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Flower Garland


Flowers are a key part of most rituals involved in an Indian Wedding and equally used for decoration purposes. The traditional rituals that take place during the ceremony are indeed the true essence of any Indian wedding. The wedding starts off with the jaimala or varmala ceremony, where both the bride and groom exchange flower garlands, denoting their acceptance of each other. The jaimala ceremony is considered as one of the most important rituals for any Indian Hindu wedding.


The ceremony is the very first step to tying the knot and starts off your lifelong journey together. As the varmala ceremony is imperative for any Hindu wedding, we offer a range of unique wedding garlands for your wedding. 


Exchanging Indian wedding garlands is the first and foremost ritual that marks the union of both the bride and the groom on their wedding day. This moment holds immense emotional and spiritual value, but that’s not all! Flower garlands for weddings are also a contributing factor to your whole wedding look.


Indian Wedding garlands grab a good amount of attention in the images captured during your D-day as well. So, it’s extremely important that you choose garlands that could amp up your wedding look. Choosing the best Indian wedding garland makes sense since it’s something worn during the entire ceremony. 

Indian Wedding Garland

Indian wedding garland experts, Symphony Events make bespoke flower garlands which can be customised as per your wish. Each floral garland that we make is a work of art, only making use of fresh, locally grown blooms. Handpick the flower of your choice, the colour that best suits your wedding attire and the style that matches your wedding vision, that will have your guests wowing over this floral fiesta.


We love working together with you to create bespoke, novel designs to lend a personal touch to your wedding look. If you’re an Indian bride-to-be, in the lookout for fresh flower garlands for your big day, we’re more than elated to offer something that fits your style and personality. As per your budget and preference, you can avail our Indian wedding garlands, at reasonable prices. All our wedding garlands at an affordable price go well with any wedding theme.

Wedding Garland

Our range is curated for the opulent grandeur of Indian Hindu weddings, expressing the aesthetic approach and unique sense of Symphony events and striving to take it to further horizons. Our collection is designed to best suit varying tastes, longer durations and comfort. We know that each customer has their own special needs, and open to modifications as per order in size, length etc.


We assure uncompromising quality, timely and efficacious delivery of wedding garlands across Sydney. As you both exchange wedding garlands as a token of love we make sure that our bespoke wedding garlands best suit your style. We assure that wearing our garlands won’t strain your neck a bit and are ideal for wearing throughout the ceremony.


Gone are the days of simple floral arrangements in an Indian wedding garland. Traditionally flower garlands for weddings were limited to rose, marigold and jasmine garlands. Normally, rose and jasmine blooms were used for making flower garlands owing to its lasting fragrance, and its beauty.


But nowadays, there is an abundance of options with all sorts of flowers and accessories inbound in it to elevate the glam quotient. The garlands made up of flowers typifies purity, happiness and beauty in its most natural form. We have come a long way from those symmetrical, simple flower garlands. When it comes to floral garlands, you have numerous options to choose from.

Rose Garlands

Something which can be combined with crystals, pearls and trinkets, rose garlands are an all-time favourite of brides worldwide owing to its intoxicating and pleasant fragrance and beauty. Rose petal garlands, a variant of rose garlands, much lighter and unique looking garlands with individual rose petals stacked together. Our rose garlands are unequivocally an absolute floral marvel, minimalistic and stunning all at once.

Jasmine Garlands

If you love to keep it subtle and in the lookout for mildly fragrant garlands, then jasmine garlands are your best bet. Jasmine garlands are worth buying if you only wish to slightly accentuate your outfit and at the same time do not wish to wear a heavier garland throughout the ceremony. Jasmine flowers are normally paired either with roses or some kind of leaves in order to avoid it from looking lacklustre.

Orchid Garlands

Exotic but slightly exorbitant option, orchid garlands can jazz up a sombre or plain coloured outfit. It not just adds up to your glamour quotient but is lightweight, ideal for wearing throughout your wedding ceremony. You can choose from our range of luxuriantly bright and burnished coloured garlands.

Symphony events are one of the leading Indian wedding garland suppliers in Sydney. We offer a range of over-the-top garlands for those brides who want to skip minimalism and be more extravagant.


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