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      Silk Flowers

      Silk Flowers

      Silk Flowers

      Silk Flowers

      Crafted out of high-grade silk material, silk wedding flowers perfectly mimics natural blooms. You need to weigh your choices if you choose silk flowers and make a final buying decision based on the kind of wedding that you’re hosting as well as your budget. Silk flowers are something to consider if you’re having a warm-weather wedding, owing to its non-wilting quality. Its the choice if you’re fond of too dainty flowers that may quickly wilt. Added to that, it won’t give way in cold weather conditions as well. Silk flowers are flimsy and hence easy to handle & to move around with. And you really don’t have to worry about the blooms getting stomped by anyone, or falling apart, or drooping, and you don’t have to water it throughout the day. Silk flowers available for hire can be scented as if it smells as real blooms. It will retain its beauty for so long.

      Silk Wedding Flowers

      In all likelihood, silk wedding flowers are the most economical go-to option of Sydney brides. Even if natural blooms can ameliorate any decor, it may lose its initial charm at the most appropriate time. Handcrafted flowers from Symphony events are reasonably priced lookalike of natural blooms which means you can buy as many as you wish, yet it won’t deplete your budget.

      White Wedding Flowers

      Our collection of perfectly styled white wedding flowers look enchantingly amorous and breathtakingly stunning with their charismatic colour and life-like appearance. Its intricate craftsmanship is what makes our flowers available for hire carry the same exotic appeal and enticing form, which is attributed to natural blooms. Enliven any dreary-looking space with our white faux blooms or use even as alluring centrepieces, decorations, hair accessories, bouquets and whatnot. You will be overwhelmed with the options, such as pearl white, pure white, alabaster, snow white, ivory and more. Our white silk wedding flowers come in a broad range of varieties and styles. And you’re bound to find one from our comprehensive range.

      Blue Silk Wedding Flowers

      In the lookout for silk wedding flowers in blue hue? Then look no more than our range of blue silk wedding flowers at reasonable prices. Our collection includes most shades of blue that you can imagine of, such as powder blue, pale blue, sky blue, turquoise blue, navy blue, royal blue and more. We offer blue silk wedding flowers in a broad range of varieties and styles, inclusive of something for everyone. Life-like blue silk flowers girdling your centrepieces or as decoration will exude oodles of radiance and colour all over. Spruce up any drab or simple decoration with our vivid blue faux blooms.

      Artificial Wedding Flowers

      There are a lot of reasons why Aussie couples count on us for their wedding flower needs- Primarily, Artificial blooms make a lovely keepsake and can be kept as the remainder of their big day. You can order the faux blooms in advance, considerably cut corners, as well as store the blooms with you as well, and you really don’t have to be mindful of the flowers getting wilted. You can also try out your decorations with the faux blooms days prior to your wedding.

      Most brides choose over natural blooms, owing to the versatility of artificial wedding flowers. There are over 10 styles ranging from roses to tulips that suit most styles of venue and any theme. Added to that, faux silk flowers are durable, which means you really don’t have to professionally preserve them, which won’t be an additional expense, so they’re ideal if you’re a budget-savvy bride.

      Whether you’re hosting a formal traditional wedding or a beach wedding, our range of artificial wedding blossom will add the right touch of elegance and panache. Symphony events guarantee that whatever blooms that you hire from us looks as good as the real thing! Contact us to know more about our silk flowers available for hire, and we’re happy to discuss your ideas.

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