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Every event or stage needs a backdrop. A backdrop is effectual means of passing across a message, accenting the theme of the event, promoting a product or making recognition for a brand or to create the event more colorful and elegant. Different types of backdrops are available for hire flower backdrops, green backdrops, digital backdrops, fabric backdrop, painted backdrop, and printed backdrop. based on the occasion and the budget.


Our DIY or self-styling offer a huge range of hire. these are also available for DIY hire. this is the best option for the clients who want to style and decorate their events in a limited budget. we ensure the great quality stuff for hire

Wedding Backdrop Hire


A backdrop can be thought of as a picture frame that offers perfect boundaries to your photographs and also defines your event is a creative way. Backdrops are usually designed complementing the overall theme and act as a significant part of the venue and stage decor. Being the area where the bride and groom spend most of the time during the event, the backdrop turns to be a centre of focus in the party hall. Apart from the usual fabric backdrops, painted backdrops, printed backdrops, structured backdrop, laser-cut backdrop, led backdrops, etc. are the latest trends in the domain.


Are you confused about where to find stylish and affordable backdrops? A perfect Indian Wedding Backdrop Decorations Hire Sydney like Symphony Events can help you make the centre of attraction of the event hall more engaging and gorgeous.

Most of them have doubts about where to place a backdrop. When placed in the perfect position only, they function well according to their call. Either they can be placed behind the head table or top of the passage. These are two common placements. There is a wider range of functions for a backdrop than just being a stage background. A backdrop can be used as a ceremony arbour, drink station, dessert counter, as a covering against venue fixtures like wirings.


Following the latest trends of photo booths, you can set one here too. Backdrops contribute significantly to the photographs of the event. When you choose a backdrop that matches your theme, it is recommended that you consult with the photographers about its impact on the photos and videos. At times, certain lighting elements included in the backdrop can adversely affect the quality of the pictures clicked.

The backdrop must coexist with the overall theme of the function. Selecting a backdrop matching the furniture and other decor elements of the venue is a difficult task, especially when you go for rare colour themes. You don’t have to worry anymore on this matter; our wedding backdrop hire Sydney will help you find the best match of backdrop that complements the theme of the overall event decor. When it comes to fabric selection, indoor and outdoor events have specific fabrics. Cotton, polyester, cotton-polyester mix, etc. can be chosen for indoor use. Whereas, polyester fabrics are best suited for outdoor events as they can withstand moisture to a great extent.


The practicality of fixing a backdrop is as essential as the artistic side of it. If you are hosting the event outdoors and you need the scenic beauty to be visible through the backdrop; it is better to choose a round backdrop or a Soho wired backdrop. Backdrop measurements should fit the venue of interest. It should not be too small or too large; either way, it will spoil the overall ambience of the event.


We understand that these concepts are new for most of the couples, being one a dedicated wedding backdrop hire Sydney, we assure you all support and guidance in the practical aspects regarding the selection of a backdrop.

Add a personal touch to the backdrop decor to make it uniquely stand out from the usual. As a wedding backdrop hire Sydney providing the decor services, we can help you impart a unique look to the backdrops. Adding light to the backdrops makes them more unique and charming. This also proves to be a more economical way to beautify the backdrops. Another essential aspect to consider is to arrange the workforce and other resources needed for fixing the backdrop. Wedding backdrop hire Sydney usually provides the structural parts needed for the placement.

Backdrop plays a crucial role in transforming the ordinary blank spaces into extraordinary beautiful artworks. These relevant inclusions contribute significantly to the luxurious look and feel of the space. Symphony Events offer a vast collection of self-styling wedding backdrops hire Sydney.



The DIY backdrops can be fixed without depending on the external workforce. We also provide customised services, making sure that no clients are left out of the box when it comes to the cost aspect. Talk to our wedding backdrop hire Sydney team to get a complete insight on the hire details. Feel free to share your concerns with Symphony Events, on everything that is related to wedding backdrop hire Sydney.

Wedding Draping and Backdrop

Available for hire, with packages starting at $90 for a white chiffon, cotton backed bridal backdrop with warm fairy lights, free standing rigging.
Price –
– 3 Meter back drop for $90
– 6 Meter back drop for $160
(Provided with free Base, Pipe, Pole and Material)
Got a cheaper Price? Email us and we will beat it !

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