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No matter whether your event is just an intimate or a grand one, formal or informal, our bespoke range of tables is a versatile styling option. The best part is that there is an exclusive range of tables that you can acquire through us, inclusive of the trestle table hire, wooden trestle table hire, round table hire, and party table hire.


Your choice, of course, is contingent on the type of event that you’re hosting-we offer a variety of table hire options in a broad range of finishes and sizes that will best suit any occasion. These are ideal for weddings, engagements, birthday parties, and everything in between.


When you hire tables, you need to make sure that you get hold of quality tables for your event- not rickety or not on a level footing, but sturdy and comfortable. Symphony Events achieve this, whereby our array of tables are checked and maintained on a regular basis, so rest assured that whenever you rely on us, you get the best. 

We have a multitude of tables in stock available for hire all the time, so we will be able to cater to any type of event, no matter the date or the number of attendees.

Trestle Table Hire Sydney


Trestle tables are hired year-round for all sorts of events- weddings, dinner events, parties, and much more. Our range of trestle tables are functional and versatile- they’re sturdy, stackable and much easier to set up. Owing to its sturdiness, trestle tables are a better alternative to fragile trestle tables.


What makes trestle table hire worth hiring is chiefly its versatility and convenience. It can be dismantled and stacked in a jiff when not in use and when the time comes, it can be assembled with ease. Their sturdy construction means it won’t give way unless you want them to. 

Our range of trestle tables are washable, durable, and lightweight, that best suit outdoor events as well. Owing to the uniform width and height of our trestle tables, you can easily create U, or L shaped layouts with adjacent tables. If you’re in the lookout for trestle table hire, Symphony events will be your best bet.

Wooden Trestle Table Hire Sydney


Wooden trestle tables have proved to be extremely popular and go well with any event.


Our wooden trestle tables offer flexible seating and could comfortably seat up to 6 people leaving ample space for other tabletop accessories.


Our wooden trestle table hire feature easy to fold legs so that the table can be set up in a matter of seconds. And when not in use, its legs can be tucked into the table so that the tables can easily be stacked one over the other easily. Our bespoke wooden trestle tables are sturdy than their counterparts, such as standard plastic tables and have a higher load rating and provide enough space for placing food, drinks, and other table hire accessories. 

Its wooden legs are secured with metal bars for added security. You can bring in a wooden trestle table hire as it is or hire linen to adorn the table hire Sydney.

Round Table Hire Sydney


Comfortably seat your guests with our affordable and adaptable range of round tables available for hire. It not only saves a great deal of space but ensures comfort for your guests, making it perfect for weddings, parties, and other events. Our round table hire feature sturdy metal foldable legs and a hard-wearing wooden top.


We offer round table hire Sydney in an array of sizes to accommodate any event with a simple folding mechanism. For hosting any event, space is always a concern. Round tables won’t take up much space since its legs can be tucked under the table hire and stacked without damaging its surface. Mix and match our round table hire as you wish, and all the tables for hire are in excellent condition.

Party Table Hire Sydney


It doesn’t matter whether your event is just an intimate or a grand one; our range of party tables are a versatile styling option. Symphony events offer party table hire in and around Sydney with which you can host an indelible and exciting party! We offer round tables in an array of sizes and shapes to accommodate any party with a simple folding mechanism. We stock a wide array of party table hire that is not only stylish and most modern but affordable as well. 


Symphony events offer a range of sizes of party table hire ranging from small, intimate parties to grand events. Our range of party tables has various colours, styles and designs and you can settle for the best choice based on your requirements, budget and demand of the occasion. Our party table hire available for hire ace in appearance and are of superior quality. They’re not just stylish and comfortable but match the industry quality standards as well.

Even though our range of tables are free of blemishes and ready for instant use, a linen cloth will be a perfect addition to the tables, especially for events centred around a theme, such as weddings. 


We are a one-stop solution to all your table hire needs. Symphony Events offer a comprehensive range of table hire Sydney options suited not just for indoor events, but for outdoor events as well. Most importantly, we don’t intend to charge you more than what’s expected for the services that we offer, so we have everything at affordable prices available for hire in and around Sydney. Drop us a line to get started.


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