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      20 Fabulous Wedding Cake Ideas from Jack

      A wedding is the sweetest moment in your life. You will be sharing it with your partner by promising each other a lifetime of happiness and support. And it is ideal for sharing that promise with a hint of sweetness through your wedding cakes. Over time, the dessert table has evolved into something diverse and with more varieties. It became more of a wholly blended statement with your wedding decor. There are many ways to look at a delicious cake. It could be the style or the fantastic taste of the dessert. But something fundamental when it comes to a wedding cake is that it should tell a story. The story of the couple who shared vows with each other.

      It is entirely your choice of how you want the cake to be. “Your big day, your wedding cake” is the spirit you should have. Even better, try to create a wedding cake that goes with your wedding theme so that it is perfectly blended in without compromising on the taste of the sweet treat.

      We have scoured up 20 fabulous wedding cake ideas for you to look into. And we promise you are going to love each and every one of them. So let’s get into it, shall we?

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      1. The Citrus Punch

      Let’s start with something unique, shall we? We are all familiar with cakes with the typical mellow flavours and an instantly sweetening taste. So why don’t we throw some fruit punch in your wedding cake? Yes, you heard that right.

      The citrus element is one of the top wedding cake ideas you can think of. If you wish to bring something delightful and vibrant to your wedding through your cake, then a citrus-themed cake is the perfect fit for it.

      You can either choose to have a single-tier cake with citrus garnishing or else an extravagant three-tier cake to serve the whole of your guests. 

      2. The Laced Dessert

      The next one on the list of wedding cake ideas is the laced delight. Some couples might want to match their wedding cake with their wedding outfit.

      And that gives birth to a great wedding cake idea. Adorn your extravagant tiered cake with lace icing, just like your wedding dress.

      This will provide an aesthetically pleasing view and give you the best wedding cake photos for your photo album. 

      3. The Pink Blush

      wedding cake ideas

      When it comes to wedding cake ideas, we cannot miss out on the traditional yet elegant pink blush cakes. These are always the showstoppers in the wedding cakes list as they are decorated with blush pink icings with a matte finish to them.

      Pink blush cakes are very well-suited if your wedding theme is a straightforward and minimalistic setup.

      However, if you prefer having something tropical for your wedding delight, add some green sugar leaves to make it look catchy. 

      4. The Pastel Hues

      wedding cake ideas

      Another show-stealer in the list of wedding cakes is pastel-hued cakes. If you are a fan of minimalistic weddings with cool and fresh colour shades, you definitely want to have the same vibe with your wedding cake.

      Pastel hue colours like lavender, pink, and light yellow are gracefully iced on your favourite flavoured cake to make it look more elegant and classy.

      If you want to add a bit of glam to the cake itself, try adding some sugary leaves in the same shades. 

      5. The Mixed Combo

      wedding cake ideas

      Now let’s see a combination wedding cake idea, shall we? In this mixed combination of cakes, the first tier is everyone’s favourite and loved chocolate cake with just a coat of white cream.

      But the second tier gets as majestic as it can be. It is made of shiny metallic foiled icing paired with heavy sugar flowers in bright colour shades.

      So the whole cake is the perfect blend of royal and straightforward in one place. 

      6. Tropical Sugary Bonanza

      wedding cake ideas

      Nowadays, many couples crave a tropical-themed wedding. It could be wholly based on the green, lush surroundings and venue or more of a tropical Hawaiian fruit theme. In both cases, the wedding should be something that goes well with this unique theme.

      The next one on the list of wedding cake ideas is just that. It is a plain three-tiered cake with a white cream coating.

      But what makes it the perfect tropical wedding cake is the plantation-shaped sugary bonus. The cake is covered with edible green leaves icing, making this a complete green delight. 

      7. Rustic Theme 

      wedding cake ideas

      People planning their wedding and reception in the countryside have a lot to explore when it comes to wedding cake ideas.

      It should be something unique that stands out from the crowd. Why don’t you try something old school for cake on your big day? This is a classic white iced cake with geometrical motifs printed with gold foiled flowers decorating throughout the cake.

      The rustic vibe of this wedding cake will perfectly match your countryside wedding theme.

      8. The Dried Spring

      wedding cake ideas

      Want to try something completely out of the box? Then go for this one-in-a-million idea of fried flowers garnished on your plain white iced cake.

      This is a unique idea that people might not think of or try adding to their special day. But dried flowers as a cake decor are just as good as floral arrangements on cakes.

      This gives a rustic, earthy vibe to the wedding cake and your wedding theme setup. 

      9. Croquembouche Delight

      This could be the ultimate showstopper in unique wedding cake ideas. Croquembouche is a French dessert consisting of pastry balls filled with caramel syrup.

      This is an unconventional method for a wedding cake, as these sugary delights are stacked one on top of the other to make the shape of a wedding cake, and when it comes to serving, the guests can serve themselves with a croquembouche treat. 

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      10. Fruit Topping Dessert

      wedding cake ideas

      We all love the dessert bars and drinks at wedding receptions. It has a different taste to it. Why not bring this same taste to your wedding cake too?

      Create your own wedding cake with your favourite fruits cut up on top of it as toppings.

      This is a very healthy choice to make if you are concerned about calorie intake. Fruits can never go wrong.

      11. Boho Bougainvillea 

      wedding cake ideas

      Some couples prefer a breezy wedding to tie the knot with their loved ones in peace. So their go-to theme would be something wholly chic and boho.

      A wedding theme like this calls for the best stylish wedding cake ideas. Imagine a wedding cake in your favourite pastel shade, decorated with Bougainvillea flowers all around it.

      A beautiful one, isn’t it? This is the perfect choice for your wedding cake if your venue theme is a minimalistic boho setup. 

      12. The Silver Lining 

      wedding cake ideas

      As we know, all things have a silver lining. So why don’t we get that silver lining on your wedding cake as a beautiful decoration?

      It is common in wedding cake ideas to involve silver-toned foils and flowers on the cake to make it look more classy and sophisticated.

      If your wedding theme falls into similar lines, then a silver lining cake might be a perfect choice. It is better to decorate the cakes with more silver flowers and silver foils around the cake’s icing. 

      13. Something Blue 

      wedding cake ideas

      It is a traditional belief to have something blue at your wedding as a form of prosperity in love. However, many couples prefer it to be a piece of clothing or something encompassed in a bit of jewellery.

      So this is another out-of-the-box one on the list of wedding cake ideas. Let your wedding cake be the “Something Blue” element at your wedding.

      Create a wedding cake masterpiece in the perfect blue shade you love and garnish it with blue and white petals to give it a contrasting look. 

      14. A White Cake Statement

      wedding cake ideas

      Let’s click pause on the coloured ones for a bit. The next one on the list of wedding cake ideas is the classic white frosted wedding cake.

      This is a statement wedding cake that everyone prefers and receives zero complaints as it is a classic.

      Of course, you can make it unique and innovative by making it in the form of flower clusters, so it would look like a tall gardenia flower, but in reality, it is a wedding cake. Interesting, isn’t it?

      15. The Watercolour Art Piece

      wedding cake ideas

      Do you have a keen interest in art and painting? Then this watercolour art piece wedding cake idea will definitely catch your eye.

      The oiled watercolours are painted on a pastel hue cake, giving them all the subtle and innovative elements. Who doesn’t want their cake to look like a masterpiece?

      16. Peach Hues

      wedding cake ideas

      A summer wedding is anyone’s dream. It is as bright and vibrant as the couples on their wedding day. So let’s make it more interesting with the classic summer shade, peach, coupled with creating your wedding cake.

      This one is on top of the wedding cake ideas list for a summer wedding.

      This frosted peach cake has a slightly transparent view, and on top of it, you can add some roses and leaves to give it a spring vibe. 

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      17. Beauty in Asymmetry

      There is a certain beauty in the asymmetry of things, isn’t there? Just like how people come together to be partners, cover each other’s flaws, and make the relationship perfect. So let’s bring that asymmetry to the dessert table.

      Asymmetrical-tier cakes have been gaining traction in the wedding industry for a while now.

      An asymmetrical cake works best when there is minimal colour involvement and different tiers so that it looks incomplete yet complete.

      18. The Macarons

      wedding cake ideas

      Since we are on the topic of unconventional wedding cake ideas, let’s try something different. First, of course, we are all familiar with the sweet treat of macarons.

      So why not make a wedding out of just macarons? Confused? Don’t be.

      You can whip up some macarons in your favourite colour and size according to the size of your wedding cake and stack them up to form the perfect wedding cake of your dreams. So different, yet so tasty. 

      19. The Soft Ombre

      wedding cake ideas

      The gradient colour combos are every person’s absolute favourite. So why not combine this with your wedding cake to make it look as ecstatic as your wedding decor?

      Use a combination of soft and bright shades as a gradient ombre look on your pastel icing on the cake. This will look as if it is straight-up from a fairy tale, right onto the wedding cake table.

      This will give you the major feeling of a Disney princess wedding.

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      20. The Marble Marvel

      wedding cake ideas

      Let’s take things up a notch, shall we? The last but most aesthetically pleasing one on the list of wedding cake ideas is the marble goodness on your wedding day.

      This 3-tiered cake can be of any pastel or light colours, or if you feel a bit adventurous, it can be a brighter shade.

      This is finished with a marble texture of frosting on the cake, giving it a sparkly stone twist. So have the royal wedding cake of your dreams by choosing this marble marvel of a dessert.