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      8 Best Urban Photography Locations Sydney

      When it comes to a wedding, everything is a challenge. Right from the start, it is natural for anyone to get stuck for things as simple as finding the right dress for your big day. You would only wish if you had a guide to take you through the havoc holding your hands, and that is what we do.

      As for now, here are some of the best photography locations in Sydney that you may not have heard of. These are some of our personal favourites. Whether it is for a wedding photoshoot or just a set of cool pictures for your Instagram fans, you can check out the below-given locations for some mind-blowing photos.

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      1. The Manly Wormhole

      Urban Photography Locations Sydney

      You heard that right. The Manly Wormhole is one of the concealed treasure caves found by a few locals in Sydney. It forms a passage into the unknown. The view through the cave reaches out to the sea, where you can have a peephole view of the horizon.

      You might need to put up a bit of effort to get there as it is not easily accessible. One would need to hike a bit, but the caves are worth the effort.

      2. Pier One Sydney Harbour

      Pier One Sydney Harbour

      The gorgeous igloos found here are simply out-of-ordinary wedding photography locations in urban times. The best spot during the afternoon is when the glow of the sun is just right, beaming its ambiance on every angle of your photograph.

      Or perhaps a night shoot with a few candles in the dim lights could bring out the serenity in the atmosphere. We suggest a cinematic style of photography as the location is a unique spot and has gone unnoticed by many.

      3. The Luna Park

      Life is often a roller coaster, but here is the real deal. Luna Park is one hell of a place to host your wedding photoshoot. I mean, why not? At Symphony Events, we challenge the conventional norms of photography to deliver something new to the eyes.

      Regarded as one of the most iconic amusement parks & tourist destinations in all of Sydney, the place is so enjoyable that you would believe that you were not a day older than 10.

      The Luna Park

      This could be an ideal location even for the save-the-date shoots. We recommend Drone Wedding Photography with the regular photo shoot to throw some spice to the photographs.

      And you are very much welcome to share your dream wedding photograph fantasies.

      4. Sydney Opera House

      You just cannot miss out on the most popular and iconic structure in all of Australia. It is mandatory to get at least one photograph here as it holds the pride of Sydney. The Sydney Opera House is a multi-venue performing arts center on Sydney Harbour located in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, and was listed on the World Heritage list in 2007.

      Whether cinematic, drone, or the plain old vintage style of photography, anything is possible here.

      Sydney Opera House

      You can start out the Symphony of your life from the Opera House.

      Although this may be a regular spot and used by many for various photographs, our expert photographers who have been conducting wedding photography for several years know the best angle to get an out-of-the-box picture of you and the iconic spot.

      5. Mrs Macquerie’s Point

      If you are on a quest to find a distinct photography location in Sydney, this spot is definitely worth a try. Mrs Macquarie’s Chair is an exposed sandstone rock cut into the shape of a bench on a peninsula in Sydney Harbour.

      It gives a panoramic view of the harbour. Perfect for a wide-angle wedding photograph as it provides an ultra-wide 180-degree view of the Harbour Bridge.

      Mrs Macquerie’s Point

      You just cannot miss out on this location as it quadruples the intensity of your pictures. Imagine this 16:9 photograph going as a backdrop on the wall of your living room.

      Whether cinematic, vintage, or modern-day wedding photography, each type of style used portrays a different meaning to the photographs,

      6. Bondi Beach and Bondi Icebergs

      Bondi Beach and Bondi Icebergs

      A magical place where the blue sky meets the blue waters on the horizon, the Bondi Icebergs are a popular place for some photographers. It is an international landmark located at the southern tip of Bondi Beach. It is basically a private swimming area, but who says you cannot get your cinematic-style wedding shot here?

      We have some perfect ideas up our sleeves if you are up for it. Bondi Beach is yet another beautiful place with white sands and crescent shapes.

      7. Kirribilli

      Located three kilometers north of the Sydney central business district, the Kirribilli is well known for its obsessive beauty. We all love the rain, but here you can witness the Purple Rain.

      Yes, you heard that right.


      The famous Jakaranda trees of the Kirribilli bloom during the spring season One cannot help but fall in love with the sight over and over again! The palace looks nothing less than magic.

      You can feel in an exotic painting that could leave you mesmerized for several days. Symphony Events highly recommended this place!

      8. The Blue Mountains

      They have been named after the blue haze that is naturally provoked by the eucalypt trees. You cannot help but wonder at the breathtaking magnificence of this area. An escape from reality. The Blue Mountains form a gateway towards heaven on Earth.

      You feel like the only people in the world – a true destination of solitude and peace. An absolutely romantic place.

      The Blue Mountains

      The multiple photography spots within the Blue Mountains make it a worthwhile place to plan your wedding photoshoot. For example, The Mount Tomah Botanic Garden, Echo Point, Mayfield, The Three Sisters, and the Jenolan Caves are some of the other spots you can visit in this area that will remind you of the beauty of Australia.

      Are you still confused about the best urban photography locations in Sydney? Get in touch with us so that we can help you out!

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