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      40 Wedding Car Decoration Ideas That Are Both Unique and Affordable

      Every couple wishes to have a marvellous ending to their fairy-tale wedding, which can be well portrayed if the newlyweds jump into their embellished car and drive off into the night. Whether you are planning to have a grand, luxurious wedding or a small, intimate affair, the right car decorations can add an extra touch of magic to your special day.

      This blog will guide you through a handful of wedding car decoration ideas, from classic and timeless styles to unique and contemporary styles that can make your day even more perfect. Continue reading, get to know different types of car decoration ideas, and inculcate the one you love most into your wedding day.

      The Top 40 Eye-Catching Wedding Car Decoration Ideas

      1. Romantic Car Decoration with Roses

      Romantic Car Decoration with Roses

      Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

      Nothing is as romantic as decorating your getaway car with red flowers. Don’t you think? As the red rose symbolises love, it can add a romantic touch to the atmosphere.

      Wedding car decorating with flowers like roses is the best option if you are thinking of bringing a smile to the bride’s face. If you’re planning a luxurious indoor wedding, cars like these are the ones that match the entire setting.

      2. Suspend a Banner

      Suspend a Banner

      Picture Courtesy: Brides

      The getaway car can never be more traditional than with a banner draped across your bumper. The black block letters printed on white linen flags make an appearance and can work for any type of celebration, and they are the most suitable if you are planning to have a wedding in a classy way.

      To make the banner more romantic and fit with the theme of the wedding, you can also add something like a red heart, wedding rings, etc. to the banner.

      3. Marriage Car Decoration With Balloons

      Marriage Car Decoration With Balloons

      Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

      Balloons are a remarkable decor element and decorations with them will never go wrong. Thereby, you can choose pastel and dark-shaded balloons for decorating the exterior of the car.

      The colour of the car and the theme of the wedding should also be considered before choosing to decorate your car with balloons.

      4. Wrap It in Ribbon

      Wrap It in Ribbon

      Picture Courtesy:

      Banners or streamers are the most traditional way to decorate your getaway cars and if you are someone who always envisions your dreamy day in a formal and classy way, you would really love our decoration with silk ribbons.

      With matching florals and small banners in a beautifully written way, you can take your wedding celebrations in an aesthetically pleasing way.

      5. Wedding Car Décor With Adorable Figures

      Wedding Car Décor With Adorable Figures

      Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

      Adorable car decorations are all about winning the hearts of everyone. The decor can be done with cute elements like couple dolls, love birds or soft toys.

      They are the best ones to decorate the wedding car. Who won’t like the uniqueness of the decoration? It will surely catch the attention of everyone at the ceremony.

      6. Match Your Surroundings

      Match Your Surroundings

      Picture Courtesy: The Knot

      If you are clueless about what kind of decoration to choose to make your getaway car more beautiful and amazing in photographs, just look around your venue and its natural surroundings for the inspiration you are looking for.

      Make the garland for the car in a way that perfectly complements the whole theme of the wedding.

      7. Wreathe Your Wedding Car in Love

      Wreathe Your Wedding Car in Love

      Picture Courtesy: SingaporeBrides

      The wreath in the shape of a heart is simply gorgeous. Choose the flowers for the wreath by considering factors like the colour of your car, the theme of the wedding and so on.

      White lilies and roses are the best flowers to make a floral wreath.

      8. Incorporate Dried Florals to Enhance the Look

      Incorporate Dried Florals to Enhance the Look

      Picture Courtesy: Hitched

      Want to add something extraordinary to your wedding car decoration? Consider using a mix of both fresh and dried florals.

      This will look great at bohemian parties, rustic nuptials, or fall weddings. If you are concerned about the wilting of the fresh flowers, you can stick with the dried florals.

      9. Use Exotic Flowers to Bring a Magical Look

      Use Exotic Flowers to Bring a Magical Look

      Picture Courtesy: The Wedding Dolls

      Here is another idea to decorate the getaway car. Use exotic flowers to complete the decoration of the wedding car.

      The flowers, like orchids and baby breath, decorate the exterior of the car and leave everyone around you awestruck. To give it a finishing look, you can add a hint of green foliage.

      10. Focus on a Front Design

      Focus on a Front Design

      Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

      Most getaway cars focus on decorating the back, so why not think in a different way? Let’s do a revamp by decorating the front as well as the back of the car in a uniquely beautiful way.

      The mix of pastel and light-shaded flowers gives your vehicle a touch of elegance.

      11. White Ribbon Decor

      White Ribbon Decor in car

      Picture Courtesy: ABIA Weddings

      Want to bring a traditional touch to your wedding car decorations? The white ribbons are something that people have been using for a long time.

      Apart from its traditional importance, it is one of the most pocket-friendly options for decorating the car. These ribbons can make your car fanciful and elegant.

      12. Feature Elegant Calligraphy

      Feature Elegant Calligraphy in car

      Picture Courtesy: WeddingWire

      Your getaway car offers you countless opportunities to play with lettering. You can reinstate your relationship status by displaying intricate calligraphy on a white banner.

      The script and this banner give off an old-fashioned vibe, and the background of greenery keeps things natural and easygoing.

      13. Fabrics and Roses

      Fabrics and Roses in cars

      Picture Courtesy:

      Another widely used wedding car decoration is the one with fabric and beautiful roses. With the right mix of fabric and roses, you think the car will look as classy as ever.

      You can add some quotes, like “happily ever after”, or “just married.” Always go for fabrics like satin, velvet, or silk for decoration.

      14. Announce It on Wood

      Announce It on Wood - car decoration

      Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

      Thinking outside the box is something we can apply when choosing wedding car signage. The banners are a classic way to announce your happiness as “just married”.

      So why can’t we scribble your wedding status on a wooden plaque? This can be the most appropriate if you are into a rustic wedding in a forest, in a barn, or in a vineyard.

      15. Lilly Carnations Car Décor

      Lilly Carnations Car Décor

      Picture Courtesy: Etsy

      Another amazing decoration for a getaway car is Lily Carnations. You may have this confusion, which is good enough for a luxurious wedding. When you decorate the car with Lily and Carnations, it will look fresh and bright. It can be considered a simple and elegant way to decorate the car.

      16. Integrate Elegant Drapery

      Integrate Elegant Drapery in car decoration

      Picture Courtesy:

      If you are having an upscale wedding with lavish decoration materials, the getaway car should also be very beautiful to make your wedding celebration perfect. Sleek silk drapery with ornate calligraphy can be a lovely way to style your getaway car.

      17. Decorative Corsage Fastened on the Handle

      Decorative Corsage Fastened on the Handle for car decoration

      Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

      What do you think of a minimalist design like a decorative corsage fastened to the handle? The design is simple, minimalistic, and sober, which can’t go wrong at all.

      A beautifully decorated corsage fastened to the handles of a wedding car will look amazing.

      18. Make Orchids The Focal Point

      Make Orchids The Focal Point for car decor

      Picture Courtesy: Brides

      Orchids are one of those flowers that can add a touch of elegance to your decorations, especially at weddings. So if you have the best flower, why stick to something less beautiful?

      Those tiny blooms can be the centre of your lovely wedding car decoration and can give your vintage wheels an irresistible sense of beauty.

      19. Ballerina Style Bouquet

      Ballerina Style Bouquet for car decor

      Picture Courtesy: Confetti Fair

      Do you like to have a ballerina-style bouquet on your bonnet? Get roses of different colours, from pink to pastel shades and make them into a ballerina-style bouquet and put it on the car bonnet or wherever you want to.

      20. Rely on White Buds

      Rely on White Buds for car decor

      Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

      Love a timeless decoration for your getaway car? The combination of white flowers and greenery will give your car the traditional, timeless look that you have been searching for. This simple and classy colour will not take away your attention from the main moment.

      21. Pennant Strings to Start Your Journey

      Pennant Strings to Start Your Journey - car decor

      Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

      Pennant strings are one decoration item that is extensively used for wedding car decorations. These strings are either paper-made or fabric-made and you can write anything like “Just Married” to “Happily Ever After.”

      22. Include a Handwritten Sign

      Include a Handwritten Sign for car decor

      Picture Courtesy: Etsy

      Wishing to create a simple, budget-friendly decoration in your getaway car by flexing your creative muscles. You can create your own custom illustrations, hand calligraphy, and decorations in any way you and your partner please.

      23. Multi Flower Car Décor

      Multi Flower Car Décor

      Picture Courtesy: SingaporeBrides

      Want to enhance the vibrancy of your getaway car with multi-coloured florals? You can get all of your favourite colours for your wedding car decoration.

      If you wish to add a minimalistic look, you can add a variety of decorative figurines or ribbons to enhance the look of your car decor.

      24. Easy Decoration with Tulle Ribbons

      Easy Decoration with Tulle Ribbons for car decor

      Picture Courtesy: Etsy

      Like decorating your getaway car with Tulle ribbons? The car will have a classy and elegant look when you decorate it. Use it to make it on your bonnet, as it is the perfect place to give your car the look you are expecting.

      It’s easy to do it alone and if you want a professional touch to the decoration, you can ask for help from professionals.

      25. Select a Single Strand of Greenery

      Single Strand of Greenery in car decor

      Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

      Have a love for green? A lush garland of green can make your gateway car amazing like no other.

      The greenery is breathtaking on its own, and you wouldn’t need any other adornments to demand attention. You can go for this option if you are planning to go for a summer nuptials in a forest or garden.

      26. Hang a Floral Wreath

      For a better and more unique presentation, you can decorate your getaway car with a wreath rather than a garland display.

      You can add the right combination of bright flowers and a greenery-like feeling to the back of your vehicle. Place the board on some silky cloth or wood to write your happy news of “just married.”

      Hang a Floral Wreath for wedding car decor

      Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

      27. Flower in Abundance

      Are you someone who likes to use flowers in abundance?

      If yes, then you can make old-world charm wedding car decorations with flowers like peachy roses and white lilies by adorning your whole car with rows and strings of them.

      Flower in Abundance for car decor

      Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

      28. Adorn With Pink Blooms

      Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

      Do you and your partner tend to be dramatic? Then the best choice of decoration for your getaway car can be a little dramatic, with a spray of bright flowers and the perfect car adornment in an interestingly dramatic way.

      29. Use Flags as an Alternative

      Do you consider all these decorations not your thing? Then, here is another alternative how about a simple flag that points out your union?

      It’s quite simple and saves you from going overboard. Simply attach it to the window with a clamp, and you are done.

      Use Flags as an Alternative for car decor

      Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

      30. Celebrate with Colourful Streamers

      Are you a couple who loves vibrant blooms? Then you can definitely go for a getaway car with colourful streamers.

      This decor can be best suited if you are having an Alice in Wonderland-inspired wedding with a mix of purple, yellow, orange, and green. You can choose this if you are planning for boisterous bashes with bold colour schemes.

      Celebrate with Colourful Streamers for car decor

      Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

      31. Custom Floral Stickers

      Custom Floral Stickers

      Picture Courtesy: AliExpress

      Are you a fan of minimalistic designs? Then this is the best choice for your getaway car. Stick the decal with the newlywed’s name, the wedding date, and some floral decorations.

      You can also add minimalistic botanical details that align with the theme of your wedding. If it’s a rustic or outdoor wedding, this is the best choice you can make.

      32. Garnish With a Halo of Eucalyptus

      Here is another way to show your marital status, which is to decorate the getaway car with eucalyptus. A simple ring made of green will add a beautiful touch to your car, and you can also add seasonal plants along with it.

      Garnish With a Halo of Eucalyptus for car decor

      Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

      32. Garnish With a Halo of Eucalyptus

      What’s your opinion about a license plate with your marital status, like “Just Married”? It’s really cute to do something like that. Don’t you think?

      You can fasten the license plate with complementing balloons and strings rather than adhesives, which might damage the paintwork on the plate.

      Just Married License Plate for weding car decor

      Picture Courtesy: GEICO Living

      34. Decorate the Interior

      Most getaway automobiles are decorated on the exterior, and why not think otherwise by decorating the interior?

      Install the interiors of your car with roses, branches, anthurium, and greenery, which will give your car an enhanced and unique look.

      car interior decoration in wedding

      Picture Courtesy: South Farm

      35. Just Married Window Sticker

      You might think about having “just married” stickers on the car, but on the windows, you might not, right? So we can go with the alternative, like stickers on windows.

      Here, the task is really simple, pick the colour that goes well with your wedding car. You can further add some details, like rings, arrows, and hearts, to make the decoration more attractive.

      Just Married Window Sticker

      Picture Courtesy:

      36. Love Balloons for Decorations

      Would you like to decorate your wedding car with some lovely balloons? The colourful balloons, either normal or mylar ones, can be used for decorating the wedding car. You can use balloons of all shapes and colours, as well as balloons with the initials of the couple.

      Make sure not to use too many balloons covering the whole car; your car should be visible to maintain the beauty of the decoration.

      car with Love Balloons

      Picture Courtesy:

      37. Personalised Ribbon

      Another tricky and simple way to decorate your wedding car is with a personalised ribbon. You can choose the different coloured ribbons with varieties like adorable emojis.

      In cases like heavy wind or rain, don’t worry about losing it, as it can survive everything like this by maintaining its charming beauty.

      Personalised Ribbon

      38. Go the Traditional Route

      The getaway car is one with streamers and tin cans, and if you want your wedding celebration to feel like a romantic comedy, you can stick with the streamers and tin cans.

      This customary decor can be lovelier if you add a botanical touch with some strands of greenery.

      Go the Traditional Route
      Picture Courtesy: BriteVenue

      39. Beautify Your Trunk

      If you are choosing a convertible, think of something like decorating the truck with large, pretty flowers.

      You can decorate the truck with white, creamy flowers with a touch of greenery, and it will stand if you have a sleek black car. To make the car more beautiful, you can adorn it with its door handles.

      Beautify Your Trunk

      Picture Courtesy: Grace & Favour

      40. Create a Bed of Greens

      What type of wedding are you planning to have? If it’s yes to a backyard or rustic wedding, you can use a pickup truck instead of a getaway car to have a change of scenery.

      Decorate your automobile with a mix of greenery and white little flowers to give your truck a beautiful look. This is the best look for a rustic, barn, or backyard wedding, as it compliments well.

      Create a Bed of Greens

      Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

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      Beautify Your Wedding Car with Professional Wedding Car Decorators — Symphony Events

      Each decoration in a wedding is as important as the others. Wedding car decoration is a small part of the whole decoration of the wedding and the chances of missing it out or decorating it properly are somewhat high. Like other decorations, wedding car decorations also have varieties. From traditional floral arrangements to personalised signage or thematic designs, add a touch of romance and magic to your journey as a newlywed couple.

      Symphony Events is a dedicated group of wedding stylist experts who are here to make your wedding dreams a reality. If you’re looking for expert event planning and coordination services to make your big day marvellous, contact our team right away. Be our valuable client and together, let’s weave your love story.