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      37 Unique Wedding Centrepiece Ideas from Symphony Events

      Planning your wedding involves making countless decisions, and choosing the picture-perfect centrepiece that aligns with your vision is one of them. Often, the importance of centrepieces is underestimated, but they play a crucial role in setting the tone for the entire event. Centrepieces reflect your style and the essence of your love story, making them a vital element in creating a memorable atmosphere.

      From whimsical floral arrangements to DIYs that reflect your uniqueness, we’ve curated a list of stunning centrepiece ideas that guarantee to make your bid day anything but forgettable.

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      37 Unique Wedding Centrepiece Ideas to Make a Statement

      1. Cast the Glow with Candelabras

      From classic elegance to modern chic, a candelabrum can set the mood of your wedding. Whether it’s the vintage allure of a brass candelabrum, the romantic luminosity of crystal-adorned ones, or the sleek modernity of a minimalist design, each choice imbues your tablescape with its own unique charm.

      Wedding Reception Centerpiece Decoration
      1. Highlight the Tablescapes with Hydrangea

      The lush and vibrant hydrangea blooms, with their enchanting beauty, can create a serene ambience. The gentle hues of these delicate blooms add a graceful presence to your reception.

      1. Get Playful with Peonies

      Looking for a striking centrepiece that adds a seasonal charm to your wedding? Peonies are a great choice. These lush blooms, with their romantic look, exude an allure that captivates hearts. Arrange them, packed in a vase or cascading manner across the table, to add a verve of colour.

      wedding trends
      1. Drink Toppers Wedding Centrepiece Station

      Not interested in a bunch of flowers? Then a drink topper centrepiece would be what you are looking for if your guests love to have a drink. All you have to do is place some jars and ingredients.

      1. Modern Minimalism

      If you are someone who loves the idea of a minimalistic wedding, then why not have a minimal centrepiece? Use a single, elegant stem in a slender vase, or arrange a few monochromatic flowers in neutral tones. You can also incorporate elements like smooth stones, clear glass, or subtle greenery to enhance the minimalist aesthetic.

      wedding centrepiece
      1. Repurposing the Wine Bottles 

      Having a rustic wedding? Turn the wine bottles into candle holders. These simple centrepieces can work for almost any theme. If you have a particular colour scheme, match the bottles and candles.

      Rainbow Candle
      1. Dramatic Dimensions with Low Flowers and High Stems

      Hoping for something that will capture everyone’s attention? Pair rich, colourful blooms with tall, slender branches for extra dimensions. 

      Tall Floral Centrepieces
      1. Let the Music Play

      Got plenty of vintage records in your attic? Turn them into eye-catching centrepieces. Music-loving couples, this idea is certainly a must-try for you.

      Table Lamps 
      1. From the Garden to the Table

      Bring a touch of nature to your table with a greenery centrepiece. Use a mix of lush foliage, like eucalyptus, ferns, and ivy, to add an organic vibe to your setting. Place them in a wooden box for a rustic look or in a glass vase for a sophisticated look. 

      Fresh Flower Table Runners
      1. Tipsy Florals

      Repurpose your favourite booze bottles into interesting centrepieces by turning them into flower vases. Mix and match vintage bottles of different shapes, sizes, and colours to add character to your table. You can either fill the bottle with a single stem or a small bouquet, according to your choice.

      Silk and Linen Table Runners
      1. Let the Love Glow

      So you are dreaming of a fairy tale wedding? For a magical wedding straight out of the books, fairy lights are a must-have. Fill in glass lanterns with these dainty lights for an enchanting ambience. In case you don’t have a lantern, go for a glass vase instead.

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      Lace and Crochet Table Runners
      1. Glamour and Glow

      Having an extravagant wedding means luxurious centrepieces. Use glamorous candelabras made of glass, intertwined with vibrant flowers. This will surely captivate all your guests with its magnificence. 

      Silk and Linen Table Runners
      1. Zesty Vibes

      Feeling the summer spirit? Enhance your tablescapes with citrus centrepieces, bursting with vibrant colours and zesty freshness. The bright hues and the clean scent of the citrus are sure to infuse a cheerful vibe into the ambience.

      Red Table Runner 
      1. Go Crafty with Painted Bottles

      Did someone just say DIY wedding? Then you really need to try these painted bottles as centrepieces. These are not just an expression of your personality but also a sustainable and eco-friendly idea to upcycle creatively.

      Transparent Accents 
      1. The Jars of Charm

      Add a touch of rustic charm to your wedding with mason jar centrepieces. These versatile jars can be transformed into stunning decorations that perfectly capture the essence of your special day. Fill them with wildflowers for a countryside feel, or add candles and twinkling fairy lights for a warm, romantic glow.

      Metallic Detailing 
      1. Delicate Touch of Romance

      These dainty white flowers, known for their airy and ethereal appearance, create a romantic and timeless ambience. Perfect for any wedding theme, baby’s breath can be used alone for a minimalist look or combined with other flowers for added texture and depth.

      Chandelier Table Decorations 
      1. Fruitful Vows

      Let us tell you something. Flowers aren’t the only option. If you are aiming for a flower-less wedding, this idea might be perfect for you. Bursting with colour and natural beauty, fruits like lemons, oranges, apples, and berries can create stunning and unexpected displays. Perfect for outdoor, rustic, or summer weddings, these centrepieces can be arranged in elegant bowls or rustic crates, or combined with flowers for a lush, abundant look. 

      Fruit Bowl 
      1. Binding Love

      Bookworms, this might be the ideal wedding centrepiece you have been looking for. Books, stacked on top of each other, add a whimsical and vintage feel to the atmosphere. Choose classic novels, beautifully bound editions, or meaningful titles that tell your love story.

      Charcuterie Table Decorations
      1. Get Lost in the Tropics

      Getting married somewhere in the tropics? Consider using palm leaves, lush greenery, and exotic flowers like orchids. You can also pair them with seashells, pineapples, or driftwood for the added beauty of the tropics.

      1. Retro Glitz

      Add a touch of sparkle and retro flair to your wedding with disco ball centrepieces. Perfect for a fun, modern, or vintage-themed celebration, disco balls reflect light beautifully, creating a dazzling and festive atmosphere.

      Few Blooms More Greenery 
      1. Treasured Tables

      Personalise your wedding decor with the charm of trinket centrepieces. These unique and eclectic pieces, such as vintage keys, mini lanterns, ornate picture frames, or antique collectables, add a whimsical and intimate touch to each table. These are delightful conversation starters, making your special day truly memorable and one-of-a-kind.

      1.  Earthy Sophistication

      Ditch the traditional centrepieces for an out-of-the-box idea using succulents. Arrange the succulents with either moss or classic blooms like roses, dahlias and eucalyptus twigs in a terracotta pot.

      Space 10 Palm Beach
      1.  Enchanted by the Wild

      Turn your wedding into a whimsical affair by using wildflowers as centrepieces. Use wildflowers of vibrant hues like sunny yellow, charming red, or zesty orange that will surely stand out against a backdrop of greenery. This is ideal for boho or whimsical-themed weddings.

      1. Suspended Splendour

      Take your wedding centrepieces to the literal next level by hanging them in the air. If you are having an outdoor wedding, place a floral arch across the table and hang a chandelier. This can be the ultimate tablescape for your extravagant wedding.

      Hanging Flower Installation
      1.  Simply Green

      Go wild with your wedding centrepieces by adorning your table with the greens you like. This is a simple yet attention-grabbing idea. If you don’t want too much greenery, which is nearly impossible, you can use mini-potted topiaries instead.

      1. Trailing Beauty

      Impart elegance to your wedding through floral runners as centrepieces. These lush, cascading arrangements of fresh flowers and greenery create a stunning and continuous display down the length of your tables. Perfect for garden, rustic, or romantic-themed weddings, floral runners bring a sense of natural beauty and sophistication.

      luxury wedding ideas
      1.  Numbered with Love

      Guide your wedding guests to their seats in style with the personalised table numbers that double as stunning centrepieces. There are zillion ways to display these numbers creatively, such as placing them in between floral arrangements, engraved in wooden blocks or logs, imprinted in mason jars or vases, photo holders, and a lot more.

      luxury wedding ideas
      1.  Tropical Enchantement

      Again, if you are having a tropical soiree, line the palm leaves on the table with tea lights or candles to enhance the look. The palm leaves add a hint of freshness to your tropical wedding.

      airy wedding venues
      1.  Hanging Greenery 

      Leave your guests in awe with the beauty of hanging greenery as centrepieces. Bring a touch of nature to your indoor weddings, creating a lush and romantic atmosphere. You can suspend green vines with delicate flowers using circular frames, hang planters with trailing plants like ivy or strings of pearls, or intertwine fairy lights to add a magical glow to your event.

      Garlands with Blooms
      1. Toast-Worthy Tables

      Thought we would stop with drink topper centrepieces? Nope. If you, your friends, and your family love to booze up, then turn your wedding table into a stylish beverage station with drink buckets as centrepieces. This makes sure that your guests don’t have to go anywhere to get a drink.

      Dappled Sky Vase
      1.  Desert Blooms

      For your desert-themed wedding, put together sand in a glass vase, topped with a succulent. You can go overboard by adding a pop of colour to the sand and the plant.

      Unique Wedding Venues in Australia
      1.  Colourfully Contrasting

      Brighten your wedding with the vibrance of bold and contrasting flowers. You can combine vivid flowers such as fuchsia peonies with sunny yellow roses or deep purple irises with bright orange lilies. These striking arrangements make for an eye-catching centrepiece.

      event decor
      1. Savour the Moment

      Let your guests snack while enjoying your wedding with canape boards as centrepieces. You can create different varieties of canape boards according to your preference, such as a gourmet board including savoury bites like bruschetta, mini quiche, and stuffed mushrooms. Consider a cheese board, a plant-based board, a mix of sweet and savoury bites, or a seafood board with smoked salmon, shrimp cocktails, and crab cakes garnished with lemon wedges and fresh dill.

      Gold Colour Schemes
      1. Glass Gardens

      Capture the essence of nature at your indoor wedding with terrariums. These miniature, self-contained gardens bring a lush, organic feel to your tables, perfect for any wedding theme. You can choose from succulent displays, moss and fern gardens, fairy garden terrariums, floral terrariums, or airy plant terrariums.

      wedding decor trends
      1. Pinecone Perfection

      Add seasonal charm to your fall or winter wedding with pinecone centrepieces. Suitable for rustic weddings as well, this versatile and budget-friendly option adds a warm and cosy touch to your overall decor. Arrange them with candles for a soft, romantic glow that complements the natural elements.

      1. Exotic Blooms

      The exotic beauty of anthurium has the ability to elevate your wedding decor. These vibrant tropical flowers add a touch of sophistication and intrigue to your tables, creating a striking focal point. The anthuriums add a pop of colour and elegance to your wedding decor and symbolise love and abundance.

      Marble Lazy Suzan
      1.  Drifted Elegance

      Looking for a centrepiece that provides a beautiful and unique aesthetic? Use driftwood adorned with orchids to enhance your tablescapes. This unique combination of rustic and exotic elements creates a stunning visual impact, perfect for a beach or nature-inspired wedding.

      Hanging Flower Installation

      Let’s Create Something Beautiful Together with Symphony Events 

      Thus, it is obvious that when it comes to creating visual splendour at your wedding, centrepieces play an important role. From the classic radiance of candelabras and the fresh appeal of citrus and greenery to the nostalgic charm of vintage records and books, the aforementioned centrepiece ideas add elegance to your love story.

      Let your imagination run wild envisioning a memorable centrepiece. We, Symphony Events, the best wedding planner in Sydney, are here to help you create a tablescape that is as unique and special as your big day. We have the creativity and expertise to make your big day unforgettable. Book a consultation with us today for a truly unforgettable wedding experience!