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      36 Vintage Wedding Ideas for A Nostalgic Love Affair

      Vintage weddings in the twenty-first century are an attempt to evoke a sense of nostalgia by combining components and aesthetics from the 1990s. Adapting the style of weddings from the 1920s to the 1970s is what a vintage wedding entails.

      The years 1920-1970 are separated into decades to assist us in identifying the changes and cultural transitions. Weddings were more amicable in the 1920s and 1930s.

      The weddings of the 1930s were a little different; they were still fun and lovely. Weddings in the country and a rustic barn were popular in the 1930s.

      It was wartime at the start of the 1940s, and things were tough. People found time to celebrate love even in this challenging economic circumstance. Simple and lovely weddings were held. The bride wore silk and lace gowns. Except for the lipstick, the eye makeup is rather understated. The colour red was particularly popular.

      The people of the 1960s were seen as hippies, simple, modern, and cool. Flowing soft materials and casual wedding dresses make them an ideal choice for a summer wedding.

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      There are so many ways to bring a historic occasion to live in a vintage wedding, no matter which one you choose.

      1. Old Castle-Themed Locations

      You can start by choosing a pompous site, such as old castle-themed locations, and decorations, such as lace crocheted tablecloths and silver flatware to incorporate this style.

      vintage wedding

      2. Try Retro-Chic Wedding Destinations – Vintage Wedding Venues

      You won’t have to worry about keeping to one sort of wedding location because the vintage wedding style is quite versatile, simple, and classy.

      Traditional wedding locations were ballrooms, country clubs, hotels, and even castles. Instead, consider getting married somewhere more casual, such as a winery, countryside garden, beachside, or even a barn, if you want a vintage wedding with modern undertones.

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      vintage wedding

      The first step is to decide if you wish your vintage wedding to be themed around a certain decade or simply create a romantic environment with nods to the past.

      3. Lace Dresses

      Lace was a popular fabric at that time, and the bride’s gown was mostly made of silk, embossed with lace in a vintage manner.

      vintage wedding 1

      4. Style Up with Victorian-Inspired Vintage Wedding Dress

      The Victorian vibe is channeled via an elegant style. A Victorian silk lace veil paired with an ivory corset and peplum waist, corded lace, and pink silk ribbon can resurrect the era’s grace.

      Victorian silk lace veil

      5. Mix Of Modern And Vintage Styles

      You can also go for a mix of modern and vintage styles with long sleeves and a high collar, as well as a more current sheath silhouette.

      vintage wedding

      6. Decor using a Vinyl Record Player

      The rooms were decorated with Jude boxes, polka dots, and checkerboard designs, as well as a vinyl record player.

      Vinyl Record Player

      7. Tea Length Dresses

      If you don’t want to wear a long gown to your wedding, a short dress might still give you an old-school look. Instead, wear a beautiful lace tiny dress with a beautiful veil and a red lip or a sequin tassel-adorned flapper dress.

      vintage wedding

      8. Groom – Get Ready with Classic Vintage Tuxedo

      The groom’s attire with a vintage feel is gorgeous and remarkable.

      Bow ties and suspenders are popular accessories that can give a retro look. Waistcoats are a must-have vintage piece for any era or season.

       Rock n Roll

      Braces/suspenders, placed under a blazer in a similar or contrasting material, are of choice for a more relaxed, rustic, casual wedding.

      Pair them with a shirt or suit for a refined, subtle look.

      9. Rock n Roll

      Exuberance and rock n roll dominated the postwar era. The brides wore a short calf-length gowns while the grooms wore tuxedos with suspenders in classic colours.

       Rock n Roll

      10. Bow Tie

      For a classy look, choose any floral, velvet, tweed, or even sequinned bow tie, which has been in trend since the 18th century.

       Rock n Roll

      11. Fedora, Bowler, Ivy, and Boater Hats

      Hats such as the Fedora, Bowler, Ivy, and Boater are all extremely fashionable.

      Boater Hats

      12. Pocket Watch

      Of course, the perfect vintage accessory will always be the pocket watch.

      13. Classic Flowers with a Vintage Twist

      Depending on the season, the floral arrangements will change. So, keep the season in mind when choosing a style.

      vintage wedding ideas sydney

      14. Brooches

      Including two brooches in your bouquet, one from your family and one from your spouse, is a fantastic idea that will also serve as your “something borrowed”.

      vintage wedding ideas sydney

      15. Bouquet of Wildflowers Blooms

      For some 1960s vibes, a bouquet of wildflowers blooms in a frenzy, creating a laid-back, bohemian bunch.

      vintage wedding ideas sydney

      16. White Roses

      White roses are always lovely and have been for years as the perfect finishing touch.

      vintage wedding ideas sydney

      17. Old-School Drawings

      Incorporate antique furniture into your reception area, or play up a distressed aesthetic or old-school drawings in your paper goods, starting with the venue’s architecture.

      vintage wedding ideas sydney

      18. Lilies

      Lilies are also perennially youthful and are connected with purity, gentleness, and generosity.

      vintage wedding ideas sydney

      19. Paper Cones Loaded With Magenta Flower Petals

      As you leave the wedding, visitors can throw paper cones loaded with magenta flower petals. It also lends a romantic touch to wedding photos.

      vintage wedding ideas sydney

      20. Set a Graceful Heritage Aisle

      A dramatic aisle can change any setting, as well as provide an excellent mood for exchanging your vows and a gorgeous backdrop for your all-important photos, whether you’re getting married in a church, a restaurant, a beach, a garden, or a wooded copse.

      vintage wedding ideas sydney

      21. Arches

      Arches are best suited to outdoor locations and can be made from luxurious flowers or rustic limbs.

      vintage wedding ideas sydney

      22. Flowers Everywhere

      Flowers as simple as hanging single rose stems, bouquets in bottles, or full walls of blooms are all equally effective and lovely!

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      23. Drapes

      Drapes can soften the harshest of venues or give warmth to fall and winter weddings. Words have a powerful impact, and they serve as a significant backdrop and a lovely reminder after the big day.

      vintage wedding ideas sydney

      24. Choose an Old-World Charm Wedding Cake

      A vintage-inspired cake can be made in a variety of ways, from lace patterns to cascading sugar flowers with an old-world atmosphere. Metallic colours will stand out more, and pastels are also a great choice for a vintage wedding cake.

      Ribbon embroidery was popular throughout the Victorian era. Hand-shaped sugar paste flowers and fondant-covered tiers set off the cakes, which can be finished off with a lovely figure of the bride and groom as a topper.

      25. Beige and Brown

      During the vintage era, beige and brown predominate, with white, rose, and blue tones employed to create attractive colour accents in décor and flowers.

      vintage wedding ideas sydney

      26. Go with Timeless Wedding Furniture

      Choose retro-style furniture to add an extra look.

      vintage wedding ideas sydney

      27. Antique Bar Cart

      An antique bar cart is a must-have for any vintage wedding.

      vintage wedding ideas sydney

      28. Gimlet

      A historical cocktail, such as a post-World War sidecar or gimlet from the twenties, might be a wonderful addition.

      vintage wedding ideas sydney

      29. Fountain With Garden Roses

      Enhance an aging fountain with garden roses and strands of orchids to set the mood for cocktails.

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      30. Jazz Trio

      Add a jazz trio and a string of cafe lights to make it even better.

      vintage wedding ideas sydney

      31. Use Old Books as Decor

      By using old books as picture props, you may give your photos a vintage feel. If they have the same colour scheme as your blooms, that’s ideal.

      vintage wedding

      32. Antique Suitcases As Side Tables

      You might use a couple of antique suitcases as side tables for a more modern look.

      vintage wedding ideas sydney

      33. Time-Honored Vintage Calligraphy

      The 1990s were known for people’s interest in calligraphy. Calligraphy is guaranteed to add the mood of the 1990s to anything from small notes to tables to scrolls and ribbons.

      vintage wedding ideas sydney

      34. Invitations With Botanical Illustrations In a Dusty Gold

      An invitation suite with botanical illustrations in a dusty gold tint transports you to the Victorian era, while a deckled edge softens the design.

      vintage wedding ideas sydney

      35. Vows On Parchment

      Likewise, the vows were written on parchment, which was afterward framed to remind you of your love and ceremony.

      vintage wedding ideas sydney

      36. Borrow a Classic Vintage Car

      How can a vintage wedding happen without a vintage car? Borrow or rent it for your big day.

      vintage wedding ideas sydney

      These are a few things you can do to create a vintage mood at your wedding. But if you prefer, you can look to the specific decade using it for a bit of inspiration.

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      These can be set as per the dream of the bride and groom. Ultimately this is a lifetime event for them.