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      9 Smart Ways to Save Wedding Cost in Australia

      Your wedding day- a day filled with love, happiness, family and friends, and everything beautiful where you look forward to the future with optimism. Even though the wedding prep is fun and exciting, weddings tend to be expensive affairs typified by the average cost of a wedding in Australia, which is about $32940. In wedding planning, the wedding cost can be one of the biggest stressors that you can think of.

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      Although you might have dozens of ideas lingering on your mind, about the food, attire, and decor that you need, it’s of extreme importance to decide your budget at the outset.

      How Much Does a Wedding Cost in Australia?

      Wedding Cost Breakdown – Average Wedding Cost Australia

      Even though the average cost of a wedding in Australia is about $32940, our event planners can make exactly the same deal with the same inclusions for less than $30000.

      But if you want to host a grand wedding, though you have a limited budget, then count on these ideas to cut corners without compromising on the vision that you have or the quality, with some ground laying decisions and smart moves.

      Confused about creating a wedding checklist, here we go with it. Do read.

      12 Month Wedding Checklist For The Perfectionist In You – Infographics

      1. Cut the Guest List

      Obviously, cutting wedding costs should begin with considering the guest list, which saves you a great deal of money. And you might be wondering how.

      But if you’re yet figuring out who to invite, then start with creating 3 separate lists, which should be made in accordance with the importance of each guest. Call it the A list, the B list, and the C list.

      Wedding Photography Poses

      The A list should contain names of those whom you genuinely feel should be there on your big day. Curate the B list of those who don’t mind, even if they failed to attend. The final list is the ultimate, the ones you’re inviting because you’re obligated to. Cut down ones in the B and C list and go ahead and throw the wedding cost with those who really matter to you.

      2. Opt for Single Tiered Cake

      Undoubtedly, a wedding cake will be a lovely addition to the ceremony, but it will cost you more. While opting for one, focus on quality rather than quantity. If you feel like you can’t bear to have a cake from outside shops, then you can even seek the help of a creative friend or family member of yours to bake one or keep it to one tier.

      Or even better, instead of an extra course dessert, you can serve the cake as the dessert.

      3. Choose a Weekday

      You may be inclined to tie the knot on the weekend, but choosing a weekday instead could save a lot. Consider days such as Friday, Monday, or other weekdays, since they’re less in demand. Make big savings per head by choosing to have your big day during the week.

      Luckily, you can make big savings per head, since nearly all venues offer deals on weekdays. If you’re willing to drop a summer wedding and instead ready to get hitched between October and early spring, then you can cut costs.

      Or you can give thought to the daytime celebration, like a brunch wedding, where you can serve a small meal plus low-key music and entertainment.

      4. Go For Digital Invitations

      Giving away printed invitations comes at a price. But a completely smart move is to send e-invitations, rather than printed ones, or create a wedding website where your guests can RSVP. Cut the printing costs as well as avoid paying postage with a website or e-invitations.

      Not all guests will keep with them the printed invitations that you give until your wedding.

      wedding first look

      Since your guests can know the details of the venue, particularly the direction, it’s something that’s worth considering.

      With a quick browse, you can find quite a lot of affordable sites to build your own website. Symphony Events offers completely free wedding websites when you plan the entire event with us.

      5. Do Some DIY

      It doesn’t matter what you’re involved in designing a DIY wedding invitation or crafting some table centrepieces or DIY Lanterns, you’re saving a whole lot of money. But one thing that you have to bear in mind is that don’t over-commit- choose your DIY projects wisely, and only if you have confidence, go ahead with the project.

      Or if you aren’t that crafty or creative, then you can definitely enlist the help of someone who is, like a friend or a family member. Count on us for your party hire needs. Our chair covers costs you just $1, and our table covers just $5 whereas our centrepieces start from $10.

      Hunter Valley

      6. Buy Fewer Flowers

      Since flowers are available for purchase in bulk, by sticking to just 2 types of flowers, you can make big savings. And when it comes to wedding centrepieces, just use one flower instead of a bunch on each table. It will still make a difference, and cut your average wedding cost in Australia, spent on flowers.

      Or you can drop the idea of flowers altogether, and instead go for non-floral table wedding centrepieces that you can DIY- for instance, tall candles with glass pebbles all over.

      The Dunbar House

      Another great idea is to make your flowers do double duty, both in the ceremony and reception. You can cut costs, even if you’re not hosting both under the same roof- all you need to do is transport it to the reception venue, from the ceremony venue.

      7. Have a Buffet

      Since food and beverages cost is second to the wedding venue and cost you a lot, rather than having a traditional 3-course dinner route, just think of having a buffet.

      The choice of couples is constantly changing with these years, and you can considerably cut costs by choosing to have a buffet. By having a buffet over a sit-down meal, you can save up to 30% of your catering bill.

      Gledswood Homestead

      Informal dining is immensely popular these days, and the options are sophisticated, where you have to pay less since there aren’t many course options. We have heart-winning caterers who further offer you another 5% discount when you align with us or when you’re referred by Symphony Events.

      8. Save on Shoes

      You really don’t have to splurge on a brand-new pair of shoes, unless having a pair of designer shoes is really important to you. Not all will notice the shoes underneath your dress, especially if your wedding attire is a full-length gown. Mostly, your guests will be eager to see your dress, rather than the shoes that you choose to wear.

      If you’ve finalised wearing designer heels, then instead of white satin, just go for a pair that you can wear throughout the ceremony and the reception.

      9. Book a Full-service Venue

      The average venue rental cost is about $3000, which accounts for the rental fee alone- there are additional costs as well, such as equipment rentals, catering, etc.

      Think of the total figure, and it can be overwhelming to you. There comes the importance of full-service venues, which offer a package for everything, starting from the rental fee to equipment hire. A full-service venue equipped with wedding planning, food and drink, and equipment rentals can definitely save you a lot in the long run. That way you can cut in half the number of vendors that you’re actually hiring.

      We offer venues with food and servings, all at affordable prices starting from $50.

      The Tea Room Sydney

      By taking into regard and following these tips, you can definitely throw the wedding of your dreams without skimping every single thing while sticking to your budget.

      Ultimately, these are some of the effective ways that you have never thought of, to cut unnecessary costs, by saving on things that are of not much importance to you and you can save your hard-earned money to spend on something that you will enjoy and cherish forever.