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      Flowers by Ayisha


      When it comes to Indian weddings, flowers hold a special place in the event. Let it be the wedding arrangements, Pooja functions, Theme decorations, anything. Without flowers, the efforts seem incomplete. It’s hard to select florist services and arrangements when we are living abroad. Let us make that choice for you. Flowers by Ayisha is a venture led by Ayisha, who is extremely talented among the florists in town. She offers you a unique and fine collection of floral arrangements and garlands for the big day. Not just that. She provides customised floral jewellery and accessories for upcoming wedding functions too. You can personalise the arrangements according to your wedding theme so that everything aligns just as you imagined. Ayisha also offers you floral backdrops which will make the event much more luxurious and grand with its elegance.


      • Floral Backdrops
      • Indian Wedding Floral Arrangements
      • Floral Accessories
      • Floral Theme Designing
      • Centerpiece Bouquets
      • Floral Jewelleries

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