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Indian wedding reception in sydney

At Symphony events, we have a simple philosophy. It is to capture the beautiful moments of the most important day in your life through artistic, expressive and candid photographs and astonishing wedding videos. Our team of photographers and videographers will surpass your expectations by providing you with the videos and images that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. We know that for you, wedding planning can be overwhelming, and therefore provide a seamless experience from the beginning until the end.


Because we have immense experience in the industry, we know that for you, the price of professional photography and Indian Wedding Videography services can be exorbitant. Therefore we have customised the package to suit your requirements and budget. The Indian Wedding Photography packages Sydney and Indian Wedding Videography packages that we offer are affordable and reliable.

If you have plans to choose Sydney as a wedding destination, you have to ensure that you choose a professional photographer and videographer. That’s exactly what we provide you! By choosing us, you can cut down any unwanted expenses and at the same time get the services of our team members, who are well aware of the best destinations around Sydney for capturing the images and videos. 


Experience is of prime importance while providing professional Indian Wedding Videography and photography services- we have many years of experience in providing services around Sydney. Our flexible team with their expertise will provide you with the best services that you’re looking for. We have gained professional experience not only through providing our services for weddings but for other events as well. Our team is well aware of what goes behind the scene to bring the wedding of your dreams into life. Our experienced professionals capture timeless moments in a subtle and candid manner that you will admire for years to come. There are some of the factors that really makes us stand out.

We Have a Flexible Team


More often, you will be considering Indian Wedding Photography and Indian Wedding Videography services only after you consider the venue, catering, and entertainment. The Indian Wedding Photography and Indian Wedding Videography services that we offer can be adjusted according to your requirements. Whatever theme you have in your mind, for the wedding, we got you covered. We have undertaken the photography and Indian Wedding Videography services for numerous events such as Indian weddings, Sydney weddings and much more.


We make sure that our photography and Indian Wedding Videography services provided to you are flexible and adapt to your preferences. We’re free to customise the package on the basis of the event and your budget. You can rest assured that everything goes well during the event since we assign the right photography and videography team to cover your event to the highest standard. We have a team of photographers and videographers who are passionate about what they do.

Indeed we are equipped with high-end equipment, cameras and lenses, to provide you with the best photographs and high-quality videos. 


We make sure that everything that we provide meets the standard and never compromises the quality of services that we provide. Sydney, Canberra, Wollongong, Granville are some of the locations where we bestow our services. We offer customised Indian Wedding Photography packages Sydney and Indian Wedding Videography packages that best suit your big day. All you need to do is tell us your requirements, and we will ensure that we provide you with exactly what you want.

Why Choose Us for Indian Wedding Videography?


We have a unique approach to photography and videography, capturing the memorable moments of your wedding day to reminisce on the smile, the excitement and tears of the bygone wedding day again and again. We know that each and every wedding is a unique experience, and that’s the reason why we offer a broad range of Indian wedding photography packages Sydney and Indian Wedding Videography packages for families belonging to all backgrounds.


Our team of skilled videographers and photographers, to date, have maintained the reputation by offering quality Indian Wedding Photography and videography services. There is a narrative to be told for every Indian Wedding Photography, and only the experienced photographers are capable of doing it through the images that they capture. Our team at Symphony Events will be elated if you leave us a chance to share the point of view through the images that we capture.



With our state-of-the-art equipment and editing techniques, we ensure that the images and videos captured have a quality finish. Your guests, the venue and most importantly, the bride and groom, will look their best in the images and videos captured by us. 


We have all the qualities that a professional Indian Wedding Videography or photography team should have, such as an experienced and skilled photography and videography team, technical expertise and great production standards. From the beginning until the end, we provide professional photography and Indian Wedding Videography services. Our team is equipped with the latest technology for creating the photo album and video works of your wedding day.


Are you impressed with us? Then you can head over to our services page to know more! Feel free to contact us.

Indian wedding reception in sydney

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