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      Blessed Beginnings: A Temple Wedding Elegance

      Temple Wedding Benefits

      Temples are special, and there are certain things about a temple wedding that you can’t find anywhere else. A temple is much beyond a mere venue for your wedding.

      • Temple wedding will add a unique dimension to your wedding. The wedding ceremony itself includes god and his guidance.
      • You can make your vows at the temple. But imagine- you can make wedding vows that big only in a temple. These vows made before your loved ones in your presence will aid you to stay and grow together. Both the god and the temple are there for you to aid you and maintain your vows.
      • The priest has a very significant and special role to play in your wedding. The Hindu priest can blend age-old tradition and modern experience to portray your story. Due to your relationship with the priest, the wedding can be made indelible, personal, exquisite, and meaningful.
      • A temple and its surroundings offer a spectacular vista. Whether it is old or new, intimate or grand, temples are one of Sydney’s most picturesque wedding venues.
      • Temple buildings hold centuries of history. Think of all couples who have tied the knot in a temple, even some of them may well be in your family. When you get hitched in a temple, you are in a way becoming a part of the history itself. These sorts of connections make your wedding even more special.
      • You will be involved in making preferences regarding your wedding. You can even count on temple wedding services from Symphony Events to get you started.
      • For certain couples, a temple seems like a perfect place to get married. For them, they yearn to seek the blessings of God for their wedding. Temples are well described as serene, pious, or having an aura that makes a wedding an especially special experience.

      And once you’re done with the wedding revelries, you will realise that a temple is way beyond simply a wedding venue.

      Temple Wedding Features

      We obviously know that there are numerous things to take into consideration when opting for a temple. This write-up is intended for those who are bringing forth queries if they want to get married in a temple versus other venues like a function centre, community centre, or even a beach. Here are a few features of a temple wedding:

      • Infrastructure is in place, idols are already present, wedding equipment to be used by the wedding priest is there, plus there is no need to hire a Hindu priest, as well as enough space for parking.
      • The cost of a wedding at a temple is typically low to medium when compared to other wedding venues. Plus, most of the temples charge ala carte pricing for other services such as sound system and meals, and it completely varies from temple to temple.
      • The Hindu wedding priest is a part of the pricing.
      • A majority of the vendors like wedding photographers have worked in the event space numerous times, and they have an idea of what it takes to make your wedding look spellbinding.
      • All you truly need to do is deal with the hall decorations and programs.

      A Temple wedding is a testimony to faith in god.

      Hindu Temple Wedding Rituals

      The major aspect of a Hindu wedding ceremony is lighting up the ceremonial fire, typically created from wooden wicks and ghee to evoke the god and the fire, to witness the wedding. The couple is seated before the ceremonial fire, or Agni as the officiant chants different mantras from the holy scripture. The key reason behind invoking the fire is to cleanse the union of the couple about to be wed from all evil eyes and utterances and develop its transparency and purity.

      Jaimala Ceremony

      The moment when the bride and the groom exchange floral garlands is one of the most well-recognised ceremonies of a temple wedding ceremony. This very act is a sign of welcoming each other into their families and that a bond has been forged between the bride and groom and their respective families.

      Kanyadan Ceremony

      The bride is typically led to the mandap, where the groom awaits the bride by her uncle or brother. The bride’s father and mother offer their daughter at the wedding, in a sacred and solemn ceremony called the Kanyadaan ceremony. They cleanse the feet of the couple with water and milk, making them ready for a new life with each other. The couple holds their palms open, and the bride’s father places his open palm over their hands. The bride’s mother then pours water over the bride’s father’s hands, which subsequently falls into the hands of the couple.


      Trussing each other, the soul and heart is the ethos of Saptapadi, a deeply emotional ceremony. Saptapadi also implies saat phera and phera translates to circle around. When it comes to Hindu temple weddings, it’s the newlywed couple circling around the ceremonial fire, and each revolution signifies a promise to each other and each gesture signifies a particular purpose. The wedding vows validate a wedding and no ceremony is complete without it.

      Once the temple wedding is completed, a red powder known as Sindoor is applied to the bride’s hair partition to indicate that she is now married.

      Bidaai Ceremony

      The most-heart rending moment of a wedding, the Bidaai is the ceremony in which the act bids goodbye to her family and friends as she departs to the groom’s house with the groom and his side. Bidaai is hard to put into words and not something that can easily be left to oblivion. This must but not quite wrap up the wedding ceremony since there are post-wedding revelries awaiting the couple.

      Temple Wedding Services From Symphony Events

      Symphony Events is the most trusted Sydney-based wedding planner operating since 2012. We provide a one-stop-shop solution for temple weddings in Sydney. We can be the best bet for couples who are after reliable, comprehensive, and personalised service by a team with international experience, local expertise, and a go-getter outlook. We work closely with you, aiding you realise their once-in-a-lifetime moment and in actualising a stunning event which far exceeds your expectations.

      Symphony Events will also help you to manage and set up your event space. We focus on your preferences and our experiences for your dream wedding. We will assure you that your temple wedding will be a much indelible affair. Leave your temple wedding planning to us. Just watch the most significant day of your life planned to perfection and we make sure that nothing is left to chance. Let us leave you in awe with our Temple wedding planning.

      Temple Wedding Decorations From Symphony Events

      We are elated to assist you with temple wedding decorations and suggestions based on your wedding vision, which is certain to wow your loved ones.


      We will weave magic on flowers to create stunning arrangements for your nuptials. All that you need to do from your side is to opt for the flowers you favour the most- the one that matches your wedding dress, the theme, that will have your wedding attendees wowing over your floral extravagance. With premium services, fresh blooms, and personalized consultations, we will turn your vision into something real. Get in touch with us today to discuss your floral needs.

      Wedding Vendors and Suppliers

      We coordinate with the best and most trustworthy wedding vendors and through our established bond with them, aid you in achieving the best prices possible for what they offer.

      Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists

      Our suggested professional make-up and hair artists can aid you pick the look which suits you better or create a style you favour. When it comes to temple wedding Makeup and Hair, we are one of the trustworthy service providers in Sydney. We have gone above and beyond to deliver the expectations of the brides for their wedding styling. Our previous work stands as the testimony to the quality of MUA and hair services we bestow. Perfection and timeliness have made us carve a special place among the Indian wedding makeup and hair artists in Sydney. Our artists make your event ready with utmost exquisiteness and elegance.

      Wedding Photographer and Videographer

      Photography and Wedding Videography are one of the sine qua non for a wedding. We also work with professional photographers and videographers having their own one-of-a-kind style. They are cognizant of what goes behind every scene to bring the wedding into life. They capture timeless moments in a natural, candid way which you will cherish forever. Have a glance at wedding photography packages Sydney.

      Party Hire Sydney

      A great wedding is also based on the quality of the equipment used and anything you may require for your wedding. You are sure to discover it from our list of equipment for hire. Never get perturbed by trying to source all the different equipment required to create your dreamy wedding. Let our adept team deliver and arrange everything to your wedding venue and take the set up for you when needed.

      Here is an array of equipment we offer:

      • Marquee
      • Marquee flooring
      • Tables, Chairs
      • Table cloths,Table skirting, table runner
      • Wedding chair sashes,  chair covers,
      • Wedding carpet
      • Flower stand

      Marquees are a popular option, they can bring a touch of elegance with ease. We can find you some in any shape or size and offer tables and chairs that are quite matching with it. We absolutely like its set up as it provides you with a blank canvas to work in.


      Wedding backdrops are a vital decor element at Hindu weddings since it literally sets the backdrop for the couple. We stock a range of wedding backdrops like floral walls, silk and satin walls and more. With our outstanding decor skills, we will make certain that your backdrop stands out the best and sets the scene for your wedding.

      We offer you comprehensive temple wedding services in Sydney, handled with an eye for detail. Take the first step by getting in touch with us for Wedding decorations hire and wedding equipment hire.