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Wedding reception showcases the hospitality of the couple. The function is arranged for the family and society. You can set up nothing less than the best for your loved ones on the happiest moment of your life. Every couple wishes that their wedding reception decorations stand out uniquely and offer the guests a mesmerizing memory. Be it indoor or outdoor, setting up a wedding reception space is a real challenge and demands experienced hands to make it flawless.


Are you searching in search of an expert wedding reception decoration hire?


Then you are at the right destination. Symphony Events are the masters in wedding reception decorations and have served many couples to fulfil their dreamed event. Client suggestions and ideas are the base of our works on which we build up your dream theme with the wealth of our expertise.

Why you should go for a Wedding Reception Decoration Hire 


Buying decoration items is not practical: When you do all the decor yourself, you will have to buy a lot of things to beautify the venue. After the big day, either you will have to sell them or give them away or store them. The bitter part is sometimes you will be forced to throw them away. Either be the case they all consume significant time and energy. With Symphony Events, you don’t have to spend for any decorative item or waste your valuable time behind the process.



Huge Installations: When it comes to safety and perfection, it is better to let a wedding reception decoration hire do the work for you. Installing light fixtures, huge backdrops, electrical connections, sound set up, can have safety concerns when done by a layman. Experts in the domain like Symphony Events are equipped with the necessary tools and resources to do them professionally.

Indian wedding reception in sydney
Indian wedding reception

We work, you celebrate: When you employ us for the wedding reception decorations, you no longer have to worry about things like whether the sound system and lighting arrangement work during the event, whether the flowers remain fresh during the event, etc. You can relax and enjoy the precious moments with your family and dear ones.



Smooth communication with vendors: With the wealthy insider’s knowledge, Symphony can help you deal with vendors and avail services at a maximum possible discount. We can also recommend the best professionals in various domains, very much more than a google can assist you.



Dealing with last-minute challenges: Unexpected hurdles can show up at any point of the event. With years of experience in the field, we are always prepared for a plan B, to deal with the worst situations. We are at your assistance throughout the event, and we will take care of any concern raised during the occasion.

What is special about our Wedding Reception Decorations Services


Lighting: Proper lighting done makes everything look naturally beautiful, and you will have to spend only less for other decor elements. The photographs and Videographs that are the living memory of the events also turn out to be splendid with the right illumination.


Florals: Be it faux or original we supply and arrange flowers in the style that match the overall theme of the reception.


Table Hire: The table is the place which demands much attention, as guests spend most of their time here. Set the tone of your event with gorgeous table decors from Symphony Events.


Centrepieces: Our Centrepieces are artworks more than a mere flower arrangement. We create engaging focal points in the event space with our beautifully styled centrepieces.

wedding reception

Wall Backdrop decorations: Wall Backdrop decorations are one of the integral parts of wedding reception decorations. We use flowers, drapes, candles, metallic strings, etc. on the stage to create a long-lasting visual impression for the guests.


The ambience created by well planned and executed wedding reception decorations is unmatched. We adhere to our professional norms throughout a project, urging to create a perfect venue for the couple and their guests to enjoy the exceptional event.


With our reliable and most advanced practices, Symphony Events assure you to offer you a wedding reception decoration of your dream. For more details on the wedding reception decoration hire, contact our friendly team. We look forward to associating with you soon !!!

Indian Wedding Reception Decoration Hire


Just imagine that you are waking up on your wedding reception day with a fresh feel. When you are looking at the décor everything seems to be perfect, every corner is mesmerizing. Will you get a ‘WOW’ feeling? Definitely, you will get.


In all aspects, Symphony events will take care of your needs for your dream day to come true. We can know that every couple is expecting their wedding reception ceremony to be unique and luxurious. Our exclusive concepts never fall short of creativity and greatness. We are thinking that it is our opportunity to make sure all things are perfect.

Shangri La Indian Wedding Venues Australia

Want to know how we are making the décor mesmerizing?


Without wedding decorations, no wedding looks ever complete. Your decorations, however basic they might be, will make a special occasion into the beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime experience you’ve always dreamt of. Now, wedding decorations aren’t simple, they take significant thought and careful planning.


We at Symphony events, leading wedding reception decorations Sydney deliver luxurious and evocative wedding reception stage decorations that will be unique and elegant. Client suggestions and innovative ideas are our backbones to create your dream wedding moment more fascinating. Our working theory does not focus on or draw on the premise of previous events, but rather comes as a development of a new framework that reflects the identities of our customers.       

Flower Decoration for Wedding Reception


Flower adornment is creating a dazzling environment throughout the wedding ceremony. It will be an important part of the wedding reception stage decoration. It will create the perfect wedding reception backdrop. Our creative team of florists will be ready to design unique floral arrangements that will suit the theme of your reception. Even-if you are selecting faux or original as per your budget, we will make it as you wish to see in your romantic wedding moments.

Shangri La Indian Wedding Venues Australia
Taronga Function Centre Indian Wedding Venues Australia

Hanging Lights for Wedding Reception


If the lighting is doing well, it can be everything that looks better and positively impacts all your reception mood. The perfect illumination without disgusting lights will stimulate you to spend hours and create awesome photo frames. It improves the mood of the whole venue and brings alive all the decorations.


We at Symphony events specialized in creating mood lighting that turns the wedding reception beyond your expectations. Your lighting needs to balance both your budget and your place of the wedding. We are here to take care of your budget planning.

Wedding Reception Table Decorations

Tables are the most attractive area of your wedding reception. Because of the spending time compared to other places is more in tables. Both for dinner and lovely discussions between attendees. So that it should be clean, and attractable. We Symphony events create each table with the theme décor whether it is indoor or outdoor. We provide simple wedding reception table decorations ideas according to your budgets and mind-set.

Paravilla Indian Wedding Venues Australia

Balloon Decoration for Wedding Reception

Balloons are considered to be a festive and affordable adornment style. And if you don’t accept balloons as elegant decoration, they can be made into dazzling displays for contemporary wedding celebrations. In simple wedding reception decorations, balloons are an important part which makes a more elegant look to the reception.


With their wedding arch arrangements, the brides are being even more imaginative. A lovely arch would make a wedding service that much more special, whether it’s traditional or modern. Traditional entrance arches, head table arches, and table centerpieces are all that can be created with different colored balloons. It will provide a different touch to the reception and it will be great in mood lighting.

Ceiling Decorations


Ceiling decors are a significant part of a wedding reception. It will get in touch with all the other decorations in the event. Lighting arrangements, especially mood lighting and chandeliers. Also, color coordination is another factor of attraction. The ceiling decoration with the theme color will be more adaptable with your dream moments.


We symphony events having experts in decorating the most suitable themes as per the client’s suggestion and nature of the event. In all aspects, we have definite experience. Adhering to the professional norms throughout the project and customer services are considered to the success factor behind any profession.


Setting out the ideal wedding day requires planning several hours, attention to detail, truthful advice, and guidance. As your designers & design team, we make sure your wedding day is a true representation of who you are not only as a couple but even as individuals.

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