Wedding Carpet

Wedding Carpet


No matter where you’re getting hitched, it’s essential to choose the right walkway carpet to complement your ceremony. Even if your venue has a charm in its own, bringing in an austere walkway decoration will not just take the look of your venue a notch up, but makes the space one that’s uniquely yours. It not just add a touch of colour but makes your venue look spectacular.


Be it any kind of weddings, be it an intimate or an upscale one, Symphony events is flexible to all your event needs. We offer undefiled yet vibrant white and red wedding carpets for hire in Sydney.


Wedding Carpet Runner 


Create an entrance to remember with our range of wedding carpet runners that will absolutely harmonise with the splendour of your event. We stock a range of wedding carpet runners to spruce up your walkway for your fairy tale-moment.


Crafted from elegant and smooth fabrics and made to perfection, you are bound to find a wedding carpet runner from our exclusive collection that suits all colour scheme and theme. Choose from our extensive assortment of lengths and patterns, ranging from Hollywood worthy red carpets to pure white carpets. No matter how big or small your venue is, you can pick the ideal wedding carpet runner in absolutely any length.

White Carpet 


Dreaming of walking down the aisle? Accentuate your event venue with our classic white carpet- an exquisite addition to your big day. Our white carpet can make a world of difference and transform your big day into an absolutely chic extravaganza, indoors or out.


Our white carpets feature marine backing and are made out of UV-protected and high-quality material. Flimsy, hard-wearing, yet affordable, our white runners comes with finishing over its edges, making it ideal for incessant use.


Our white carpets are what you need to transform your venue entrance without breaking the bank. Available in a multitude of lengths, our white carpets create a spellbound entrance to your wedding centred around a white theme.

Red Carpet


First impression matters a lot, and when your guests arrive, you want them to be astounded right from the moment they step in. Let your guests feel like stars when they walk through our exquisite red carpets styled to perfection. It’s the perfect addition to an already perfect day and adds the finishing touch to your event venue. Bring that extra wow factor to your special day, which is extremely easy to roll down, and are slip-resistant, equally ideal for indoor and outdoor events. Through all these years, Symphony events has taken great pride in offering top-of-the-line wedding carpets to a profusion of events and we will go on with it in years to come.

The carpet in itself is made out of quality material and hemmed all over the edge to lend a luxe look and feel.


Rest assured that the products that you avail from Symphony events is of superior quality and in great condition. If you take a glance through our gallery, it will be evident that they will definitely look stunning at all events. This can be owed to the 8 plus years of experience that keeps our endeavour for excellence in our top-notch services and equipment hire. No matter what the theme of your wedding is, we will work closely with you to adorn your venue walkway with the perfect wedding carpet. 


Eager to know more about wedding carpet hire for your upcoming event? Contact us and let us know your requirements.


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