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      Pandit Venkatraman Shastri


      The wedding highlight of an Indian wedding is the Riti Riwaz (Cultural traditions) they undergo. In foreign countries, it is really difficult to spot a pandit who is well aware of the region and to fulfill the rituals properly in the correct order. Pandit Venkatraman Shastri, who is a maestro of vidhi karmas and poojas, has got you. He completed Krishna Yajur Veda up to Padam level. He is also proficient in Sanskrit. His father, Shri G. Krishnamurthy Ghanapathigal (alias Sri G. Babu Sastrigal), was his first mentor, and he further continued under Shri Neelakanth Vaishampayan. His origin state is Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. Pandit-ji came to Australia in 2007 after working at multiple firms in India. If you are planning an authentic wedding in a short period of time, contact him through us to get a slot now.


      • North Indian Weddings
      • Pujas
      • House Warming Ceremonies
      • Traditional Festivals
      • South Indian Weddings
      • Indian Ceremonies

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