderful party atmosphere and give guests a spacious floor on which to dance.

      They offer a full-event programme or a half-event program and provide track mats for hire, wood-finish plastic dance floors, wooden flooring for hire, red carpet runners for hire, etc. You can choose a dance floor based on the size of the guests, such as 25%–50%.

      They are ready to install a dancing floor for wedding events, corporate events, family parties, birthday parties, etc.

      Wedding Dance Floors in Sydney to Hire

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      5. Chair Hire Co

      In the entire city of Sydney, Chair Hire Co. provides complete installation services for the dance floors. The chair hiring company’s signature design is a black-and-white checked dance floor, which is also available in premium black or white versions depending on the needs of the client.

      A polished aluminium edging that seals everything inside and conceals the tile’s borderline gives the dance floor a finished look.

      The Madison Function Centre

      For more information: for more dance floor designs and patterns.


      6. Walkers Party Hire

      Walkers Hire offers transient, distinctive dance floor patterns like vinyl, timber, and check patterns. They contend that timber flooring is ideal for creating rustic wooden designs and that it is designed for usage in indoor weddings and business meetings.

      The vinyl floors are appropriate for use indoors & outdoors and can only be laid on a hard, horizontal surface.

      Wedding Dance Floors in Sydney to Hire

      The best indoor dance floor is one made of vinyl since it is slippery. Using our system of independent interchangeable panels, they can produce square or rectangular groupings in a wide range of styles and sizes.

      To enjoy the latest dance floor, visit:

      Phone: 02 9533 4429

      7. AVA Party Hire

      Ava Party Hire is one of Australia’s most well-known online retailers for event and party rentals. They offer a black and white dance floor, parquetry dancing, and integrated wooden flooring.

      Wedding Dance Floors in Sydney to Hire

      For more information:

      Contact number: 02 9938 5599


      8. Sydneywide Partyhire

      All of the wedding-related equipment, including carpeting, tabletop accessories, and lighting, is available for rent around Sydney.

      They provide top-notch flooring options like integrated floors, plywood floors with carpentry, track mat protection, plastic event floors, etc. Custom dance floors will be provided for weddings.

      Wedding Dance Floors in Sydney to Hire

      For more information:

      9. Pillingers Hiring Service

      You can expect expert services and high-quality goods from Pillingers Hiring Service because it has thirty years of experience in flooring. Marquee rental, furniture, flooring, staging, tables, chairs, and catering are some of the top categories.

      A plywood dance floor, a floating timber floor, parquetry, and full-floored marquees are examples of unique items. Of course, for a complete table display, this wedding rental company provides linens, sheets, tableware, glasses, decorations, and more. Count on the accommodating personnel to handle the planning so you can take pleasure in your special day.

      Wedding Dance Floors in Sydney to Hire

      For more information:

      Call 02 8783 0994 for more information.


      10. Event Dance Floors

      If you are looking for a shiny, patterned, and uniquely designed dance floor, then you can seek advice from Event Dance Floors. They have numerous options in various shades of glossy tiles.

      The tile’s border will be hidden by the acrylic panel, giving the installation a correct finish.

      Wedding Dance Floors in Sydney to Hire

      For more information, visit

      11. Feel Good Events

      One of the most well-known party and wedding rental companies is Feel Good Events. They are experts at transforming dull function spaces into brilliant ones. They offer a wide variety of event supplies and have the gear to match any colour scheme or décor style.

      According to your needs, the main dance floor services are black and white dance floors, black dance floors, dance floor decals, illuminated LED dance floors, white dance floors, parquet dance floors, and so on.

      Wedding Dance Floors in Sydney to Hire

      For more information:


      12. Abracadabra Events

      The luxurious wedding and event decor offered by Abracadabra Events is broad and includes everything from white glossy dance floors to parquetry dance floors, lighting, and ornate scenery.

      Their planning and development team can build special items for your occasion.

      Wedding Dance Floors in Sydney to Hire

      They have a collection of opulent decor in a gold theme, such as gold-mirrored dance floors, bridal tables, and cake tables. If you prefer a luxurious wedding, then Abracadabra Events is the best choice.

      For more information:

      Contact: 03 9310 4845


      13. Dance Floor Australia

      One of the leading companies for portable dance floors is Dance Floor Australia. They offer dance floors in mix-and-match designs, traditional styles, different timber tones, etc.

      Dance Floor Australia features power locking technology, and the four locks on each edge are the secret to a quick setup, effortless takedown, long-lasting use, and engagement across diverse dance floor blocks.

      Wedding Dance Floors in Sydney to Hire

      For more information: to learn more about Dance Floor Australia.

      Contact: 02-8788-8089


      14. Dance Time

      Dance Time Hire offers the most extensive selection of both indoor and outdoor dance floors in Australia. They provide wedding dance floors and corporate event flooring, ranging from bespoke outdoor wooden deck areas to plastic pro floors.

      Parquetry, coloured, seamless, and special dance floors like the floor over the pool are the types of dance floors they offer.

      Wedding Dance Floors in Sydney to Hire

      For more information: 

      Contact: (02) 9540 1011


      15. Move With Me Dance 

      Portable dance flooring is available from Move With Me Dance Studio and can be set up over most floor types, including rugs, marble, wood, and tiles.

      The portable dance floors are simple to set up and take down because they are lightweight, strong, resistant to water and friction, and have no sharp edges that could trip someone.

      Wedding Dance Floors in Sydney to Hire

      For more information:

      Phone: 02 8872 1223


      16. Sydney Dance Floors

      Sydney Dance Floors specialises in providing the ideal wedding dance floors for your dance party. They offer seamless white or black gloss dance floors for weddings. Over the top of the floor, they will affix panels made of acrylic or perspex.

      As a result, it conceals the grout line between the tiles and offers a flawless finish and seamless appearance.

      Wedding Dance Floors in Sydney to Hire

      On the dance floor, a personalised monogram decade is another speciality. They will design it according to the dimension, shade, and design that you specify, show it to you for final approval, and then install it correctly.

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      Phone: 0405 029 067

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      Sum Up

      The wedding dance floor is a crucial aspect of any wedding reception. It provides a space for guests to let loose, dance, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

      With a wide variety of options available, from classic hardwood to modern LED, there is a dance floor that is perfect for every wedding style and budget. It is important to consider factors such as the size and shape of the dance floor, the type of surface, and the venue when selecting the perfect wedding dance floor.

      Symphony Events is the best wedding planner in Sydney, offering all kinds of wedding events according to your needs and creating an unforgettable experience.