Wedding Centrepieces Hire

A centrepiece is an ornament displayed at the centre of the dining table which grabs the attention and focus. Different types of Wedding Centrepieces can use be a decorative item on the dining table such as fresh flowers, candles, crystal Wedding Table Centrepieces, birdcages, flower trees, feathers, LEDs. These can be chosen based on the event, arrangement and size of the dining tables. There are so many centrepieces hires for special occasions, which suits the event. Clients can select the centrepiece based on the occasion, budget and size of the table.



Wedding Table Centrepieces

Surprise your guests by adding an element of elegance on their table, through shiny and beautiful Wedding Table Centrepieces, from Symphony Events. We have a wide range of Classic & Contemporary Wedding  Centrepieces…. showcase a beautiful floral arrangement and enjoy a meal by candlelight, with our 1 to 10 candle holders coming in a range of sizes to suit all events.
You can also select from a range of hanging glasses, elegant vases in colours such as rose gold, solid gold, silver speckled gold, clear glass and more. We have a huge collection of flower stands, candles, mirror bases, table numbers and other Centrepieces, starting from $1 .




Flower Centrepieces

Flowers are a part of every occasion, especially the wedding. The options are many- it can be a simple bundle, to a large bunch. Picking flowers as a wedding table centrepiece can be overwhelming since there are numerous varieties of flowers.


Flowers will be the main focal point on a dining table, where all the guests will be facing towards it. And if you’re going for a small budget, you can make a big impact by arranging fresh flowers in jars or bottles, decorated by a ribbon.


During your wedding planning, once you’ve figured out the wedding venue, rented the chairs and tables, then you’ll be considering the wedding table centrepieces to decorate the dining table. To ensure that everything goes well during the occasion, it’s important that you should consider every little detail, beginning with wedding centrepieces. 

Birdcage Centrepieces

A birdcage will be a great addition to any dining table. We have a wide range of bird cages that could easily match any decor. The beauty of a birdcage lies in its flowers, foliage, crystals, pearls, with which it is decorated. The most favoured shades of a birdcage are both metallic and neutral shades that go well with the flowers placed in it.


And the most popular wedding table centrepiece is a wired birdcage. Even without any extra addition, such as flowers, a birdcage will look stunning.


Undoubtedly, a wedding centrepiece will be the first thing that you guests notice that evokes their interest. Wedding table centrepieces bring everything together, by uniting the decor with the tableware. We, Symphony events, offer a wide range of stunning wedding table centrepieces to choose from that are low-priced.

Crystal Centrepieces

Crystal centrepieces are available in a wide variety of colours, designs and sizes with intricate design and style and suit any occasion. It will look astonishing and transform any dining table.


Crystal centrepieces are made of high-grade metal and acrylic crystal and will look stunning when paired with fancy lights.


What’s more beautiful than a wedding dining table with a centrepiece on top of it. From fresh flowers to LEDs, we have everything that can make your big day a beautiful, memorable and romantic moment. We offer more than just fresh flowers and LED lighting- you can hire candles, birdcages, feathers, flower trees and crystal centrepieces, which is not only apt for weddings but for other special occasions as well. Create a truly unique look with wedding table centrepieces from Symphony Events.

Candle Centrepieces

For decades, candles were an important part of every occasion. Candles evoke a romantic feel and add a seasonal touch when paired with flowers or as a part of floral centrepieces. Candles could enhance the aesthetics of any dining table, be it tapers or votives. There are scented candle options to choose from, for a signature scent to the venue. By choosing candles from Symphony Events, you can light up your special day in style. Candles symbolise love and evoke a unique vibe wherever it is placed. Imagine how beautiful the venue will be with candles lit up in each table.


In fact, a candle centrepiece is a simple but stunning addition to the tables, especially an event in the night. Candles are available in a wide variety of forms, colours and even in different styles such as traditional or modern style. The charm of candles can be magnified using flowers or greenery. For a breathtaking ambience, you can hire candle wedding table centrepieces suited for any event. 

LED Centrepiece

AN LED centrepiece can instantly transform a dull lit space into a stunning one. The LED centrepieces that are available for hire can be customised according to your needs- flashing, fading slowly or fading quickly. The LED centrepieces we offer to suit any style, theme of the event. Set the mood of your event with our premium range of LED centrepieces of high-quality and are unique. 



When it comes to the decor of any venue, even the smallest detail should be perfect and stunning to look at- a dining table is no exception. Even if the decor is arranged with utmost perfection, and if you feel that there is some missing, then it’s probably because you haven’t added the finishing touch to the venue. There comes the importance of wedding table centrepieces. These are some of the wedding table centrepieces that are available for hire, suited for any occasion.


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