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Table Cloths make the dinning sophisticated, making it look elegant and grab the attention of guests. Linen covers and Linen Table Cloth Hire are high quality, washable and are a versatile solution for events and parties where you will want to hire items underneath tables, match the color scheme of your theme and make tables more presentable for guests. With normal colors on the market (black/white), we tend to even have pink, orange, purple linen covers to feature a pop of color to your theme and build your event stand out. we offer Table Linen Cloths at the most reasonable prices and will set the combination for the table and chairs to look neat and elegant.


Our Table Party Cloth is available in different shades and sizes based on your dining table and also available in different shapes to suit a wide variety of table.

Our Party Table Cloth Hire Services


One of the major components of any event decoration is a table cloth, which is mainly used to protect the table from food or drink spills and prevents any possible damage to the furnishing. Party tablecloths are available in various shapes such as rectangular, round and square shapes that can fit most of the tables.


We offer table cloth hire in numerous sizes, colours and of high quality. Table cloths make tables more presentable and are considered as a versatile option for events. Our range of tablecloths will match the theme of your event, and make the dining area look elegant. We have a wide range of colour options for you to choose from, that best suit the theme of your event.

Linen Table Cloth Hire


Do you have a table setting for an event and are looking for table cloth hire? Look no further than our collection of elegant table cloth for hire, that could best fit your tables. Undoubtedly a table cloth can transform the entire look of the table. You don’t have to pay designer level prices if you choose party table cloth offered by us, which is high-quality and creates an unfussy look in the venue. Whether you are planning for a wedding, Wedding Reception, or a birthday party, choose from our table cloth collection for the perfect finishing touch. Add opulence to the venue, by choosing our service, where you can customise the table cloth according to your requirements.


Till date, we have provided tablecloth for a lot of venues, to set the perfect backdrop for the event. Our vast collection of tablecloths and our ability to provide services according to the requirements have made us the most sought after and popular tablecloth providers, irrespective of the size of the event. 

Why Choose Us?


Events bring everyone together for many reasons, and one thing is certain- every small detail in an event makes a big difference. Whether the table cloth is an essential part of the theme, or act as a backdrop for floral decorations, the quality, price and placement of table cloth need to be taken into consideration. By choosing from our range of table cloths, you can easily bring in a touch of class and opulence to the event. The right tablecloth is a cost-effective way with which you can add an extra wow factor to the venue. Forget buying cheap and disposable options, and just go for our table cloth with high-quality and affordable organza to enhance the ambience of your event. Our high-quality tablecloths that are available to hire, best suit your budget.


Choose from our range of table cloths, which makes your table look it’s best. To make sure that we provide our clients top of the line table cloth, we, The Symphony Events, always source the clothing materials from leading suppliers.

Our Special Services


The apt tablecloth will complement the floral arrangement, cutlery and every other tableware to form a chic and opulent setting. Symphony event’s range of premium quality tablecloths can make your venue look stunning with a beautifully styled table. With many years of experience, we have earned a reputation of Sydney’s go-to go name for table cloth hire. Our team could definitely help you out if you’re in the lookout for a party table cloth for a final touch. To lend a touch of sophistication and elegance to your event venue, all you need is a table cloth that can really impress your guests.


All you need to do is simply let us know your setting requirements, the theme of the venue and your preferences. After that, we will curate table cloth, and watch your design ideas come into reality. 

Choose the right party table cloth that can act as the foundation for your event decor. Our range of table cloths has the ideal length to perfectly fit the dining table, which means the table cloth that we provide won’t be too short.


It will be large enough to cover the whole table. Our team of professionals who deals with table cloth will work closely with you to find out which type of table cloth will suit your event. We provide highly professional services and top of the line table clothes that suit any type of event.


Get in touch with us if you’re looking for affordable table cloths that best suits the theme of your venue. We’ll be happy to customise the ideal table cloth for any type of event. Be it any event, we’re here to assist you. Feel free to contact us. 

Party Table Cloth

We have a wide selection of colours, styles and materials of tablecloths to choose from.
Suitable for : Corporate events, weddings and birthday celebrations.
Round Tablecloth: $7
Rectangle Tablecloth: $4
Got a cheaper Price? Email us and we will beat it !

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