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      Unique and Reliable Sunset Beach Wedding By Symphony Events

      Weddings are mostly celebrated as an indoor event with your loved ones around you. But this practice has changed a lot after the introduction of outdoor weddings. The idea of getting married to your better half in a picturesque beach location as the sun sets is one of the most beautiful things that can ever happen to you.

      Aesthetics are always blissful when it is created by nature itself. And what more visually appealing sight can there be than sunsets on the beach? Every wedding decor idea is possible with a sunset beach wedding. The sky and ocean are the limits. A wedding as unique as it needs to be planned and executed carefully. That is what Symphony Events are here for. Their intricate and elegant approach to managing a perfect sunset beach wedding is just the thing you need. 

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      Outdoor weddings have their own challenges. But if planned ideally, even the slightest of issues can be avoided and can lead to your perfect wedding day. Symphony Events make sure that your first dance with your partner with sand under your toes and waves in the background will be just as perfect as your celebration of love. 

      Why a Sunset Beach Wedding?

      There is no argument that beach weddings are the most romantic and elegant way to unite with your partner. People conventionally plan their wedding in a luxury auditorium or in the backyard of their home. However, the emergence of beach weddings has created quite a stir in the wedding planning industry. The best part about beach weddings is their simplicity and elegance. It is a magical event created by elements that are all-natural yet serene.

      Sunset Beach Wedding

      There is no better place to exchange your wedding wow with your partner facing the golden hour and the rhythm of the waves. The budget-friendly approach of a sunset beach wedding is an appealing way to celebrate your big day. It is really easy for you to customise and personalise all events with minimal effort and money. Many couples choose sunset beach weddings as a theme to be a little unconventional and not follow the traditional wedding trend. This will save a lot of money in your wallet and a lot of wedding planning stress. 

      Most of the money spent on a wedding is on the venue decorations for the special day. This beach wedding decorations could cost a fortune if you want something unique and different from other weddings.

      Sunset Beach Wedding

      But sunset beach weddings come as a perfect alternative to this dilemma. You can have an extravagant wedding with a minimal budget with the sunset beach theme. You need minimal floral decorations and casual attire to match the boho-chic sunset theme of the day. It is more convenient if the wedding is an intimate ceremony so that you can accommodate your friends and family with ease at the beach venue. 

      The Location Hunt

      Finding the perfect spot for your sunset beach wedding can be a daunting process. There is a lot to consider here. The distance to the venue and the timing of the wedding ceremony have to be chosen so that pictures are perfectly aligned with the sunsets. Natural aspects that can happen unexpectedly, the convenience of your guests, and the convenience of the vendors you are hiring require enough attention to turn your big day into a beautiful one. This is where Symphony Events is your extra pair of eyes and hands.

      Sunset Beach Wedding

      Our assigned team members will play an active part in helping you choose the right beach venue. With our expertise, you will be able to find the perfect spot for your dream sunset beach wedding just as you imagined. As planning a wedding is expensive in its nature, Symphony Events’ team will make sure all of the choices will be budget-friendly for you and won’t burn your pockets in the process.

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      Wedding Planning

      Since a beach wedding is not an actual conventional venue for a wedding, there are a lot of aspects and things that need to be taken care of. This is where Symphony Events’ wedding planners have a significant role. If you are someone who would like to stick to a well-made plan and go through with it, hiring a wedding planner from Symphony is in your best interest.

      This will reduce your task list in a significant way as they will take care of the legal notices, site permissions, and various contract documents for the wedding. For example, a sunset beach wedding needs a lot of permission to be sanctioned. First, you need to check in with the beach authorities to undergo the proper procedure for hiring the beach venue. Secondly, you need to get appropriate permission for sound and the number of guests to avoid any possibility of future hiccups. 

      Sunset Beach Wedding

      The best perk you will get by hiring wedding planners from Symphony Events is their exclusivity. Numerous planners take on different events each day, and their attention is divided among them. Symphony Events’ wedding planners are keen on focusing on one event at a time, giving them time for sole attention to your wedding event but nothing else. 

      Last-Minute Plans: Backup

      As we know, life is unpredictable. Considering the impending circumstances, we cannot expect what kind of hurdles we have to face at the last minute of a sunset-themed beach wedding. So it is better to be prepared than to go through the consequences. Our wedding planners make sure there is always room for last-minute changes, such as variations in weather conditions or malfunctions in the event decor. If the first plan doesn’t get through, Symphony Events will always have a backup plan. 

      Sunset Beach Wedding

      Couples cannot bear the stress of having to change plans at the last minute. It might make them feel that the event might not be up to their expectations. But fret not; leave it to the professionals. We are always present on your behalf to tackle any inconveniences you may have at the wedding and come up with an alternative solution.

      Vendors’ Collection

      The next step in planning a sunset beach wedding is to hire the best-qualified professionals. Whether caterers, florists, or event decor service providers, they must be in rapport with the theme to make your dream day come true in the real world. Symphony Events provides you with a plethora of vendors to choose from for your wedding.

      Since it is a beach wedding, the floral arrangements you will need should be neat and straightforward. You can scroll through numerous florists on the Symphony Events platform and choose what fits the best. The problem with approaching wedding vendors directly is mainly the cost. Since you are asking individually, the rates can be considerably high and out of your budget.

      Sunset Beach Wedding

      But when you are approaching vendors through the wedding planners from Symphony Events, you get a significant discount from the service providers as the event company has tie-ups with them regularly. This will save you from having to find a good vendor and stay within your budget. 

      Since it is a sunset beach wedding, the cuisine must be in alignment with the theme. The best cuisine you can choose for a beach wedding is seafood. When you have particular choices on food items, it is always best to go through the caterer’s list of Symphony Events and choose what fits your budget and menu.

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      The Venue Makeover

      The most significant advantage a beach venue can offer you is flexibility. With proper professional help and time management, you can transform the place from the wedding ceremony spot to the reception venue.

      Symphony’s wedding planners will go that extra mile to transform your sunset beach wedding venue into a wholly different but elegant reception area in an impressive amount of time.

      Sunset Beach Wedding

      Not Limited to Wedding Planning

      Planning a sunset beach wedding is not a simple task. What is trickier than that is guiding your friends and family to the wedding and helping them navigate through the wedding schedules.

      Symphony Events lends you an extra hand in wedding planning and provides you with staff who can receive the guests for the wedding and arrange the needed accommodation facilities. 

      Sunset Beach Wedding

      Seating Arrangements

      Just because the wedding is outdoors does not mean that we should compromise on the seating arrangements. The whole idea of a sunset beach theme is to keep the marriage intimate and unique. For that, your loved ones need to feel content too.

      Arrange the seating according to their comfort level and not too close to the ocean. Make sure the seating arrangements have proper roofing with fabric tents, which will make the venue look more elegant. You can choose from metal chairs to wooden benches or the old but gold kind of ottoman chairs for a beach wedding.

      beach wedding reception

      Luckily, Symphony Events has a collection of every piece of furniture you would possibly need to decorate the wedding venue.

      Amazing Photography

      This can be considered the best outcome you can get from a sunset beach wedding. Mesmerising wedding photos! Imagine exchanging rings with your partner with the colourful hues of the setting sun as a picturesque backdrop.

      Nothing could be more breathtaking than that. Every couple has a difficult time figuring out which photographer to hire and what package to go with for this outdoor beach wedding. Symphony Events simplifies the process for you. You can choose from the best photography services available through Symphony Events at affordable rates.

      Sunset Beach Wedding

      Hiring them can make the further procedures easy, so you can cross off hiring a photographer from your wedding to-do list.

      Honeymoon Along with the Wedding

      While having a wedding near the beaches, you can choose a venue a bit far. This way, you can have the destination wedding you’ve wanted for so long and wake up the day after to a sunny morning near the beach. It might seem like destination weddings are costly, but will they fit into your budget? It absolutely will.

      Sunset Beach Wedding

      The main perk of outdoor beach weddings is the affordability factor. And if you choose a faraway destination, your honeymoon can start right away, saving you money from booking another honeymoon getaway. 

      Symphony Events is an event planning service in Sydney, Australia that thrives to give you the best wedding planning experience you could ever ask for. What makes Symphony Events different from other wedding planning services is the keen expertise and careful detailing that goes into each and every task. All of our professional staff will make sure we take that extra mile to make your wedding the fairy tale you have always dreamed of.